Saturday 2 May 2020

Indians Working At Dangote Refinery Complain Of Being Forced To Work Despite Lockdown

Power Mech Staff Complain Of Being Forced To Work Despite Lockdown

Staff of Power Mech company working on the Dangote Refinery have complained to the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Damodardas Modi of the actions of their employers. They claim that they are being made to work through the Coronavirus pandemic and even threatened with violence.

The workers in a video with their leader speaking said every other company is observing the lockdown as announced by the Federal Government of Nigeria but Power Mech has refused to obey the directive and the workers are being driven out of their rooms in what they described as slavery. They also say only Power Mech is forcing staff to work as other companies have asked their workers to stay away.

Michael Jordan Turned Down $100 Million To Appear At Event For Two Hours – Agent

The Last Dance': Docuseries on Michael Jordan's career debuts amid ...
When it comes to the world of sports, basketball to be precise, a name that can never be overlooked is that of NBA superstar Michael Jordan.

Although the sports star has retired almost 20 years ago, he is still very much in demand when it comes to off-court appeal.

David Falk who is the former agent to the former Chicago Bulls star has revealed that he brought Jordan a $100 million deal some years back but the NBA legend turned it down.

According to Falk who appeared on WFAN’s “Boomer and Gio,” Jordan turned down the deal that would have required him to simply make a two-hour appearance at an event.

Falk discussed how picky his famous client was when it came to projects.

How Dancer, Kodak Died - Her Best Friend Narrates Her Last Moments

Nigerian Vixen, Picture Kodak spotted dancing, see her last Video ...
Nigeria has been very solemn today due to the death of one of the most popular dancers in the country, Kodak, The incident leading to her death was quite unclear as all we knew was that she was electrocuted while at the house of Nigeria's top music video director, Clearance Peters. We have now gotten more information with much credit to popular blogger, thegistlover who has now released an eye witness account from one of Kodak's closest friend and this was her narrative:

pouch, she wasn't wearing slippers, and she was sweating on her palms.

Picture of Beautiful Uniport Student Raped, Murdered and Buried in a Shallow Grave by Cultists.

Her name was Joy Adoki, until her brutal death she was a 400 level student of the University of Port Harcourt, River State. She was kidnapped by an armed cultist group, who demanded ransom which was paid but the bad guys went ahead to rape and murder her instead of releasing her and the other victims.

She was buried in a shallow grave in the bush in Eteo community the Eleme Local government Area of River state.

Kim Jong-Un makes his first public appearance for 20 days, North Korea state media reports, as he cuts ribbon at fertilizer plant alongside sister who was said to have taken over after he had died

Kim Jong-Un makes his first public appearance for 20 days at a fertiliser plant
The despot cut the ribbon at the opening of a fertiliser factory in Sunchon (top right), state media reported and released pictures supposedly showing the event. Kim was seen smiling and talking to aides at the ceremony (left) and also touring the plant, but the authenticity of the photos could not be verified. 

The dictator was accompanied by several senior North Korean officials including his younger sister Kim Yo Jong (top and bottom right, next to Kim), Korean Central News Agency said. Asked about the KCNA report, US President Donald Trump said: 'I'd rather not comment on it yet. We'll have something to say about it at the appropriate time.' Speculation about Kim's health has been rife after he missed the birth anniversary celebrations of state founder Kim Il Sung on April 15.

Rivers police Arrest Suspects Who Killed And Buried Three Students Of Uniport - Recover Decomposed Corpses

Police Recover Decomposed Corpses Of 3 Kidnapped Uniport Students
The Anti-Cultism Unit of Rivers State police command has arrested members of a kidnap gang who abducted, killed and buried three 400 level students of the University of Port Harcourt in a shallow grave in Etoo, Rivers state.
The undergraduates were kidnapped on April 7, 2020. One of the suspects, Friday Akpan, said they abducted the victims (Joy Adoki, Nelson Nwafor and Fortune Obimba ) on the order of one Bright, who told them the victims betrayed him after money was paid into the account of one of the victims.

