Saturday 29 June 2013

Fraudsters And Scammers Taking Advantage Of OJB’s Condition


We saw this from a mile away, veteran producer, OJB Jezreel is dying and is in dire need of a new kidney, new kidneys cost expensive money, money that he doesn’t have. So what’s next? The call goes public, he has roughly two months to stay alive without the surgery, and with his life expectancy dwindling, the stakes are high.
Raise N15 Million, Or OJB dies.
Everyone jumps to the call, an adhoc committee is constituted with a title that encapsulates their objective. SaveOJBJezreel. Urgent, immediate and intense. You either save OJB, or he crosses into the beyond. A new account is opened, and the details are everywhere, in your faces, your forums, discussions, and every other platform. The donations begin to come in. Charitable udders are worked, and the financial milk of human kindness slowly begin to pour into the collecting accounts. Some good deeds are publicized (Don Jazzy’s N1M donation), and some are rewarded in the hearts.


Friday 28 June 2013

Govt officials withdraw support for OJB due to misinformation on funds raised (Tweets)

There have been speculations that some celebrities have been to see OJB and made some donations. While it's true that the likes of Don Jazzy, P-Square, Ruggedman, Mercy Johnson, Iyanya, Julius Aguw have contributed, the other names on the list that circulated today are 100% false. For instance, D'banj didn't give N7m, Wizkid didn't give N3m and 2face didn't give N1.5m.

Head of fund raising committee for #SaveOJB, singer Nomoreloss, says the hype and misinformation is affecting efforts to raise the complete money OJB needs for his treatment. 

Reformed Japanese Gangsters Helped Back On Straight And Narrow - by prosthetics expert who replaces their missing fingers [Video+Pihoto]

Members of the feared Yakuza gang who want to leave the crime mob can only do so if they sacrifice one of their own fingers. This gives them a significant disadvantage when trying to assimilate back into society.Japanese gangsters who've had their fingers cut off by Yakuza mob bosses are being given a new lease of life - thanks to a prosthetic finger company. Members of the feared Yakuza gang who break the rules or want to leave the crime mob can only do so if they sacrifice one of their own fingers. Gangsters who leave the mob and try to get back on the straight and narrow have found it difficult because their missing digits mark them out as ex-mobsters.

Dogs Dressed Like Their Owners - Photographer Sebastian Magnani's Amazing Portraits

Via - Mirror

They say that dogs look like their owners and thanks to some clever photoshop trickery these four-legged friends really do.
Photographer Sebastian Magnani has spliced together canine faces onto their owners' bodies as part of a series of pictures called 'Underdogs'.
The 27-year-old said: "I first started the project in August 2009. As soon as I had the idea, it had pretty much already been realised, namely to photograph dogs with their owners.
"So where does this striking resemblance between dog and owner come from? Does the "underdog" really rank himself lower, even visually?

Couple 'Having Sex Against Window Fell To Their Deaths When Glass Broke'

A couple having sex against an upstairs window fell to their deaths when it gave way.

A couple reportedly fell to their deaths after the window they were having sex against gave way.
The tragic pair are believed to have been making love in an apartment block in China when the window shattered in the throes of passion.
The man and woman then plunged to their deaths on the pavement below.
Horrified witnesses told China media that the couple held onto each other tightly as they fell.
Shocking pictures emerged which claimed to show the couple lying on the pavement.
Chinese officials can be seen covering the bodies with sheets.
One report suggested the lovers chose to have sex by the window to keep cool during the hot weather in the city of Wuhan.
Others suggested the windows in the apartment block were of poor quality. More pictures after the cut.......
Viewers discretion strongly advised

Incredible transformation of shotgun victim who had most extensive face transplant surgeons have ever performed

To ensure Mr Norris would retain maximum function of his facial expressions and movements, doctors gave him a new tongue for proper speech, eating, and chewing
Via - Daily Mail
Horribly disfigured after a shotgun accident blew half his face off in 1997, Richard Norris has lived a hermit's life for 16 years - hiding behind a mask and only ever shopping at night.
Each day became a living nightmare as he faced cruelty from strangers whenever he ventured outdoors, fought addiction and contemplated suicide.
But doctors have turned the 37-year-old's life around after performing one of the most complex face transplants in history, giving him  new features, teeth, a tongue and a jaw.
And as these latest pictures show, Norris barely turns a single head when he goes out after the ground-breaking surgery at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

