Saturday 7 March 2015

2015 Polls: Yoruba Obas Pray for Jonathan

Royal fathers from the South Western part of Nigeria, gathered at the palace of the Ooni of Ife to pray for president Goodluck Jonathan.
This is according to a tweet by his spokesman/media adviser, Reuben Abati,
“Yoruba Obas praying for President Jonathan at the palace of the Ooni of Ife, March 7. #”Bi e ti wi lo ma ri.”
President Jonathan is seeking re-election in the March 28 polls.
President Jonathan, few weeks ago, spent almost one week in Lagos during which he commissioned some federal projects in the South-west as well as naval war ships to boost the nation’s maritime security. He also met with different segments of the society where he told them why he should be re-elected on March 28 when the presidential election will be held.
Via - Vanguard

Benue Commissioner Slumps, Dies Days After Predicting Buhari's Death

As if to pass the divine message that death is no respector of age, affluence or background, after calling General Buhari ‘quater to die’, the Benue State Commissioner for Rural Development and Cooperatives, Mr. Aondowase Chia, slumped and later died in a hospital.
The Commissioner is believed to have died of stroke.

On March 3, he had presented his ministry's budget for 2015 before the Benue State House of Assembly without showing any signs of illness.


A Nigerian, who is on a death row in Indonesia for drug trafficking, has written a touching letter to say a final goodbye to his girlfriend.
Raheem Agbaje-Salami, 42, is due to be killed with nine other prisoners this month.
He was taken from a prison in East Java to a prison on an Island off the southern coast of Java.

Agbaje-Salami in a letter submitted through the officials, called on his Indonesian lover, Angela Intan, to be strong and have faith in God.
The letter said:
 “I want to thank and say goodbye to my beloved sweetheart, Angela Intan, who has stood beside me through happiness and sadness.
“Thank you for everything, for the time we spent together. Knowing and loving you has been a gift and even though it was only for a short time it has had a deep meaning in my life,” the letter said.

The man was sentenced to death for trying to traffic heroin into Indonesia.
The officials said two other Nigerian drug smugglers were also scheduled to be executed this month after requests for presidential clemency were rejected.

This Man Was Body-Shamed, And Now Hundreds Of Women Are Throwing Him A Party

View image on Twitter
This is a great Internet story: When an unnamed man was shamed for dancing in public, a tribe of body-positive women launched a Twitter search to throw him the ultimate dance party in California.
They found him -- and he said yes.
It all started when an anonymous person posted a surreptitious shot at the man, with photos attached, on the message board 4Chan.
"Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week," the poster wrote. "He stopped when he saw us laughing."

Moroccan King Snubs President Jonathan, Rejects Telephone Conversation Over Election

PRESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan
The Moroccan monarch, King Mohammed VI, has rejected a request from President Goodluck Jonathan for a telephone conversation, saying it was an “inappropriate” move by the Nigerian leader to curry electoral favour just weeks before a crucial poll.
Mohammed VI snubbed Mr. Jonathan’s request last week, saying it was more of an attempt to seek electoral favour than a genuine diplomatic act, the country’s foreign ministry said Friday.

Friday 6 March 2015

WATCH: Lion Opens Car Door And Frightens Curious Tourists

Two sisters on safari in South Africa learned that lions can open car doors.
Two sisters went on safari while visiting their parents in South Africa, when they discovered that lions are capable of opening car doors.
The women can be heard delightedly snapping pictures, and talking about the majestic lions lying lazily a few feet away. Despite one of the lions getting up and approaching the car, the ladies remained relatively calm about the animal until it opened the car door with its teeth.
Giggles turned to gasps but one of the passengers had the good sense to shut the door firmly before a voice can be heard saying (after dropping the recording device): “I din’t know they could do that.”

3 Nigerian Fraudsters Jailed 16 Years In the UK For Using Names Of 200 Dead Children In £1 million VAT Fraud

Rasaq Omotunde, 38Saheed Oyeneye, 35Fraud - 2
Three fraudsters who used the names of more than 200 dead children to launder profits from an attempted £1m VAT fraud have been jailed for more than 16 years. used the names of more than 200 dead children to launder profits from attempted £1m VAT fraud jailed for more than 16 years.
Saheed Oyeneye, 35, Rasaq Omotunde, 38, and Oluwakemi Adesaogun, 38, all from south east London, set up hundreds of bogus online HMRC accounts to ‘get rich quick’ off the public purse.