UK records 739 more coronavirus deaths - taking Britain's official COVID-19 fatality count to 27,510

The UK has today announced 739 more coronavirus deaths, taking Britain's official fatality toll to 27,510. 
Officials also recorded another 6,000 cases, with 177,000 Britons having now been infected since the crisis began in February - but a lack of testing means potentially millions of cases have been missed. 
Health Secretary Matt Hancock revealed the figures, which include fatalities in all settings, in tonight's Downing Street press conference. 
Officials do not provide a daily breakdown of how many COVID-19 deaths occurred in different settings, such as hospitals or care homes.

But at least 352 of the fatalities occurred in hospitals because NHS England reveals new deaths recorded by trusts every afternoon. 

Friday 1 May 2020

Tolani Otedola Slams News Blog That Called Her Autistic Brother Mentally Unstable

Femi Otedola’s first daughter and the first child of the family, Tolani Otedola has taken the battle for her brother, Fewa, against a journalist that published a defaming story about him.

The reporter published a story with claims that Otedola Fewa is mentally unstable. Tolani’s attention was drawn to the defamatory story and she has taken to her Instagram page to school the reporter for using such insensitive language to describe her brother’s autistic nature.

See her post below

Footage shows mass graves being dug in Brazil as deaths surge due to Coronavirus (Photos/Video)

Harrowing footage from a Brazilian city hit by the Coronavirus pandemic shows mass graves being dug as authorities struggle with the pandemic.
Manaus, in north-western Brazil, with a population of 1.7m, is continuing to bury bodies at an alarming rate as deaths surge due to the pandemic.
A cemetery in the city has seen a 500 per cent increase in the number of bodies it has to bury now compared with before the Covid-19 outbreak.

North Korean defector says he is '99% sure' Kim Jong Un is dead and the country could announce it this weekend

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un (pictured in March this year) has not been seen in public since April 11  - prompting rumours that he is gravely ill or dead
A North Korean defector claims he is '99 per cent sure' that Kim Jong Un is dead, saying that Pyongyang could announce the news this weekend. 

Ji, a defector who was elected to the South's parliament earlier this year, is the latest to suggest that Kim might have died after heart surgery. 

'I've wondered how long he could have endured after cardiovascular surgery. I've been informed that Kim died last weekend,' he said. 

'It is not 100 per cent certain, but I can say the possibility is 99 per cent. North Korea is believed to be grappling with a complicated succession issue.'

Pyongyang has never made any succession plans public, but experts say Kim's sister has been the most visible presence around the dictator in recent years. 
She was named an alternate member of the ruling Workers’ Party’s powerful Central Committee Politburo last month.  
North Korea is the world's most secretive country and reports about Kim and his family, including the suggestion that he recently had heart surgery, are nearly impossible to verify.  
However, other defectors have cast doubt on whether such sensitive information would ever leak out from Kim's inner circle.   

“I will become a pornstar after Coronavirus pandemic” – Wizkid’s baby mama reveals

My son knows his father is irresponsible – Wizkid's first baby ...

StarBoy Wizkid’s first baby mama, Shola Ogudu has revealed what she will start doing after quarantine is over.
Shola who is the mother of Wizkid’s first son, Boluwatife, also said she has been receiving lessons and tutorials about the profession.

Devastated Family Lose ALL FOUR Grandparents To Coronavirus:

Jacqueline Cuypers (left) and Eduard Luwel (right) were the brothers' first set of grandparents to succumb to the virus. The brothers believe Eduard contracted coronavirus while receiving kidney dialysis treatment
A pair of brothers have been left devastated after a quadruple tragedy in which all four of their grandparents were killed by coronavirus.
Kevin Luwel, 33, and Kenneth, 28, from Belgium, said they barely had time to come to terms with the fact that their first grandparent died before the second, third, and fourth deaths happened. 
Kevin said: 'When we lost the first one, we were, of course, sad, but it really hit us when we lost the second one. When it happened a third time, it became incomprehensible. But now with the fourth death, it's just too much. Too much, too fast.'
Their grandfather Eduard 'Warkel' Luwel, from Rummen, was the first to contract the killer bug, which the brothers suspect the 86-year-old caught during kidney dialysis treatment. After a short battle with the virus, he died on March 31. 

