Saturday 25 July 2015

It's Dancing Time! President Obama & Kenyatta At The State Banquet

Pres. Obama, pres. Kenyatta , Auma Obama and Margaret Kenyatta at the State Banquet . They are dancing with members of Sauti Sol, the award - winning band. Malik Obama in the house also in the house.

Dinner Time With The President Obama's Kenyan Family.

US President Barack Obama’s gathered with members of his extended family in Nairobi Friday, kicking off a two day visit to his father’s native Kenya.
Obama’s familial connections to the East African nation were on display as soon as Air force One touched down in Nairobi, with the president’s sister Auma Obama among those assembled to greet him.
The pair shared a warm embrace, before heading to a hotel where America’s first black president met more members of his extended family for dinner.

Friday 24 July 2015

Vogue Names Bruce Jenner Best Dressed ‘Woman’ - On The List of 9 Biological Woman and One Man, Jenner (the man)

Bruce Jenner
The awards and accolades keep pouring in for cross-dresser Bruce Jenner.
Vogue magazine, which is slowly falling out of favor as a fashion staple, just named Jenner Best Dressed Woman of the Week.
On the list of 9 biological woman and one man, Jenner (the man) was #2.
The 65-year-old former Olympian wore an off-white, floor length Versace frock to accept his Arthur Ashe Courage award at the ESPYs last week.

Homeowner Discovers Man Living Under His Daughter’s Bed for 5 Days

Jason Hubbard mugshot
A mentally disturbed New Jersey man was discovered living under a woman’s bed for 5 days, according to WABC TV.
Police say Jason Hubbard broke into a home on Ellenel Boulevard in Spotswood in early May. He went into the daughter’s vacant bedroom where he hid under her bed for as many as 5 days.
The woman’s father was taking out trash when he heard a noise. He proceeded into his daughter’s bedroom where he discovered Hubbard living under her bed. The homeowner called 911 to report the intruder on May 10 at 7 p.m. The Adamcewicz’s 28-year-old son subdued Hubbard until police arrived.

Man Who Threw Acid in Woman’s Face Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison

Christy Sims
A Georgia man who disfigured his then-girlfriend’s face with industrial strength drain cleaner was sentenced to 20 years in prison.
A Henry County jury found Andrew Fordham guilty of two counts of aggravated battery against Christy Sims of McDonough, reports.
When Fordham completes his prison term, he will be on probation for an additional 20 years.

Now You Can Buy Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again Hat’

Barack Obama Donald Trump
Face it, billionaire real estate developer Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States, whether you like it or not.
Twitter is raving over Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball cap.
Now comes word that the caps and t-shirts bearing Trump’s patriotic slogan may be going into mass production.
As you know, Trump is the leading candidate for the Republican nomination in all polls. Americans are tired of current President Barack Obama and the Democrats systematically destroying this once great country.

The Death Of Sandra Bland In Police Custody -The Full Story So Far


Sandra Bland is an African-American woman who was pulled over during a routine traffic stop by Texas police on July 10, 2015 for failing to signal a lane change while driving.
Following an escalating conflict with the officer caught on audio and video recordings, Bland was later arrested for “assaulting” the police officer, state trooper Brian Encinia, who pulled her over.
She was put in the Waller County jail in Houston, Texas with a bail for $5,000. She died in her cell on July 13, 2015…three days after she was detained by police.

‘Yahoo Boys’ Rejoice Over Death Of Notorious EFCC Imposter, “Alhaji Gay” As Fear Grips Agbado-Lagos Residents [GRAPHIC PHOTO]


Most of you might not know him, but Razak Adetunji Adeniyi, a.k.a Tunji Alaaso is a popular socialite and hotelier, and he is dead.

Tunji who is popularly called ‘Alhaji Gay’ was killed this morning in his car on his way to his house around Moshalasi bus stop, in Killington Alagbado area.

Until his death, he was a very powerful man who was feared by all. Alhaji Gay is popularly known for posing as an Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC agent to extort bribes from and ‘arrest’ fraudsters involved in cyber crimes – the yahoo boys.