This Lady Went Through Hell For 15 Years To Get Pregnant and Have A Baby

After eight years of trying to get pregnant, years of praying, crying, anxiety and frustration, I decided to post a prayer request on a popular Nigerian church website. I think the subject was ‘when will I carry my children Lord.’ There were many responses to my prayer request but only one stood out for me. It was from a woman who asked if I had considered adoption as there were many children out there in need of parents.
Several emotions flitted through my mind after I read the comment; shock, disbelief and then anger…
Anger that she dared to suggest it, without even knowing me. Does she know my story? Does she know my pains and tears? What gave her the right to even dare!
I came to one conclusion – she must have children of her own and now feels she has the audacity to suggest adoption to me, how very selfish of her!

Pictured: Schoolgirl, 7, who fell 11 storeys to her death after falling from a block of flats while her mother's back was turned

Nawaal Sayid preview
Via - Daily Mail
This is the first picture of the 'bubbly' seven-year-old girl who fell 120ft to her death from a tower block while her mother's back was turned.
Nawaal Sayid, who lived on the 11th floor of the block of flats with her mother and two other children, suffered multiple injuries after falling from the balcony of the flat.
She was rushed to hospital by ambulance in a critical condition after suffering from a cardiac arrest, but she sadly died shortly afterwards. 

What Is Wrong With This Photo?

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Lagos Based Killer-Doctor Babawale Joshua Exposed !!!

*Ajike medical centre, Adeyemi Street
FOLLOWING the arrest, last week, of the owner of a Lagos-based hospital, Doctor Babawale Joshua for allegedly mutilating the corpse of a 13-month-old baby boy in his hospital, a 37-year- old woman identified as Cordelia Ifechukwude, has alleged that she suffered similar fate at the medical centre.
The Aniocha North, Delta-born mother of five narrated her experience at the No 1 Ajike close, branch of the medical centre, a few metres away from Amje bus-stop, Alakuko, a suburb of Lagos. According to her, “It happened in year 2000 when I took in with my first baby.
I registered at Ayinke House, Ikeja General Hospital, but because I was advised to also register at a clinic very close to our house, I registered at Ajike hospital at Amje bus stop, Alakuko. We lived at Ajegunle bus stop, not too far from the clinic.

Proud Mum: Mercy Aigbe Shows Off Her Kids

5Million Naira Donation To OJB For Kidney Transplant From The Okoye Brothers (P-Square)

P-Square and their elder brother Jude 'Engees' Okoye yesterday donated N5million to ailing music producer OJB who needs N16million for a kidney transplant.Kukere Master,Iyanya and his manager Ubi Franklin also donated N1m.Thats progress,God bless everyone.

Driver and his dog get covered in multi-coloured PAINT after he spins off the road with multiple gallons on his back seat

Mess: A driver was covered in paint when he crashed on a Washington highway on TuesdayMess: A driver was covered in paint when he crashed on a Washington highway on Tuesday
Painted pup: The driver's black dog was turned grey after being coated in a variety of substances
Painted pup: The driver's black dog was turned grey after being coated in a variety of substances

Huge quantities of pain were thrown around the interior of the car, coating the seats, windows and windscreen.

A man and dog were left covered in multi-coloured paint after a car crash sent it flying all over them.
The driver was hauling multiple five-gallon buckets of latex paint on a Washington highway on Tuesday afternoon when the accident occurred.
He lost control of his SUV and ran off the road near Belfair, according to a trooper from the Washington State Patrol.

Thursday 27 June 2013

Baby Girl Dumped Inside A Waste Tank In Lagos State (PHOTOS)

 This lifeless baby girl was found dumped in a waste tank in Lagos State, Nigeria. I wonder why people are so heartless and cruel. How could someone do this to an harmless and defenseless child? What do you see when you look at your reflection in the mirror? What a cruel world we live in!


# Garlic is considered as an antibiotic because of its immense anti-inflammatory properties. Grind a clove of garlic, keep it on the mole, and cover the part with a bandage, which should be removed the next day.

# Daily usage of Vaseline in adequate amounts is a natural mole removal remedy.

# Raw honey and flax seed oil into which flax seeds are added is a good herbal solution. Apply this mixture daily on the affected area until the size grows small and fades off.

# A fresh pineapple should be sliced and applied on the part 4 to 5 times daily for removing the moles quickly and effectively.