Donald Trump says he has seen evidence that the coronavirus started in Wuhan virology laboratory - as he warns he could impose tariffs of $1 TRILLION on China in retribution

President Trump said Thursday he has seen evidence that coronavirus started in the Wuhan virology laboratory, as he warned he could impose tariffs of $1 trillion on China in retribution for the pandemic
President Donald Trump said he has seen evidence that coronavirus started in the Wuhan virology laboratory, as he warned he could impose tariffs of $1 trillion on China in retribution for the pandemic.

The president made the explosive charge that the coronavirus that has caused millions of infections and wreaked havoc on the global economy may have been created in the Chinese lab during his coronavirus press briefing Thursday. 

He also suggested the federal government is exploring ways to punish China for triggering the outbreak by imposing tariffs but he stopped short of saying he would refuse to pay back US debts.  

'Yes, I have. Yes, I have,' Trump said when asked if he has confidence that the Wuhan Institute of Technology was the origin of the virus. 

The lab is located near a wet market that has been identified as the likely epicentre of the outbreak that took place late last year. 

UK Ministers Warn Lockdown Needs To Stay Until New Cases Drop Below 1,000 A Day - Which Could Take MONTHS

Prime Minister Boris Johnson holds the Digital Cabinet Meeting in 10 Downing Street on Thursday. The total number of new coronavirus deaths in all settings was 674 on Thursday, down from 765 the previous day, but there was a leap in the number of new cases to 6,032 from 4,076 on the day before.
Ministers have warned lockdown may need to remain in place for months until the number of new cases falls below 1,000 per day after Professor Chris Whitty raised the spectre of a second peak far worse than the first. The total number of new coronavirus deaths in all settings was 674 on Thursday, down from 765 the previous day, but there was a leap in the number of new cases to 6,032 from 4,076 on the day before. 

Although this was in part down to increased testing, ministers say they want daily infections down to the hundreds before any easing of the lockdown, reports said. Britain has not been down in the hundreds since March 23. In his first Downing Street briefing since leaving intensive care, Boris Johnson (pictured in Downing Street yesterday) said he would outline a 'menu of options' next week for how the UK could roll off the peak which he said we had past. He claimed that efforts to bolster the NHS had avoided a 'reasonable worst-case scenario' of 500,000 deaths if we hadn't locked down. 

But he dashed hopes of any premature easing of restrictions, saying that if the 'R' value - the reproductive rate of the virus - was allowed to rise above one, the outbreak would rise again. Germany's surging infection rate as a result of easing its measures - when its daily rate was far lower than ours at 2,000 - is understood to have sparked deep concern among ministers. It comes as Prof Whitty (top right) warned that 'Covid-19 is a very long way from finished and eradication is technically impossible for this disease' which could batter us again in the colder months. England's chief medical officer told an online lecture: 'It's not just in Game Of Thrones that winter is always coming ... the winter is always worse than summer, spring and autumn for health services.' 

IMF: Nigeria To Lose Over $26 Billion From Oil Exports

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has projected that the present global health crisis could make Nigeria lose more than $26 billion from crude oil sales.

In a statement issued on Thursday night, the international lender also said it expects the country’s economy to contract by about 3.4 per cent in 2020, a 6-percentage point drop compared to pre-COVID-19 projections.

Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, has crude oil as its main export commodity, representing around 90 per cent of its exports.

Since prices of the commodity crashed a few months ago, the country has recorded shortfall in revenue and a few weeks ago, Nigerian cargoes carrying oil were looking for buyers.

“The sharp fall in international oil prices, together with reduced global demand for oil, is worsening the country’s fiscal and external positions. The country’s oil exports are expected to fall by more than $26 billion,” the IMF said in the statement.


Image may contain: 1 person, selfie and close-up, possible text that says '1 " FROM THE INSIDE ...Fridays with Femi Adesina'
You have possibly watched the 1998 action-thriller film with the above title, starring Will Smith. It was the box office hit story about a group of people plotting to kill an American Congressman, and the tape of the plot was discovered.
Well, an Enemy of the State struck in Nigeria on Monday, but this time, it was no fiction. It was real life act of sabotage from somebody who does not wish his own country well at all, and who derived a sinister kind of pleasure from undermining the system.