Why Oba Sikiru Adetona And Late Bayo Kuku Don’t Talk

If there is one matter prominent sons and daughters of Ijebu land in Ogun State will like to resolve as fast as possible is the bitter quarrel between the Awujale of Ijebu land, Oba Sikiru Adetona and Chief Bayo Kuku. Those in the know said two eminent sons of Ijebu land have not been on speaking terms for years now.
What happened? 

Those in the know said that the Oba and his brother, Prince Supo Adetona had a disagreement over their late mother’s property and Chief Bayo Kuku whom the Oba thought was his very good friend supported Prince Supo in the bitter quarrel against him. We gathered that up till today, the Oba has not forgiven Chief Bayo Kuku and this explains why they don’t see eye to eye

Gang break into prison and kidnap man accused of raping student - then strip him naked, drag him four miles and beat him to death

This is the shocking moment a violent mob broke into an Indian prison and kidnapped an alleged rapist before stripping him naked and beating him to death in front of a jeering crowd.
Taking justice into their own hands, the gang today overpowered security at the Central Jail in the city of Dimapur and grabbed the man, who allegedly raped a female student multiple times last month.
According to local media reports, he died while being dragged four miles through the streets as people beat and pelted him with stones.
The horrific attack on the man, who had not been convicted of rape, comes amid rising anger over the high rate of sexual violence in the country.  

Ijebu Billionaire Philanthropist The Ogbeni Oja Of Ijebuland, Chief Bayo Kuku Is Dead

The Life and Times of the Corporate Titan.

Again death has silence cadence of the day with the quiet of the night. It has claimed the life of a veteran socialist, Dr Bayo Kuku. The dirge of life resonates again, this time in the house of the Kukus
The Ogbeni Oja of Ijebuland, Chief Adebayo Kuku is dead. The ever bubbly businessman who had been out of circulation for months, died today. He was aged 84.
A close family source, confirmed to The ELITES that the Ogbeni Oja died a few hours ago.
The corporate titan who was once the Vice Chairman of Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited and the President of Nigerian Stock Exchange. The highly revered boardroom guru will be buried in Ijebu Ode his homestead at 11 am tomorrow.

70-Year Old Woman Seeks For Love Portion To Win Her Husband Back

womanforlaA 70-year old woman has been defrauded by a man, 48, she believed was a true herbalist when she paid him the sum of N500,000 to make a love portion for her so she could win back her husband who had neglected her for another woman.
Luckily for her, she was smart on time to know the man was not genuine when she waited endlessly for the said love portion.
So she reported him at a nearby Police station, and he was arrested and arraigned in court. Read the story from Vanguard after the cut. We just hope this will not FINALLY send the man AWAY.
A mild drama unfolded at the Igando Police Division, weekend, after a 48-year-old herbalist, who was arrested for allegedly defrauding a 70-year-old woman of N500,000, engaged the complainant in a war of words.

Describing claims that he defrauded the 70-year-old woman as a lie, the suspect, Akin Babalola, placed his index finger on the ground, touched his tongue with same finger before lifting it to the sky, an expression, he said, was to indicate that he was saying the truth.
According to the Ogun State-born herbalist: “The complainant (names withheld) came to my house and asked that I pre-pare a love potion for her to win back her husband.
“She told me that her husband abandoned her for another woman, thereby saddling her with the responsibility of bringing up their children alone.”

107-Year Old Man Weds 95-year Old Woman Here In Nigeria

Though they have been living together for over 65years. The groom, Elder Dikam Garba Dabo’ok had seven wives and 32 living children but says luckily for him he has found Christ and he knows living in sin, will not take him anywhere especially now that he is old.
So he decided to take one of his wives, (we are not sure if she is the first) to the altar to legalize their union.
He says it is such a privilege to start a new live, especially knowing it is a sin free one. The marriage ceremony was held at The Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN), Plateau State, Nigeria.

Thursday 5 March 2015

How Obasanjo Dealt With Me, Reshaped My Life "He once asked me to walk out Of Aso Rock" – Tinubu

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A former Lagos State Governor, Bola Tinubu, on Thursday admitted former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, re-shaped his life positively.
Mr. Tinubu, who is a national leader of the All Progressives Congress, stated this at Mr. Obasanjo’s 78th birthday lecture held at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library in Abeokuta, Ogun State.
Mr. Obasanjo caught Mr. Tinubu unawares at the occasion, when he called on the former governor to address the guests.