# Fig stems are found to be useful and are natural mole removal remedies. Take the extract of this plant and spread it over the moles. Add a small amount of leaves to the mixture to increase its curative properties.



With all the food and pet products now coming from China, it is best to make sure you read label at the supermarket and especially when buying food products. Many products no longer show where they were made, only give where the distributor is located. The whole world is concerned about China-made “black-hearted goods”.

Can you differentiate which one is made in Taiwan or China ? The world is also concerned about GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) foods; steroid fed animals (ex: 45 days old
broiler chicken). It is important to read the bar code to track its origin.


In 1919 When the flu killed 40 million people there was this Doctor that visited the many farmers to see if he could help them combat the flu...
Many of the farmers and their families had contracted it and many died.

The doctor came upon this one farmer and to his surprise, everyone was very healthy. When the doctor asked what the farmer was doing that was different the wife replied that she had placed an unpeeled onion in a dish in the rooms of the home, (probably only two rooms back then). The doctor couldn't believe it and asked if he could have one of the onions and place it under the microscope. She gave him one and when he did this, he did find the flu virus in the onion. It obviously absorbed the bacteria, therefore, keeping the family healthy.

Now, I heard this story from my hairdresser. She said that several years ago, many of her employees were coming down with the flu, and so were many of her customers. The next year she placed several bowls with onions around in her shop. To her surprise, none of her staff got sick. It must work. Try it and see what happens. We did it last year and we never got the flu.

21 Home Remedies for a Toothache.

1. Salt Water: Mix a heaping tablespoon full of salt in a small glass of warm water; swirl around inside your mouth for as long as you can, spit out. Repeat as needed.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide: Swoosh a bit of hydrogen peroxide. If the taste is too horrid for you, try diluting with a bit of water.

3. A strong mouthwash ;.a small glass of warm water +3 spoons of mouthwash; swirl around inside your mouth for as long as you can, spit out. Repeat as needed.

4. Vanilla Extract: Saturate a cotton ball with vanilla and hold in place. Can also use a cotton swab dipped in extract.

5. Tea Tree Oil: Just a drop or two will do the trick. You can also add some to a cotton swab and hold in place or add a few drops of tea tree oil to a small glass of lukewarm to warm water and rinse your mouth with it.

Female Employee Raped 3 Times in 30 Days by Supervisor

Ms. Hu, her children and hermother-in-law are at the front gate of the factory.
Via - NetEase:

Recently, a supervisor in Dawangshan Xingyun Product Factory of Shajing County is suspected of raping a female employee. The victim claims she was too afraid to report it to the police, and only after her husband felt something was wrong with her [behavior] at home after she had been forced to have sexual relations three times did she finally reveal what happened. April 7, family members of the victim went to the factory demanding an explanation, with the factory claiming that they too feel very helpless that something like this happened, and both parties currently in negotiations. From

This picture [above] is of the hysterical female employee, who had just been crying in her mother-in-law’s arms a moment ago but suddenly got up to charge into the factory, her mother-in-law unable to restrain her.

How I was kidnapped, raped for rejecting love advances – UNILAG student - [Photos]

Via - Vanguard 

LAGOS — Policemen attached to Adeniji Adele division have arrested a 22-year-old man who alleged kidnapped and raped a student of the University of Lagos, UNILAG, Akoka, for turning down his advances.
The suspect, Babajide Bashorun, was also alleged to have taken nude shots of his victim (names withheld) and pasted them on the internet with her real name, school, department and age.
The victim with bruises
But the suspect in an interview with Vanguard claimed that the lady was his girlfriend. He admitted to have taken her nude pictures and gave them to his friends whose identities he gave as Aje Mayowa and Babajide Ademuyiwa, both final year students of  Architecture also of UNILAG.
The incident, as gathered, occurred two months ago at 1, Ajose Street,  Enu-Owa area of Lagos Island.  But the female undergraduate was silent over the matter until her relations abroad who stumbled on the nude pictures on the internet contacted her mother in Nigeria, last week.