President Muhammadu Buhari was to broadcast to the country by 8 p.m, to give an update on the battle against COVID-19, and what becomes of the lockdown that had lasted four weeks, particularly in the Federal Capital Territory, Lagos and Ogun States. Kano was also a point of heavy interest, with the strange deaths ravaging the state. Was it COVID-19 or not?
As the country waited for the President with great expectations, a purported copy of the broadcast began to circulate on social media from about 4 p.m.Whodunnit?
I took a look at the circulating document, and within one minute, I knew that it was a rogue copy. What immediately gave it away was the paragraphing. It was completely different from the one I had been part of producing, and which had been recorded for broadcast by the President.

Femi Adesina: The Person Who Leaked Buhari’s Draft Speech Has Been Caught

Mole who leaked Buhari's speech has been caught [ARTICLE] - Pulse ...
Femi Adesina, the special adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on media and publicity, says the person who leaked the draft speech of the president hours to his last nationwide broadcast, has been caught.
Buhari had addressed the nation on Monday, extending the lockdown in Abuja, Lagos and Ogun by a week.
He also commended health workers on the frontline of the battle against COVID-19 and adopted some of the recommendations of governors about the pandemic.
Among the recommendations, he listed for implementation are the use of face mask in public, restriction of interstate movement and imposition of a dusk to dawn curfew.

Thursday 30 April 2020

Fayemi rewards man who took his son to isolation centre after he sneaked into Ekiti from Lagos

Fayemi rewards man who took his son to isolation centre after he ...
Kayode Fayemi, governor of Ekiti, has appointed Femi Adeoye, the retired civil servant who refused his son entry into his home after he sneaked into the state from Lagos, as a “response ambassador” of COVID-19 in the state.
His new role will be to create more awareness about the disease in Ekiti as a member of the state’s COVID-19 task force.
A video which went viral on social media showed Adeoye saying his son, who had travelled from Lagos to Ekiti in violation of lockdown measures, should be kept in an isolation centre for 14 days because he did not have a place for him to be quarantined.

Fear Grips Residents of Maplewood Estate Where Tinubu’s CSO Lived

Police debunks tales that crowd attended Tinubu's CSO's burial ...
Following the public announcement by the All Progressives Congress, APC, National leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu that his Chief of Staff, Assistant Superintendent of Police, ASP, Lateef Raheem, died of COVID-19 complications, there has been serious panic among the residents of Maplewood Estate, Oko-Oba, Lagos, where the deceased lived until his death.

Tinubu, had on Monday, through a statement by his media aide, Mr. Tunde Ramon, confirmed that Raheem died of COVID-19 complication aside from his underlying diseases like High Blood Pressure and Diabetes.

Consequently, a concerned journalist and social media commentator, identified as Jumu’ah Abiodun, a social commentator, political analyst, and journalist based in Lagos, stated raised the alarm among residents in an open letter to COVID-19 Incident Commander, Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu on the need to act fast over Tinubu’s CSO death.

Chairman NURTW MC Oluomo's Mother Zinat Abebi Omotowo Is Dead!

NURTW Chairman, MC Oluomo Loses Mother | City People Magazine
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Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Lagos State Council, Alhaja Musiliu Akinsanya (aka MC Oluomo) has lost his mother, Alhaji Zinat Abebi Omotowo.

Aknsanya told The Nation that she passed on around 7am Thursday.

She was aged 87.

The Janazah (interment) was held at the Akinsanya’s Lagos home near Ejigbo NNPC in accordance with the Islamic rites.

UK Lockdown until JUNE: Boris Johnson is set to dash hopes of an early end to coronavirus curbs as he gathers Cabinet for 'exit plan' says a second spike would be a 'disaster

Boris Johnson is set to dash hopes of an early end to coronavirus curbs
Boris Johnson is set to signal lockdown will stay until June today as he gathers Cabinet to thrash out an 'exit strategy' - and then fronts a daily coronavirus briefing for the first time since falling ill. The Prime Minister (pictured left in No10 yesterday) is expected to dash hopes of an imminent end to the draconian curbs crippling the economy, stressing that allowing the killer disease to run rampant again would do even worse damage. 