An Amazing Story! 'I jumped off a bridge to end my life but was saved - by a sea lion'

A man who was suffering from mental illness and depression has revealed how a sea lion saved his life after he tried to kill himself.
Kevin Hines jumped off San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge in 2000, but against all the odds he managed to survive.
Hines told how his depression had led him to see life through a "bit of tunnel vision," leading him to think he had to die.

Ekitigate Rigging- Watch The Cartoon Video

Lagos-based NGO, All Nigeria Save Democracy Movement (ANSADEM) has launched a Public Service Announcement using excerpts from SaharaReporters leaked tape of the rigging of Ekiti state gubernatorial election using creatively designed cartoon images of former Minister, Musiliu Obanikoro and Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti state with Brig. General Aliyu Momoh kneeling before the duo.

Photos Of A Lunatic Couple In Public Display Of Affection

Obasanjo Debuts In New Music Video

Ibitayo Jeje 
- WhyYou Love Me So Starring Olusegun Obasanjo .
 Watch it below

Meet The World's Smallest COW

Balakrishnan Nambukudy's family with Manikyam the cow
The animal measures just 61.5cm from her hooves to her withers but is still treated with reverence on the farm where she lives. 
The tiny mammal resides with her fully-sized pals at farmer and environmentalist Balakrishnan Nambukudy's farm in the town of Atholi in the southern Indian state of Kerala.
Mr Nambukudy got the cow when she was a newborn, but despite feeding and raising her like a normal cow, she didn't reach full size.
He said: "She looked different from the others. I realised that she wasn't gaining height like other cows of the same breed.

WATCH: As Ram Raid Gang Use JCB To Steal From Cash Machines

Five men have been convicted of a string of ATM ram raids and burglaries in which more than £400,000 was stolen and £250,000 of damage caused.
Joseph Upton, John Smith, Albert Smith, John Christopher Smith and Alfred Stanley carried out smash and grab raids at 12 banks across and six burglaries in a nine-month crime spree.
They used JCB vehicles to smash into businesses before ripping out cash machines, used cutting equipment to help themselves to more cash and escaped in vehicles they had plundered in burglaries across the region.

Watch Video: Obasanjo Scores Brace In 78th Birthday Celebration Match

Nigeria's former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, showed his fitness, as he led his side in a 2-1 win in a football match that was designed as part of his 78th birthday programme.

Woman Caned For Sleeping With Friend's Hubby - Video

This video was posted on Facebook with the caption: "A woman is seriously caned for sleeping around with her friend husband!" 

Check Video Here >>>

Pictures Of Passengers From Turkish Airlines Flight THYZ726 Fleeing After Plane Crash Landed On A Runway With 235 People on Board

All of the 224 passengers and 11 crew on board the plane were safely evacuated after the incident
Eerie pictures have emerged of hundreds of terrified passengers fleeing the foggy scene where a plane crash-landed in Nepal on Wednesday.
Although all of the 224 passengers and 11 crew on board the Turkish Airline flight THY726 were safely evacuated after the incident, commuters have described the distressing scenario.
'We could feel the tyres skid... I could see an air hostess from my seat, she had tears in her eyes,' Dikesh Malhotra, a 28-year-old business man on the flight said.
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“Jega Will Go, Heavens Won’t Fall” – Fayose

Voter register

Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has described outbursts of the All Progressives Congress (APC) over the possible removal of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega as “mere comedy”, stressing that the President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, could sack him if he wishes.
The Governor in a statement on Wednesday, said the APC should stop acting as if Nigeria belongs to the party.