Cyber Security Experts Hacked Into A MOVING CAR And Took Control

Andy Greenberg was driving his car in St. Louis when he lost control of his vehicle. The air conditioning, the radio and windshield wipers all suddenly turned on, then the engine cut off. Greenberg tried to take back control of the car, but he couldn’t. It had been hacked.
Yes, you can now add cars to the ever increasing list of things that can be hacked. Greenberg is a senior writer for Wired and he had asked two security researchers – Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek – to show him how vulnerable cars are to remote hacking. So, they did just that. The tricks were at first small: The hackers sent a picture to his dashboard's digital display. Soon after, they cut his brakes. No wonder the experiment had quickly “ceased to be fun” for Greenberg. The car eventually ended up in a ditch.

Rare Historical Photos: A fugitive Being Dragged By Border Patrol So That He Doesn’t Escape The USA And Enter Mexico.

via imgur | reddit /u/ jaycrew

Officer’s Act Of Kindness For Homeless Man Goes Viral

TiAnna was so touched by the interaction that she snapped a few pictures and posted them on Facebook. “Although I was the only person blessed to witness less than two minutes of her kindness that definitely came from the heart, it truly made my morning,” TiAnna wrote.

With all the negative headlines surrounding police officers these days, it’s so refreshing to see something like this.
Last week, a woman named TiAnna witnessed an Ocala, FL police officer do what many deem the unthinkable. OPD Officer Sergeant Erica Hay took time out of her morning to buy breakfast for a homeless man — then she sat down to eat her meal with him as she engaged the man in conversation. TiAnna was so touched by the interaction that she snapped a few pictures and posted them on Facebook. “Although I was the only person blessed to witness less than two minutes of her kindness that definitely came from the heart, it truly made my morning,” TiAnna wrote.
This incredible act of kindness quickly spread

Buhari Restricts Use Of Presidential Aircraft By Wife, Aides

President Muhammadu Buhari has restricted the use of aircraft in the presidential fleet by his wife, Hajiya Aisha, and relations.

It was learnt that some members of the First Family will now use commercial flight, unless it becomes compelling for them to fly in presidential aircraft.

Apart from saving cost, the President is said to be determined to prevent abuse of the presidential fleet.

To set example for others, the President made sure that his wife and three children performed Umrah (Lesser Hajj) to Makkah through Emirates Airline.

Thursday 23 July 2015

Man Snatches Friend’s Wife And 5 Children

Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase

A 52 year-old man, Gilbert Maduako, has lost his wife, Oluchi and five children after his friend, Akwusi Aluwaogu, who allegedly snatched Oluchi and took away the children claiming that he was their father.
The incident happened at Ugwuakwu Village in Umuchu in Aguate Local Government in Anambra State, southeast Nigeria.
The marriage which produced those children, collapsed after Oluchi and her children moved to Aluwaogu’s home who is an indigene of Akokwa town in Imo State and introduced the man to her children as their real father.

Models Overcome Body Insecurities In Revealing New YouTube Series


There will never be too many campaigns embracing women’s body shapes.
#ProjectWomanKIND, a YouTube web series founded by curvy model Jessica Vander Leahy, addresses a topic women speak about with their girlfriends on a daily basis: their bodies. It aims to "motivate women to recognize that they are more than what they see in the mirror," according to its YouTube page.
Vander Leahy self-identifies as "curvy," and has advocated for to rid media of the term "plus-size."

Emeka Ike's Divorce Mess: 'He Deflowered Me, But I Don't Want Him Again' - Wife Alleges Battery

“He disvirgined me but I’m no longer interested in him”, wife alleges battery

Ace Actor Emeka Ike yesterday prayed the Lagos Island Customary Court not to dissolve his marriage, saying he still loves his wife, Emma.

Emma had gone to court, seeking dissolution of their 12-year-old marriage.

Emeka, represented by his counsel, Abdul’Hakeem Labi-Lawal, said his client has not appeared in court because he is ill.

“My client is ill but I will try my best possible he comes on the next adjourned date. We indulge the court to give us six months from this day to see if there is possibility of settlement between the couple,” he said.