Government sources have indicated he will also defy calls to treat the public like 'grown-ups' by spelling out ways in which the lockdown might be eased, saying it is 'too early'. Justice Secretary Robert Buckland said in interviews this morning (top right) that the mood among ministers was 'extreme caution', endorsing a strong hint from Nicola Sturgeon (bottom right) that restrictions will be extended for another three weeks when the formal review takes place on May 7. However, frantic work has been going on behind the scenes to develop an 'exit plan', with suggestions island communities could be used as 'pilot' sites.

Justice Secretary Robert Buckland said in interviews this morning that the mood among ministers was 'extreme caution', endorsing a strong hint from Nicola Sturgeon that restrictions will be extended for another three weeks when the formal review takes place on May 7. 

Bollywood Loses Another Star: Rishi Kapoor Dead At 67

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor dies at 67; explored this world to the ...
Bollywood has lost another star. Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor has died in a hospital in the Indian city of Mumbai.

This shocking news comes just a day after the Indian film industry lost another iconic star in Irrfan Khan.

The 67-year-old was from the Kapoor family which has long dominated the Hindi film industry. Kapoor made a huge splash in 1973 with Bobby, his first lead role.

He played the romantic lead in dozens of films for over two decades, after which he made a successful transition to character roles.

Nigerian video vixen and dancer, Kodak dies after allegedly being electrocuted while charging her phone

Popular Nigerian dancer and video vixen, Kodak has been confirmed dead in the late hours of Wednesday, April 29.
According to reports, Kodak was electrocuted while charging her phone at a video director’s home in Omole Estate, Lagos. She was confirmed dead at a nearby hospital she was rushed to.

Wednesday 29 April 2020

Sophie Momodu, Davido's Baby Mama Narrated How A Man Sent Her N150k To Start A Conversation With Her

Beautiful photos of Sophia Momodu and her daughter Imade Adeleke ...
A stranger caught the attention of Davido’s first baby-mama, Sophia Momodu after he sent the sum of N150k to her just for her to start a conversation with him.
Momodu took to social media to show off the credit alert and she noted that no guy has ever done that just to talk to her but she likes it.
The man sent his phone number in the credit alert description which was blurred and he told the single mom of one to text him if she wants to.
See screenshot below:

Nigerian Woman Dies On Her First Wedding Anniversary

A Nigerian man, Tuleh Spanix Terhile, has been thrown into mourning after his wife, Vivian, died on Monday, April 27.
The couple got married on the very same date in 2019. The cause of Vivian’s death wasn’t mentioned but she’s said to have left behind a baby girl.
Taking to his Facebook page to announce her passing, Terhile wrote

Instagram Comedian Cute Abiola Gets New Car As Birthday Gift (Photos)

Instagram comedian Cute Abiola gets new car as birthday gift ...
Popular Instagram comedian, Cute Abiola, who is celebrating his birthday happily took to his social media page to share a piece of good news with his fans and followers.

The Cute Abiola shared the photo of a car gift he got from someone he described as boss on his official Instagram page, to the surprise of his fans.

Overwhelmed by the magnitude of the gift, Abiola said that he is yet to meet the man who gifted him the car. According to him, the only major interaction they had was in 2015 when the man motivated him.

Nigerian Busari Peace Advertised For Sale On Facebook By Rescued From Lebanese Seller (Video)

The woman who was offered for sale on Facebook by a Lebanese, Wael Jerro, has been rescued.

The Chairman, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, on Tuesday said the victim, Busari Peace, was with the Nigerian Mission in Beirut, Lebanon.

Jerro had advertised the victim with her Nigerian passport on a Facebook page, ‘Buy and Sell in Lebanon’.

He put a price tag of $1,000 on the 30-year-old Ibadan, Oyo State indigene.