PhotoNews: Governor Rotimi Amaechi Pictured Making A Woman's Hair

From The Archive(s): GLORIA OKON, The Story of Nigeria’s Most Mysterious Drug Pusher

GLORIA OKON, The Story of Nigeria's Most Mysterious Drug Pusher Biography Profile Photo Life Story History
Gloria Okon was caught in 1985 with heroin in Nigeria and died in very controversial circumstances.
FULL NAMES (alternate names): Miss Gloria Okon
She was born in 1950.
On the 22nd April, 1985, a petite society lady, Gloria Okon, was about to board a Nigeria Airways aircraft WT840 (Lagos-Kano-London) at the Aminu Kano International Airport, Kano State when she was arrested with substances suspected to be heroin and other hard drugs (the National Security Organization, NSO or Nigeria’s secret intelligence agency is often mentioned in her arrest). Tucked in internally were 56.70 grammes of the substances. She was also caught with the sum of N20,000, 60 pounds sterling, $301 and 19,000 Italian lira. The customs officers and drug law enforcement agents were very excited to have nabbed her, not because they had caught her alone but because they would also be stars of the show for a while as all the arrests were being made by their counterparts at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos. But their jowls of excitement were pangs of sheer agony for the 35-year-old Okon. Why?

Agents Of The Nigerian Government Monitoring The Social Media

BIG BROTHER? Director of Defence Information (DDI) Maj-Gen.Chris Olukolade MONITORING US...on social media.

Quite impressive to know they read, hear and see us

Obasanjo A True Nationalist, Elder Statesman, Says Buhari

The APC presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Bahari has described former President Olusegun Obasanjo as a courageous patriot who tells the truth to power when he is convinced leaders are going wrong.
In a statement he issued on the occasion of Obasanjos’s birthday, General Buhari said the former president is a nationalist whose commitment to democracy and good governance are worthy of recognition and praise.

Buhari Is Nigeria’s Next President, Says Obasanjo

Former Nigerian President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has predicted that Maj. General Muhammadu Buhari will be elected on 28 March as Nigeria’s new president, to succeed incumbent, Goodluck Jonathan.
At the same time, he dismissed fears of any election annulment as it happened in 1993, under the Babangida administration, when the election of Moshood Kashimawo Abiola was annulled by the military junta.
Obasanjo spoke in Abeokuta, Ogun state today, when he met a group that styles itself, Concerned Citizens of Nigeria.

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Obasanjo Exhibits Soccer Skills To Celebrate 78th Birthday In Abeokuta

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Wednesday exhibit​ed​ his soccer skill​s​ as he led the OBJ Team in a soccer duel with the Ogun State Executive Team.
The match which was designed as part of ​his​ 78th birthday programme​,​ took place at Moshood Abiola Stadium, Abeokuta, with Governor Ibikunle Amosun, leading the state team.
Mr. Obasanjo scored two goals for his team, defeating the Amosun team which recorded one goal at the full time of the match.
The Governor was awarded the Most Valuable Player of the match, while Mr. Obasanjo won the Golden boot award and Akin Mabogunje received award of Best Goalkeeper of the encounter.

Nollywood Actress Toyin Aimakhu Reacts To 'I Can Die For PDP Statement'

During the MeetThePresident event that held over the weekend, nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu ,was quoted as saying she 'can die for PDP'. Well, she just released a statement, saying she can never die for any party or anyone and it's pathetic for anyone to take her words literally. Statement below...
Our country has given its citizens the right to freedom of speech and right to vote and be voted for, I’m most definitely not an exception. As of 1999, Nigeria has about 29 political parties, allowing every citizen to choose at their own free will. It is then left to us not to undermine the decision or choices of others as it is loathsome. We live in a world where people take pleasure in bringing other people down. I feel obliged to address the matter of me dying for the PDP. Firstly, no one is dying for anyone and the last time I checked only Jesus had died for us with no strings attached or money promised to his family when he’s gone. 

Pastor's Wife Fined for Praying Too Loud

Martha Nagbe, wife of pastor Juwle Nagbe of The United Methodist Church, speaks on KVLY 11 TV station in Lisbon, Dakota, after she was fined 0 by the police for praying too loud.
A pastor's wife in Lisbon, North Dakota, has been punished and fined $150 for praying too loud on sidewalks.
Martha Nagbe, wife of Pastor Juwle Nagbe of The United Methodist Church, paid the fine after two court appearances but insisted that her rights were violated. "I can't stop," Nagbe told KVLY 11 TV station. "I'm trusting God."

Amazing Pictures of Giethoorn Village Netherlands, Without Roads - You Must Take A Boat To Go To Different Places.