Woman Who Tore Ex-boyfriend’s Scrotum With Bare Hands

A woman who was arrested for ripping her boyfriend's scrotum with her bare hands during a brutal attack has been sentenced to two years in prison.
Christina Lorena Reber, 46, from Indiana, was convicted last year of felony battery in connection with the March 2012 attack inside her 60-year-old boyfriend's home.
She was ordered to spend two years in custody by a Circuit Court judge who said her ex-beau suffered 'an extraordinarily heinous injury' at her hands after she left his scrotum torn to shreds

Buhari Rejects Diezani Alison Madueke’s Offer To Refund Stolen $250Million Loot To Nigeria

buhari rejects diezani refund $250million
According to Sahara Reporter sources, President Buhari has rejected ex-Petrol Minister Diezani Alison Madueke’s hush hush offer to refund the stolen sum of $250million dollars to the Federal Government.

This is a desperate move to force Buhari to stop the ongoing probe of the immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan.
Despite all efforts to get Buhari to accept the refund, SR sources claim that Buhari has rejected the offer citing that the former Petrol Minister oversaw the massive looting of $20 billion that went missing at the NNPC.

Lagos Alerts Residents On New Dimension Of Criminal Activities

The Lagos State Government on Wednesday alerted residents on a new dimension of criminal activities in parts of the state perpetrated by men of the underworld.
In a statement signed by the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Habib Aruna, the state government said unscrupulous persons render their prospective victims unconscious through rubbing a perfumed handkerchief on their face.

Girl Proposes To Boyfriend In Lagos, Nigeria (PHOTO)

Nigerian Girl Proposes to Her Boyfriend
Somehow, These Lovely Pictures Found its way online, and according to the lady who shared the photos, she claims the pictures are real and that the Lady who proposed to her man felt her boyfriend was wasting her time, so she decided to propose to him. A case of what a man can do, a woman can do better.


Brigadier General Musa Sani Yusuf, Chairman of the board of the General Court-martial, speak at the opening session of the general court-martial session in Abuja
Brigadier General Musa Sani Yusuf
The Nigerian army has appointed Brigadier General Musa Yusuf to take over the elite Guard’s Brigade in Abuja from Brigadier General Anthony Omozoje who was redeployed to command the 14th Brigade in Ohafia, Abia State.
At a handing over ceremony yesterday in Abuja, the new commandant of the Guard’s Brigade, General Yusuf stated his commitment to ensuring the safety of President Muhammadu Buhari and his family.
“Well for now we are prepared to face all the challenges, we know the major challenges in the country,” General Yusuf said, adding that “on the issues of insurgency in and around Abuja, there are arrangements in place to make sure the city is secured.”
Speaking earlier, the out-gone commander of the Brigade, Brigadier General Omozoje said there was never a dull moment in the brigade, as the task is very demanding which requires a lot of commitment, discipline and sacrifice.

President Buhari Arrived The Presidential Wing Of Abuja Aiport This Morning after his 4 Day Visit To The US.[Photos]

Uncle Sam Omatseye And His Putrid Tales of Hate, Malice And Sour Grapes - by Hassan Ahmed

download (6)

The article, No longer a pariah, by Sam Omatseye, which appeared on the back page of the July 13 edition of The Nation newspaper, was in very bad taste. And the fact that the writer claims to be one-time winner of the DAME Media Award for Informed Commentary, makes the article pathetic. From the write-up, one gets the impression that the writer is unhappy that after President Muhammadu Buhari has been vilified and ignored by politicians and the people of Nigeria, the latter have now joined his band-wagon, chorusing his praises following his 2015 election victory.

No Longer A Pariah - Sam Omatseye

President Muhammadu Buhari’s rise to power is a parable of tenacity and the happy pendulum of fate. No one counted on him at one time. His big and mighty foes feared his appeal. They waited for his venom to expire. Before the expiration date, however, he struck.
Then those who pooh-poohed him, who sneered that he was no more than a grand and populist irritation, began to see him as the wisdom of the hour.

1985 coup: Dasuki Denies Arresting Buhari

Embattled former National Security Adviser Sambo Dasuki has denied arresting President Muhammadu Buhari, shortly after he was overthrown as a Military Head of State in August 1985.
He also said he had supported Buhari’s presidential aspiration in 2003, 2007 and 2011.
He said he knelt down in 2011 for the former National Chairman of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Chief Bisi Akande, to make Buhari a joint candidate of the ACN and the defunct Congress of Peoples Congress (CPC).