The post generated outrage on the social media, as many Nigerians called for the arrest of the suspect and rescue of Busari.

Dead Body On Busy Kano Road Sparks Fear Among Residents

Lifeless Body Of Man On Busy Kano Road Sparks Fear Among Residents

The strange deaths in Kano continued on Tuesday after a lifeless body was found under Kofar Nasarawa Bridge, a popular section of the metropolis.

The deceased whose identity is yet-to-be-identified, was said to be in his late sixties and suddenly collapsed to the ground and dying immediately.

As a result of the strange incident, residents of the area have continued to express fear.

A handful of them told SaharaReporters that hours after calls were put across to security and health agencies, they had refused to show up to evacuate the corpse.

“We are now restless, we don’t know what killed him, we just found his body lying on the ground.

Tuesday 28 April 2020

“I waited for 12 years to have them” – Mother of set of twins abducted

The police say they have since commenced an investigation and hope to rescue the twins alive and arrest those behind the abduction.

In a video posted online, the distraught mum who couldn’t hold back tears said she waited for 12 years before she welcomed her babies. She pleaded with the abductors to have mercy on her and release her children to her.

Speaking in Yoruba, she said the abductors should please think about her and release her children. She also mentioned that her husband is ready to give them whatever they want. She appealed to all Nigerians to pray for the safe return of her children.

Wife Looking For New Man While Her Husband Is In The Hospital (VIDEO)

A married lady shocked listeners on Instagram after she announced her search for a new man during “Singles on IG Live” with Kendra.

When asked why she was looking for a new man, the lady bluntly revealed that her husband was battling an illness at the hospital, and she has to prepare just in case he doesn’t make it.

Justifying her decision, the lady said she shares a very realistic relationship with her husband, and the fact that she’s searching for a new man despite the fact that he’s confined in a hospital wouldn’t be a problem to him even if he eventually survives.

Abba Kyari’s daughter slams people accusing her late father of being responsible for Nigeria’s problem; Outs Lola Omotayo [Video]

Daughter of former Chief of Staff to President Buhari, late Abba Kyari, Aisha has slammed Nigerians who took to social media to ask for her father’s whereabouts while he was being treated for Covid-19, including Lola Omotayo, wife of singer, Peter Okoye.

Recall that in early April 2020, Lola Omotayo took to Instagram to ask about the whereabouts of late Abba Kyari after he was transferred to the Lagos isolation centre for treatment.

On April 17, 67-year-old Kyari was announced dead from Covid-19 complications.

Boris Johnson's lockdown exit plan 'could let Britons go out to see family and friends in "bubbles" of TEN people, council tips reopen THIS weekend, and everyone told to wear DIY masks' - but schools 'will stay closed until June'

Boris Johnson is mulling a blueprint to loosen the coronavirus lockdown that could let family and friends mix in 'bubbles' - as well as reopening more public services and urging more people to return to work as early as this weekend.

Britons could be allowed to choose 10 people they can socialise with in an easing of draconian restrictions that have split families over the past month, despite the risk that the outbreak could return.

Ministers are also looking at getting public services such as tips up and running in a matter of days, although sources stressed that they had never been formally ordered to close and it is a decision for local authorities.

Garden centres and other shops where social distancing can be most enforced could follow shortly afterwards, while ministers are also drawing up plans to bolster rail services as more of the nation's workforce is encouraged to return. 

Monday 27 April 2020

Sleeping With Men For Money: Blessing Okoro Recounts The Day She Went For Runs

Relationship counsellor, Blessing Okoro revealed why she stopped sleeping with men for money in an Instalive conversation with Denrele.

Recounting what happened during an outing which made her take the decision while still in the university, Blessing Okoro stated that men who pay for sex, talk to women in a demeaning way.

According to her, an older man who she and her friends hang out with asked her to give him a bl*w job at a hotel in a condescending manner. She further revealed that this made her cry and pull out of "runs".