If you ever want to get away from city life and find peace in a beautiful place, the perfect destination for you is Giethoorn in the Netherlands.Beautiful nature, old houses, ride boats in channels or walk after numerous wooden bridges … 
Simply, it is a place that offers you relaxation and also to briefly forget the noisy cars, because they are here not welcome, primarily because this tale like place does not have roads.Giethoorn became known only after 1958, when Dutch director Bert Haanstra here captures his famous comedy “Fanfare”, so this place is now a real tourist attraction. At the beginning of the thirteenth century, Giethoorn has been set up by settlers from the Mediterranean.

From The Archive(s): The Day Robbers Storm Yeye Banke Adetoro's Superlative Bash In London - Royal Fathers, KWAM 1 Run For Cover

One of Nigeria`s popular big boys in the city of London, Akeem Adetoro, got the surprise of his life during his wife`s 45th birthday shindig which held at the prestigious Oasis Banqueting Suites, Barking, England on Friday, September 21st, 2012. 

In what can best be described as tragedy of the century, the much publicised 45th birthday ceremony of Yeye Banke Adetoro, Akeem`s better-half was not just disrupted shortly after it kicked off, the high profile guests in attendance which include two Lagos royal fathers, Osolo of Isolo, Oba Kabiru Agbabiaka, Borokini of Isolo, Chief Amuda Yussuf, the owner of New World hotel in Isolo and Oba of Epe got were humiliated and disgraced while Fuji messiah, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal who got a whopping twenty thousand pounds (20,000 British Pounds, far more than N5m!) to perform “dis-fara-marathon”, meaning he took off according to one of the guests who called in. 

Naked Man Caught Jumping Out Of Buckingham Palace Window In Internet Hoax

video clip that claims to show a naked man climbing out of a window at Buckingham Palace using a bed sheet has started an online debate as to whether it is real or not.
YouTube / AndersDahlberg
The video shows some Swedish tourists watching the Changing of the Guard near Green Park.

Tuesday 3 March 2015

Hulk The World's Biggest Pit Bull Is 12 And A Half Stone - And Still Growing

Proud owners of the world's biggest pit bull dog have told how their three-year-old child rides the 175lb pooch like a horse. Marlon and Lisa Grennan from New Hampshire say their monster pet 'the Hulk' is 100 per cent trusted with their son, Jordan, despite the breed's fierce reputation. Indeed, photographs show the toddler happily riding on the canine's back, grabbing the collar just behind its 28-inch wide head.

Proud owners Marlon and Lisa Grennan, from New Hampshire, say their monster pet is 100 per cent trusted with their three-year-old son, Jordan, despite the breed's fierce reputation and even let him ride the animal like a horse.
Indeed, photographs show the toddler happily riding on the canine's back, grabbing the collar just behind its 28-inch wide head. 
While pit bulls are branded 'dangerous' with breeding bans enforced in the UK, Mr Grennan claims they are actually very caring and fit for the family. 
Scroll down for video  

Amazing Picture Of Weasel Riding On The Back Of A Woodpecker In Essex Country Park

A birdwatching couple happened upon this incredible scene of a weasel riding on the back of a woodpecker.
But the small mammal was not trying to hitch a lift - it was trying to kill the bird to eat it.
Martin Le-May was out walking with his wife in Hornchurch Country Park in Essex yesterday hoping to spot a green woodpecker.
He saw one stumbling around in the undergrowth and quickly switched from his binoculars to his camera to catch the action.
He said he noticed the bird after hearing it cry out in distress.

U.S. Lawmakers Warn Nigerian Government Against Further Shift Of Elections

US House of Representatives
The U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee has passed a unanimously bipartisan legislation to condemn the activities of the insurgent group in Nigeria, Boko Haram.
The Committee, chaired by U.S. Representative, Ed Royce, lambasted the group over its bloody attacks, which has left thousands of citizens dead, while several hundreds of thousands of others have been displaced from their homes.
The Committee also highlighted the significance of Nigeria’s forthcoming elections, stressing the dire consequences of any further shift in the schedule.

No jail Term Could End Our Grief, Say Family Of Mother Killed in Front Of Her Daughter By Nigerian Who Only Just Passed His Driving Test

Relatives of a young mother who was run down and killed in front of her daughter by a family friend said today that no jail sentence would take away their grief.
New driver Olugbenga Shofolahan, 44, has been warned that he faces jail for hitting Tamika Malo, 30, as he backed out of her drive at “great speed” after returning Ms Malo’s daughter Taleyah, then seven, from a sleepover.
Ms Malo, a teaching assistant, returned to her Stoke Newington home by taxi to meet her daughter. As she paid the fare, Shofolahan’s Honda Civic shot across the road, ramming her into a garden wall.