New Game Show Places Woman In Box While Bear Tries To Attack Her [Photos+Video]

Game show
The Japanese are known for their crazy television. From the game show “Dead Meat,” where contestants had to run away from giant animals without being caught, to the quiz show that ended in the loser kissing the victors underwear. Yeah, there is no doubt about it our Asian friends can be pretty unconventional when it comes to entertainment.
However, we might have found the winner of the strangest TV show to have ever launched. A bold statement I know, but take a glimpse at the video below and see if you agree. It is called Predator Shield

It’s Official, Ladies Not Shaving Their Armpits Is Becoming A Trend


It doesn’t take much for trends to start in 2015, a few clever photos on Instagram and you’re looking at a viral sensation. Well women all over the world have started a new campaign to give razors a rest in a show of feminism. After years and years of aggressive and expensive beauty regimes, ladies are keeping their armpit hair in a huge step forward for women everywhere.

1985 coup: Dasuki Denies Arresting Buhari

Embattled former National Security Adviser Sambo Dasuki has denied arresting President Muhammadu Buhari, shortly after he was overthrown as a Military Head of State in August 1985.
He also said he had supported Buhari’s presidential aspiration in 2003, 2007 and 2011.
He said he knelt down in 2011 for the former National Chairman of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Chief Bisi Akande, to make Buhari a joint candidate of the ACN and the defunct Congress of Peoples Congress (CPC).

23-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Allegedly Stealing A 5-Year-Old Boy In Nigeria


A 23-year-old woman, Chisa Ejionwu, has been arrested by Rivers State Police for allegedly stealing a five-year-old boy identified as Michael, at Ogbogoro town in the Obio/Akpo Local Government Area of Rivers state. 
The suspect allegedly stole the boy from his parents’ compound and took him to Ogbakiri where she enroled him in a school.

British Police to Recruit Yoruba-Speaking Officers

British Metropolitan Police Service has launched a recruitment programme to employ new officers who can speak Yoruba and other languages.
A total of 14 languages which have a high prevalence in London's communities have been chosen for what the Met called a month-long pilot recruitment which started on Monday.
According to a statement issued on Monday by the MPS, the move was designed to bring officers into the Met with skills necessary to help the police and engage with London's diverse communities as effectively as possible.

Wednesday 22 July 2015


The love-hate tango between actor and comedian, Babatunde Bernard aka Baba Tee, and his London-based ex-lover, Yetunde ‘Bustline’ Oduwole, has assumed an international dimension with the involvement of the London police.
E24-7 MAGAZINE  revealed that Bustline dragged Baba Tee to Plumstead Police Station in London, UK, last week and demanded that he should be arrested. Her complaint was that Baba Tee  made a video recording which she sent to him public. 

Tiwa Savage and Teebillz Welcome Son (photo)

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Proud Mum: Nollywood Actress Taiwo Aromokun And Her Two Year Old Twin Boys (photos)

Watch A Homeless Drug Addict Vs. Homeless Father Social Experiment - How New Yorkers Treat Them? UNBELIEVABLE!

This social experiment by Coby Persin gets deeper into what is wrong with the society of today. He sat on the streets of NYC with a sign that clearly asked for money for his alcohol and drug addictions, and then later sat with a little girl as his daughte. How the bypassers treated him made me furious.

“Some Former Ministers Were Selling About One Million Barrels Of Stolen Crude Per Day”- President Buhari

Buhari CNN
President Muhammadu  Buhari Tuesday in the United States vowed that his administration would trace the accounts of individuals who stashed away ill-gotten oil money, freeze and recover the loot and prosecute the culprits.

Man Left Fighting For Life After Being Stabbed in Broad Daylight on Street in Hackney London

Police leading away a suspect. Picture: Meir Taub

A man was left fighting for his life in hospital after being stabbed in broad daylight on a street in Hackney.
Police closed off Amhurst Road in both directions between Mare Street and Pembury Circus after they were called to reports of a man in the road with serious injuries.
The 21-year-old man was treated at the scene before being taken to hospital.
A 21-year-old man was arrested nearby in relation to the incident, on suspicion of GBH, and is currently in police custody.

Tributes To British/Nigerian Michael Adegbite, Stabbed to Death Over A Laptop In Enfield London

28-year-old British/Nigerian Michael Adegbite a model and teaching assistant who campaigned against knife crime was stabbed to death after robbers used Gumtree to lure him into a trap to steal his laptop.
Michael Adegbite, who also worked as a fitness instructor and football coach, was attacked after he advertised his secondhand MacBook on the popular classifieds website for £200.
He and a friend went to meet someone they believed was a buyer in Enfield on Sunday evening — but were confronted by three youths.
Detectives believe the men lured the 28-year-old to the rendezvous with the intention of mugging him for the laptop.
Mr Adegbite and his friend managed to snatch the laptop back and the suspects ran off.

