Saturday 15 March 2014

Man made famous by 132-pound scrotum dies at 49 after multiple heart attacks

The man made famous last year by his 132-pound scrotum has died after multiple heart attacks.
Wesley Warren Jr, 49, from Las Vegas, was hospitalized this week after complications from diabetes, he passed Friday after suffering two heart attacks while in treatment, a friend told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
Warren shot to infamy after a TLC special showed a doctor removing his massive scrotum which enlarged because he suffered from a rare medical condition called scrotal lymphedema.

What is wrong with this photo ?

Friday 14 March 2014


In what is seen as a reprisal attack, fresh allegations are flying over mounting profligacy by another female minister in the cabinet of President Goodluck Jonathan. One of the remaining two super-female ministers is being alleged to be wasting billions from public purse to maintain a private aircraft.
A group, Concerned Aviation Professionals (CAP) in a petition to President Goodluck Jonathan against the minister whom they described as celebrated but most controversial in the history of Nigeria said she has committed up to N3.120 billion in maintaining the jet devoted to family businesses alone.
Although CAP fell short of mentioning names, researches by Economic Confidential suggest that the group could be referring to Mrs. Dieziani Alison-Madueke.


The Erelu of Lagos, Princess Abiola Dosunmu does not hide the fact that she enjoys socializing. Any party worth its salt always features this society matriarch. Since she was eased out of the Iga-Idugaran Palace by Oba Rilwan Akiolu, she has striven hard to make herself relevant in the society. For many years, Erelu Dosunmu even refused to be deterred by the no-love-lost relationship that existed between her and Oba Akiolu. 

The good news is that the two have since made up and settled their differences.Our sources  gathered that Erelu was the one that made the first move towards reconciliation. Oba Akiolu accepted the olive branch and the two have been cool with each other since then.

Angry Male Student Exposes His Girlfriend's N@kéd Photo For Sleeping With His Brother

The girl was sleeping with blood brothers who are students of different institution. In excitement, brother sent photos of the girl they were dating to each other only to discover that they were seeing the same girl. In anger, one of the guys who had a picture of her fully N*ked decided to expose it online.... Who Is To Blame?

Photo: Biola Ige Refuses To Make Comment On Nudity Saga

 A journalist got in touch with 'Biola Ige in respect of her photos circulating online.  And asked, what she has got to say about her semi-nude picture circulating on line, and Biola gave a shocking reply. Her words;

'Thanks for calling but at this period. I shall not be talking but I appreciate the fact that you called and I promise that soon when I have something to say I will call you'.

Really? Is she enjoying this ‘fame’? What’s there in saying it was leaked and I feel bad, or it’s not my pic or it was simply photo-shopped? 

Angry Youths Batter Estate Agent In Lagos

An estate agent, Otunba Kehinde Adeosun, has been battered by angry youths in Abule -Egba area of Lagos State, southwest Nigeria, for allegedly storming the area with thugs to remove the roofs, doors and windows of their houses. 

The victim who is nursing a broken skull is receiving treatment at a hospital. The suspected thugs also vandalisedthe house of a local chief who had fled the area to avoid being attacked. P.m News gathered that youths in the community mobilized and went to the agent’s house to attack him and his son.

The clash followed a land dispute which had lingered for many years in the area  but was recently resolved by a Supreme Court judgement, affirming the Iyorun Family of Awori Abule-Egba as the rightful owner of the controversial land.

Shirtless, shell-shocked and drenched in blood: Court is shown dramatic photos of Pistorius moments after he shot his girlfriend

The first police officers on the scene found the Paralympian in a 'very emotional state' and a trail of blood that ran throughout his house in Pretoria. Pistorius was pacing around in the kitchen, bare-chested and with blood all over his shorts and prosthetic legs. A side-profile image shows more down his left arm (top left). Other macabre photographs shown to the court included the blood-spattered toilet (bottom left) where Miss Steenkamp was shot dead in the early hours of Valentine's Day last year.