Shofolahan, who had only just passed his driving test, at first denied causing death by dangerous driving but changed his plea to guilty on the second day of his trial at Snaresbrook crown court on Wednesday.

Do Not Despise The Days Of Little Beginning - Amazing Story Of Pastor Folu Adeboye (Mummy G.O)

Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye Driving The Husband Pastor Adeboye 

Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye, the wife to Pastor E.A Adeboye; the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, was born on the 13th July 1948.Born and christened Foluke Adenike Adeyokunu, in Ilesa, Osun State.
She is a preacher, a prophetess, an educationist, author, artiste, counsellor, philanthropist, the loving wife of Pastor Adeboye and affectionate mother to all.She is involved in rehabilitating those hawking on the street which she calls Pet Project and wholistic Outreach.
She rose through the ‘little New Testament Bible’ she presented to Daddy G.O. as a token of gift on his birthday to become a leading light and, of course, a testament in every respect in God’s vineyard.

INEC Chairman Attairu Jega May Be Removed This Week - He Has Refused To Pick Goodluck Jonathan's Calls

Despite assuring Nigerians during the presidential media chat on February 11, that he had no plan to remove the INEC chairman, Attahiru Jega from office. Reports indicates that the presidency is planning to remove Jega this week.

President Goodluck Jonathan will force Jega to embark on terminal leave to pave way for a replacement, according to reliably placed sources in the Presidency who did not want to be named.

PHOTONEWS: Good Samaritans Rescue Baby That Was Dumped In Faeces

Miss BumBum beauty queen is rushed back to hospital when buttock implant becomes infected just weeks after fillers in her legs 'rotted' her muscles

Just weeks after Brazil's Miss BumBum runner-up spoke of how plastic surgery ended her in intensive care with rotting legs, the model has been rushed back into hospital. 
Andressa Urach, 27, spent a month in intensive care and feared she would lose her leg after fillers 'rotted' her muscles and had to be removed, triggering a life-threatening infection.
The model and tv-presenter is now in care yet again, after suffering infections as a result of the implants in her buttocks

Aggrieved Policemen To Begin Strike On March 28th, The Day Presidential Election Would Hold

Policemen who are being owed promotion arrears have said they would embark on strike on March 28, 2015, the day the Presidential election would hold. According to them, this will help them press home their demand and convince the police authorities that they are serious about their threat to down tool.

The police personnel said that over 100 of their colleagues retired in 2014 without being paid the promotion arrears and other benefits, adding that the payment had been pending for over two years.

Why Jonathan, PDP Are Angry With Jega – Punch Investigation

Prof Attahiru Jega
There were revelations in Abuja on Monday on why President Goodluck Jonathan and the national leadership of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party were angry with the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Prof. Attahiru Jega.
A week-long investigation by our correspondent in Abuja showed that the President and his party are not happy with Jega over his insistence that the commission would use the Permanent Voter Cards for the election.
The PVCs were used for the conduct of the governorship elections in both Ekiti and Osun states, which were won by the PDP and the All Progressives Congress respectively.
Apart from this, the President and the party were also angry that the commission was going ahead with its decision to use card readers.

Monday 2 March 2015

Professor Osinbajo Finally Clears The Air On Viral Photo

Concerns Grow For Missing Nigerian Coventry University Student Ozi Akerele - Mum Begs For Help Finding Her Son

Police have renewed their appeal for a man who went missing following a night out in Coventry.
Ozi AkereleOzeivo Andrew Akerele, 24, left his home on Richmond Street on Friday evening (30 January) to go out socialising with friends.
The Nigerian born man, who has only been in the country for a few weeks and is currently studying at the city’s university, was last seen by friends at the Iglu Club on Spon Street around 3.30am on Saturday 31 January.
However, enquiries have revealed that he may have been on Foleshill Road, specifically between Park Street and the A444, around 7am on Saturday 31 January. A man of similar description was seen talking to a taxi driver in a black hackney cab opposite Lloyds Bank and a short time later the same man is believed to have been seen attempting to talk to motorists further up Foleshill Road, near to Cross Road.