Nigerian Twitter Reacts To President Buhari's Interview With Amanpour -SEE TWEET

Heartbreaking Photo of Dogs Hugging Saves Them From Being Euthanized

shelter dogs
Two dogs escaped being euthanized after a photo of the pair hugging went viral on Facebook. The Angels Among Us Pet Rescue organization in northern Georgia posted a heartbreaking image of Kala and Keira hugging behind the bars of a shelter, just hours before they were scheduled to be killed.

Mum Posts Photo of Down's Syndrome Boy in Washing Machine on Facebook

A young mum has been questioned by police after posting this sick photo of a toddler with Down’s syndrome trapped in a washing machine on Facebook.
Courtney Stewart has also allegedly been attacked on her doorstep after sharing the image.
But the 21-year-old, herself a mother, defiantly refused to apologise for her actions,the Daily Record reported .
She said of the boy, who was in her care at the time: “He loves the washing machine. We took a picture and it was a laugh.”

Cannabis Users Allowed To Grow Drugs At Home Without Prosecution Under New Laws - by Durham Police

Cannabis users will be able to grow the substance for their own consumption after a police force relaxed drugs laws.
Durham Constabulary will no longer target individuals who have cannabis plants at home after they declared the illegal activity is not a priority.
But the force said they would still prosecute operators of commercial cannabis farms or those who were being "blatant".
Durham Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Hogg outlined the plans and said he hopes the chance to avoid prosecution will stop the cycle of reoffending.

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Sad But True Teddy And Tina The Next Celebrity Senior Pastors?

A personal testimony prepares us to be a witness for C H R I S T not for us.  If your goal is to fill a church building on Wednesday nights and Sunday morning with gullible people who are not looking for a change. Then, all you need to do to accomplish said task is taking a popular gospel music artist and put them in the pulpit, BOOM!

A Church Own The World Largest Privately-owned Aquarium Worth $3 million

The priorities of most churches today are definitely off. Below is a video of an aquarium at a church in Dallas, TX. It's located at the entrance to the sanctuary of the church. It was part of a $40 million project that, itself, was about $3 million. There're 3 full-time staff members, including a Marine Biologist, that maintains the aquarium.

When Digging Your Own Grave Goes Wrong: 5 Men Charged After Prophet Dies While Being Buried Alive At HIS REQUEST

A power hungry prophet dies after being buried alive, now a family of 5 have been charged with the death. Zimbabwe prophet was buried alive back in July of 2012, per his own instruction as part of a “healing ceremony” intended to summon cleansing powers to help heal the family from the plague of mysterious deaths

Leo Messi Was Paid €3.5m by Ali Bongo For Gabon Visit - And Chauffeur Driven By The Country's President

With Barcelona flying out to the US for the pre-seaon tour last weekend, Leo Messi made a surprise visit to Gabon, having been given extended holidays by manager Luis Enrique.
The four-time world player of the year, Lionel Messi was hosted in Gabon on Saturday July 18th by the country's President, Ali Bongo, for the brick laying of their new 22,000 seat stadium. He was  chauffeur driven by the president himself around the streets of Libreville.

Video: New single From a Brand New Dance-Hall Artiste, PLAY. Signed Under Barons World Records Owned by Basketmouth.

Christiane Amanpour to Interview President Buhari on CNN tonight

I Abandoned My Five Children To Become A Lesbian - [Photos]

Journalist Ihechukwu Njoku sent me this exclusive story to me that will touch your heart. Read below

A YouTube video showcasing a heartbreaking tale narrated at a popular church in Lagos has been uploaded to the internet, a Nigerian lady confessing her sordid journey into lesbianism and its horrific consequences upon her young family. 

According to Mrs Blessing Okoma, a happy marriage blessed with five children was thrown into turmoil at the premature death of her husband. Whilst mourning his demise, Blessing had a sickening nightmare. An elderly lady slept with her, ending the inhumane act with the weighty words, ‘Do you know your husband gave you to me?