NHS issues urgent alert amid spike in the number of children being admitted to intensive care with a new coronavirus-related 'inflammatory syndrome'

NHS issues doctors urgent alert about a coronavirus-related condition in children
NHS doctors have been issued an urgent alert about a sharp rise in the number of children being admitted to intensive care with a coronavirus-related condition. In an alert sent to GPs, health chiefs said: 'There is growing concern that a [COVID-19] related inflammatory syndrome is emerging in children in the UK. 'Over the last three weeks there has been an apparent rise in the number of children of all ages presenting with a multi-system inflammatory state requiring intensive care across London and also in other regions of the UK.

 'The cases have in common overlapping features of toxic shock syndrome and atypical Kawasaki disease (pictured above) with blood parameters consistent with severe COVID-19 in children.' The alert was sent out by a clinical commissioning group in North London and tweeted by the Paediatric Intensive Care Society charity. The alert, seen by the Health Service Journal, told GPs to refer children with symptoms including abdominal pain as a 'matter of urgency'.

Professor Reacts To Ikorodu Bois Recreation Of Money Heist Season 4 Trailer

Money Heist: Nigerian kids grab Professor's attention with Ikorodu ...
Talented Nigerian children Ikorodu Bois, renowned for their viral video recreation,

have captured the attention of Spanish cinema star Alvaro Morte, who played lead actor in Money Heist, the original Netflix.

The talented young actors, after creating a version of the official trailer for the fourth season of the critically acclaimed drama,

had captured the attention of Internet community members.

It received 1.7 million views and over 150k comments on the micro-blogging site moments after posting the video on Twitter.

Similarly, the video racked picture sharing app, Instagram, with more than 100k commitments.

‘Evil set of people’ – Davido blasts Mercy Johnson and husband

Popular Nigerian singer, Davido has blasted Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson and her husband, Prince Okojie.

The sensational singer, Davido expressed his displeasure via the comment session of Eniola Badmus post.

Badmus had joined the rest of her colleagues to congratulate Mercy Johnson on the supposed arrival of her 4th baby and Davido commented.

‘ Wicked pole…. Congrats tho’, he wrote.

When a concerned fan asked the reason for such a spiteful comment, he replied, ‘nothing just evil set of people that’s all..”

Sunday 26 April 2020

Herbalist And Wife Use 7-Year-Old Son For Money Ritual In Ogun

The Police in Ogun State has arrested a herbalist, Lajuwon Ogunleye and his wife Adetutu Apalaya, for conspiracy and murder of their seven-year-old son, Pelumi Apalaya, for ritual purpose.

Also arrested along with the couple is one Fatai Sefiu in connection with the ritual killing of the boy.

The suspects were arrested on April 22 following a piece of information received by the police at Abigi Divisional Headquarters that the seven-year-old boy who didn’t show any sign of illness, suddenly slumped and died.

This it was learnt, arouse the suspicion of some people around that the boy might have been used for ritual.

Upon their suspicion, the people started monitoring the herbalist who incidentally happened to be the stepfather of the deceased boy and his wife, who is the mother of the boy.

Mercy Johnson Has Not Given Birth To 4th Child - Prince Odi Okojie, Her Husband

There were reports that talented A-list actress, Mercy Johnson has given birth to her 4th child. The report came with old pictures of Mercy Johnson after she welcomed her 3rd child.

But the husband of the star actress, Prince Odi Okojie took to his Instagram page to dismiss the report.

Mr Okojie wrote:

I woke up this morning to see countless missed calls and messages congratulating me on the arrival of our new baby.

Is China fighting a second wave of coronavirus? Beijing shuts gyms and a city of 10million people is put on lockdown

China shuts gyms and swimming pools while country battles second wave of coronavirus 
China has shutdowns gyms and swimming pools in Beijing amid fears the country is vulnerable to the second wave of coronavirus.

It comes just days after the communist regime quarantined a city of 10million people in its north west region near Russia and on Saturday China's northwestern province of Shaanxi reported seven new imported cases coronavirus, all in citizens returning home from Russia.

A second outbreak would be a setback for President Xi Jinping who is trying to restart the nation's economy and present an image of power to the rest of the world. 

Beijing claims that the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in China, where the virus first emerged in late December, is now 82,816. The death toll remained the same at 4,632, with no new deaths reported on April 24.