Aren’t you a little young to be behind the wheel? Adorable moment that toddler is ‘pulled over’ by police in her toy convertible and given a $4 ticket for reckless driving

Normally drivers dread having to pay motoring fines, but little Za'Dariyah Mishaw cannot wait to go to her local police department to hand over her $4. 
The two-year-old girl was driving her small pedal car outside her Florida apartment complex when a police cruiser pulled into the car park with its blue lights flashing. 
During a heartwarming moment, Officer Christian Velasco took out his citation book and handed little Za'Dariyah a ticket. 
Scroll down for video

Thursday 13 March 2014

Alleged Rapist & Ritualist Update: 'I Don’t Regret Sleeping With Olanike Olaiya, Infact I Enjoyed It' - Obesere

Fuji star, Abass Akande Obesere a.k.a Omo Rapala who claimed his wife isn’t happy with him, in fact so angry at him right now, over a lady, Olanike Olaiya who accused him of rape few days ago and claimed he inserted a ring in her private part which made her bleed for days, in a recent interview with a softsell magazine revealed that he didn’t just only have sex with her for one day, but they had sex for three days. 

When asked if he has any regret about the whole sex drama, the singer said no, because he actually enjoyed it. Enjoyed making love with a stranger? While you are still married???

The matter is still at the police station, and Obesere says Nike has not been coming. He said she is just out to black mail him, and she is nothing but a scammer. 

6 Months Pregnant Woman Brutally Gang-Raped Repeatedly By 3 Burglars.[Photos]

A nightmarish scenario played out in Madison, Wisconsin on Feb. 23 when three burglars repeatedly raped a woman who was six months pregnant in a horrifying home invasion. The Wisconsin woman and her husband were awoken around 5 am by three assailants, who charged into their bedroom with weapons brandished.

“Someone’s gonna die tonight!” one of the robbers threatened as they entered the room. One of the attackers yanked the male victim from the bed and viciously beat him. According to an Associated Press report, the female victim pleaded that she was pregnant and told the robbers that they could take whatever they wanted.

Obesere's Victim Cries Out Again 'Save me from untimely death, Panti IPO, Jacob is TERRIBLE'

The 29-year-old businesswoman, Olanike Olaiya, who was allegedly raped by popular Fuji musician, Alhaji Abass Akande, also known as Obesere, has called on police authorities not to allow the matter to be swept under the carpet so that she will not die.

According to her, Obesere’s insertion of his ring in her private part, leading to bleeding and pain, may not be unconnected with ritual activities. The graduate of Ibadan Polytechnic also said she was not impressed by the way the case was being handled at the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Panti, Yaba, Lagos. She accused the Investigating Police Officer, simply known as Jacob, of wanting to frustrate the investigation in favour of Obesere.


I threw back the duvet and saw this snake sitting on my chest.. I started to scream and it bit me on the breast

CAROLINE Griffin from Fife says she thought she was going to die after waking to find the 4ft reptile beneath her duvet. Her neighbour's pet 'Hiss' had made its way into her bedroom after escaping six months agobedroom after escaping six months ago

"I am Broke...Friends Have Deserted Me" Aftermath Of Baba Suwe's Cocaine Scandal

Lamenting in a recent interview with Encomium, the comic Yoruba Actor said  
“I have not collected any compensation money from NAFDAC yet. The most painful thing is that I was wrongly accused.
”Had it been, I actually committed the crime, I won’t mind, but they just punished me for nothing. I was in NDLEA custody for almost three weeks, and nothing was found on me. 
No matter the kind of juju one may have, I don’t think there is anybody that can conceal cocaine for even two days.

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Nigeria’s New Defense Minister Gusau Allegedly Quits

According to Sahara Reporters It all started yesterday when the Nigerian military refused to have a joint meeting with the Minister of Defense and his deputy Musikilu Obanikoro.
But according to Leadership. Gen. Gasau has denied these rumours and stated that its all false.
Update: Reasons Why Gusua Quit
Sahara Reporters say Mr. Gusau suprise decision to quit came about due to feeling a lack of discipline from the Nigerian military elite.
Sahara's Sources say that the Minister had to wait for two days for different army chiefs, They all made excuses for not wanting to attend the meeting and yesterday was the day that broke the carmel's back.

'My breasts were left sagging like an old woman's!' Woman, 30, whose bungled boob job landed her with two different cup sizes and a raging infection

With prices in excess of £5000 for breast augmentation, its no surprise that 43 per cent of British people say they would go abroad in search of cheaper surgery.
But it doesn't always have quite the results expected, as Nicole Burnett, 30, a call centre worker from Glasgow, knows only too well.
Not only did her quest for cut-price surgery leave her with sagging breasts in two different sizes, it left her with an infection so severe, it continued to rage even after the offending implants had been removed.