Belgium Launches Europe’s First Solar Train [Photo]

Belgium launches Europe’s first solar train:

A two-mile-long Belgian rail tunnel,
built to shelter trains from falling trees,
will from Monday provide a double
environmental benefit by hosting a
unique solar power project.
The high-speed line running from
Paris to Amsterdam passes Antwerp
and a nearby ancient forest. To avoid
the need to fell protected trees, a long
tunnel was built over the line which
has now been topped with 16,000 solar
panels. The electricity produced is
equivalent to that needed to power all
the trains in Belgium for one day per
year, and will also help power Antwerp

Popular Franchise SHOPRITE Storms Ibadan [Photos]

The Popular franchise storms Ibadan with a surprise after many years of their expected arrival. Well their arrival can't be far fetched as different transformations have started taking place in the ancient city

Oil Discovered In Lagos Nigeria’s Commercial Capital


LAGOS—Nigeria’s commercial capital, LAGOS, is on the verge of joining the country’s oil-producing states with the discovery of crude oil in commercial quantities in the coastal state.
Yesterday, Afren Plc and its partner, Lekoil Limited, announced significant oil discovery offshore Dahomey Basin in Lagos, according to the London Stock Exchange.

In separate announcements, the partners said they discovered a significant light oil accumulation based on the results of drilling and wire line logs from a high impact Ogo-1 well, located on the Oil Prospecting Licence, OPL 310 offshore Nigeria.

Nelson Mandela’s condition has ‘gone down’ in the last 48 hours warns presidential spokesman as South Africa prepares to say farewell

Via - Daily Guide
Nelson Mandela is said to be on life support and his condition has continued to deteriorate over the past few days.
In South Africa's Eastern Cape province, where Mandela grew up, a traditional leader said the time was near for Mandela, who is also known by his clan name, Madiba.
'I am of the view that if Madiba is no longer enjoying life, and is on life support systems, and is not appreciating what is happening around him, I think the good Lord should take the decision to put him out of his suffering,' said the tribal chief, Phathekile Holomisa.

Texas Executes Woman Who Killed Elderly Neighbor [Photo]

Kimberly McCarthy executed

Texas has executed its 500th inmate since executions were resumed in the state in 1976. Kimberly McCarthy, 52, was put to death by lethal injection Wednesday evening in Huntsville, Texas for the 1997 robbery and murder of her elderly neighbor Dorothy Booth.
McCarthy brutally beat the 71-year-old retired college psychology professor with a candelabra and fatally stabbed her with a butcher knife at her Lancaster home, about 15 miles south of Dallas. McCarthy then used the knife to cut off one of Booth’s fingers to remove her wedding ring. Booth let McCarthy into her home when the younger woman asked to borrow a cup of sugar.

How I swindled American women of $48,000 – Student

Via - Vanguard
Operatives attached to the Special Fraud Unit, Ikoyi, Lagos, has arrested a 22-year- old student of Imo State University, Chibuzor Akobundu, for allegedly swindling foreign women to the tune of $48,000 through a dating website.
Speaking with journalists on Tuesday, while being paraded alongside two staff of a second generation bank, who allegedly facilitated the withdrawal of the money via Western Union Money Transfer, the suspect. Who is in his final year in school said he adopted Devon Miles as his name and posted a photograph of an unknown American citizen as his profile on the dating site.

Sex sells more than anything in the world – Kunle Afolayan

Via - Daily Post 

Nollywood producer, Kunle Afolayan while commenting on the recent controversy involving movies with elements of pornography in Nollywood, said that although such movies are against Nigerian culture, he wouldn’t be surprised if people patronise such films.

He advised that such films be banned if the National Film and Video Censors Board finds them unworthy for the society.

Celebs Out & About: Sasha Obama

Sasha Obama
Less than 8 hours after the NY Post uploaded this photo of 12-year-old Sasha Obama strolling the streets of SoHo, NY — the entire page vanished from the Internet. The headlines yesterday were all about Mrs. Obama hiring an executive from Estée Lauder to be her adviser. Maybe she should hire someone from GapKids to advise her on how to dress her daughter in more age-appropriate clothing?

Samsung Launches A TV With A CURVED Screen To Improve Viewing Quality - but it'll set you back £8,5000

Samsung has launched its first high-resolution curved TV in South Korea before releasing it worldwide in July.
Samsung has launched its first high-resolution curved TV in South Korea before releasing it worldwide from July. The 55-inch model costs £8,500, has an OLED screen and is the first set to be made available outside Asia

Samsung has officially launched its first super-thin curved TV screen with a price tag of £8,500 ($13,000) - five times more than its flat-screen equivalents. 
The 55-inch model has a high-resolution OLED display and its design means the screen is an equal distance from the viewer at all times. 
It is now on sale in South Korea but Samsung told Reuters the set will be made available in other countries from July - the first time a curved TV of its kind has been sold outside of Asia.