12 Prominent Persons In Kano Die In 10 Hours

Kano Loses 12 Prominent Persons In 10 Hours

Kano State has continued to witness a rise in unusual deaths as over 12 persons were confirmed dead on Saturday. The deceased include professors, a newspaper editor, and other professionals.

They were buried at different cemeteries within and outside the metropolis.

Within the past eight days of lockdown in the state, no fewer than 20 persons have died from undisclosed ailments.

Eyewitnesses and undertakers at cemeteries in the state said an unspecified number of people had died and were buried over the past few days.

Among the prominent persons that died in Kano on Saturday were Prof Ibrahim Ayagi, Dr Musa Umar Gwarzo, Alhaji Dahiru Rabiu (former Grand Khadi), Musa Tijjani (Editor of Triumph Newspaper) and Adamu Isyaku Dal, who was a former Executive Secretary of the State Universal Basic Education Board.

Court Orders Ex-Elizade University VC To Refund $1.75 Million


Justice Yemi Fasanmi, Ondo State High Court, Igbara-Oke division, on Wednesday, ordered the erstwhile vice-chancellor of Elizade University, Ilara-Mokin, Professor Adekunle Oloyede, to refund the sum of $1.75 million to the university.
In a suit number HIGB/04/2017 between Elizade University and Professor Adekunle Oloyede and three other defendants, Elizade University had approached the court for the recovery of $1.75 million from the erstwhile vice-chancellor, being the amount transferred to him and his partners’ accounts in Australia for the construction of a 500-bed panel technology hostel in the university prior to his engagement as the university’s vice-chancellor.

Ayiri Emami 45th Birthday: Ibori, Uduaghan, Ereyitomi Hail Billionaire

Chief James Onanefe Ibori, former governor of Delta State has felicitated with Chief Ayirimi Emami, the Ologbotsere of Warri Kingdom who turns 45 on April 26.

In a brief message, Ibori said he is joining multitudes of family, friends and well-wishers in wishing Emami, a prominent leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) a happy birthday.

His message reads “Atabrata! Let me add my voice to the multitude of family, friends and well-wishers to wish you a very happy birthday on this occasion of your 45th birthday”.

May God almighty continue to protect and guide your every step in the service of your people. Ajabor!”

Pastor Exposed For Allegedly Impregnating Church Member & Forcing Her To Do 3 Abortions

Pastor Allegedly Impregnates Secondary School Girl | Independent ...
The lady identified as Abigail Asare narrated her story and gave to name of the pastor to be Apostle Dr Rockson Agyenim Boateng of the Blessing Gate World Wide Ministry in the Ashanti Region.
Speaking to Kumasi-based Oyerepa FM this lady shockingly revealed that she has so far committed three abortions as this pastor wanted their amorous sexual relationship hidden from the church and his wife.

Scientists hail game-changing immunity test: Oxford scientists develop accurate antibody kits that work in 20 minutes and could be producing one million a week by June as Boris Johnson returns to work tomorrow

Users of the test provide a pinprick of blood for analysis. Then, like a pregnancy test, if two lines appear after a 20-minute wait, people know that they have the antibodies
Ministers have ordered production of up to 50 million new immunity tests as part of what experts hope will be a ‘game-changing’ development in the battle against Covid-19. A breakthrough by a team of top British scientists means that, by June, people could be able to reliably test whether they have developed immunity to the virus – and then be allowed to return to work and socialise as normal. 

The dramatic news comes as Boris Johnson prepares to go back to work in Downing Street tomorrow, has told aides that he is ‘raring to go’ in the fight against the virus which nearly killed him. The pandemic reached another grim milestone yesterday as the UK death toll passed 20,000 – up by 813 in 24 hours. Sir Patrick Vallance, the Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser, last month said keeping deaths below 20,000 would be a ‘good outcome’. The new immunity tests, expected to cost £10, have been devised by scientists at Oxford, working for the Government-backed Rapid Testing Consortium. Users of the test provide a pinprick of blood for analysis. Then, like a pregnancy test, if two lines appear after a 20-minute wait, people know that they have the antibodies.