“My Wife Is Angry” – Obesere Speaks Again On Rape Scandal


 Oyo State-born Fuji musician, Obesere has revealed that no one else is as hurt as his wife and mum to his 5 kids. He said this in reaction to his alleged sexual involvement with a businesswoman identified as Olaiya who recently accused him of raping her and inserting a ring in her private part for rituals.
When he was asked why he moved the case to the State CID and about his wife’s reaction, Obesere told said thus:
“Police officers in Isolo think I’m an illiterate, simply because I am a Fuji artiste. I am not an illiterate and I refuse to be intimidated, which is why I asked for the case to be transferred. How can a girl accuse me of rape four days after sex? What is her proof? Since the case was transferred to the SCID, she has not reported to the station. If truly she was raped, she should come to the SCID with her proof. My wife Abike is angry with me, but I am her husband, so she will forgive me.”
Obesere’s family is not the only thing being threatened.  His freedom and career will also be affected if he is found guilty as the Lagos State Criminal law prescribes life sentence as punishment for rape.
Below is a photo of Obesere’s house where the alleged rape took place.

Tuesday 11 March 2014

PHOTOS: Nollywood Actor, Muna Obiekwe & Biola Ige In Soft Porn Film - Caught Smooching & Sucking Actress Boobs & N*pples Live On Set

What is our film industry turning into? Do they have to go this far to pass their message across?

I honestly don't see the movie in this, all I see is an expression of inner desire live on set.

Uncensored image below....Adults Only Please
Adult only

Mother Sells Her Three-day-old Baby For N260,000

Imaobong Udoh
The Akwa Ibom State Police Command has arrested a nursing mother, Imaobong Udoh, for allegedly selling her three-day old baby girl.

Also arrested along with Imaobong were four persons for allegedly participating in the theft of the baby.

They are the buyer, Mrs. Regina James; her husband, Mfon James; the traditional birth attendant who delivered the baby, Mrs. Comfort Henry; and Mr Emmanuel Okon, a homeopathic doctor, who arranged the sale.

Commissioner of Police, Mr. Umar Gwadabe, said in Uyo on Monday that the father of the baby had reported the theft to the police, leading to the arrest of the suspect

Amazing Homeless Dog Transformation

The Quebec Society for the Protection of Animals, found a dog on the streets.

Robert Wadlow, The Giant of Illinois, is the tallest (272 cm/ 8' 11") person in history. [Photo

The Journey To Success Video By Amstel Malta - Why Did Amstel Make Mikel Obi Drink Straight From The Can?

Amstel Malta may have triggered a controversy in the subliminal message it passed across with its new ambassadors, Nigeria’s superstar actress, Genevieve Nnaji and Chelsea FC star player, John Mikel Obi.
While photograph shows Genevieve sipping the rich malt from an Amstel engraved cup, John Mikel Obi drinks straight from the can.
“Is that the way the malt drink makers want the two genders relate to the drink, a man drinking like a care-free guy, a woman doing so with a touch of elegance?”, asked a communication expert in Lagos.
” Amstel may be opening itself for the accusation of being gender biased”, noted another expert.
(Spot the Difference):

"I Have Lived Before": The Reincarnation of Shanti Devi

The most thoroughly researched reincarnation case in history backs up Hindu beliefs about past lives.

Shanti Devi, a girl growing up in Delhi in the 1930s, spoke very little until she was four years old. When she did start talking, she alarmed everyone in her family. "This is not my real home! I have a husband and a son in Mathura! I must return to them!"

This was India, so instead of taking their daughter to a psychiatrist for a dose of Ritalin, her parents told her, "That was then. This is now. Forget your past life. You're with us this time." But Shanti Devi wouldn't give up. She talked about her former family to anyone who would listen. One of her teachers at school sent a letter to the address Shanti Devi gave as her "real home" in Mathura, inquiring if a woman who had died there not too many years ago. To his astonishment, he soon received a reply from Shanti Devi's previous husband, admitting that his young wife Lugdi Devi had passed away some years previously, after giving birth to their son. The details Shanti Devi had given about her old house and members of her previous family were all confirmed.

Tower Of Silence - Viewer Discretion Is Required And Advised

None of the bodies depicted in the photograph were identified. Villagers from nearby, though initially surprised at the sheer number of corpses in the dakhma, proved unable to recognize the bodies. The corpses also do not match the descriptions of the missing people.

There were no animals around except for maggots and flies. Zoroastrians rely on birds (i.e. buzzards) to dispose of the bodies, in the belief they are contributing back to the Earth. Officials found the corpses relatively untouched by any sort of animal.

There is no official count of the bodies. In fact, little work was actually accomplished at the site and, perhaps, this is why only one photograph has emerged. Officials avoided the spot – not only because they felt uneasy looking at it, but for the following, as well:

The deep pit in the center of the photograph was filled with several feet of festering blood – far more than the bodies on the outside could ever supply. The stench was so unbearable that many of the officials began to get nauseous when they first approached the dakhma.

Monday 10 March 2014

VIDEO: Lecturer Mistakenly Left Camera On While Getting Intimate With Female Student

The lecturer while chatting with his female student on how he could help her improve her grades, totally forgot to turn off his camera and after he discovered what has happened, he deleted the video from video folder on his laptop but forgot to do same in the recycle bin. 

A student who happened to be the girl's fiance who was meant to help the lecturer format his hard drive found the video in his recycle bin while trying to save important documents before proceeding on the work. In extreme anger, instead of submitting the video to the school board for disciplinary actions, the student circulated the video amongst students on campus and even went as far as posting it online.

Eye With Two pupils

This  condition is basically  called "pupula duplex" -- which means just what it sounds like in Latin: "double pupil". 

Even though the condition has a name, Doctors  says it seems to exist only in literature and mythology. However, that does NOT mean it isn't possible. Hence, The research continues! 

Fleeceflower Plant With Its Human Shaped Fruits [Video]

Nature can sometimes come up with her own miracles leaving us dumbfounded. Later, we may even question the authenticity of this product of nature, as many have been doing in case of the female shaped Narilatha flowers.
One is presently referring to the sweet marvel of nature — the Chinese Fleeceflower plant. This plant is actually a knotweed but its roots look remarkably like a human body.
The human shaped root of the amazing Chinese Fleeceflower was first spotted by aman named Fan in a vegetable stall in a town in China's eastern Shandong Province few years ago.
The root attached to a Chinese Fleeceflower plant depicted a naked man and woman in all their natural glory with even the most intimate details in the exact places.

Actress Ronke Oshodi-Oke andRon Son

Ronke and son

The actress who gave birth to a baby boy on the March 4th, 2013 in the United States marked the first year birthday celebration of her son Richmond Oluwadarasimi Anthony in Lagos 

Genius Marketing: Sony Sells Its Waterproof MP3 Player In A Bottle Of Water

Lots of products claim to be waterproof but the opportunity to put them to the test rarely arises.
And let’s admit it we’re probably too frightened to try in case the claim on the packaging turns out to be totally untrue.
However, Sony is so sure of its product it is selling a waterproof MP3 player already immersed in a bottle of water.
Although the device was launched a while ago the company wanted a novel way of marketing the product in New Zealand.So, the Japanese tech giant turned to Auckland-based advertising agency DraftFCB to come up with some inspirational ideas.

Would You Wreck Your Wedding Gown For A Photoshoot? Trash The Dress trend hits the UK

Powerful: A rising number of brides are choosing to destroy their wedding dresses in the name of art, a ritual known as Trashing The Dress. Photographer John Michael Cooper snapped the above exampleThe latest trend in bridal photography, Trash The Dress, has officially arrived in Britain.
Deliberately ruining a wedding dress soon after a couple's big day is a romantic ritual meant to symbolise commitment, as the wrecked gown can never be worn again, and it's big business for photographers in the U.S.
Now photographer Arran Tomlinson is pioneering the idea - also known as 'fearless bridal' or 'rock the frock' - here in the UK

The divorce dress: Schoolgirl's incredible design made out of divorce papers 'set to be copied by major designers'

A schoolgirl's 'ironic' wedding dress design made from divorce papers has become an internet hit and attracted interest from major fashion designers.
Demi Barnes, only posted a picture of her dress, designed as part of her GCSE art coursework, on Facebook to show it to a cousin in Italy.
But within days, her impressive design had gone viral getting more than 40,000 'likes' and prompting several admirers to ask 15-year-old Demi to design their wedding dress.

'Surprise! We're getting married TODAY!' The moment fiancé gives his bride-to-be a letter explaining that he's planned their entire wedding for later that very day

Carly Butler from Windsor, Canada, got the surprise of her life when her fiance, Adam, handed her a letter revealing that he'd arranged their entire wedding day in secret and that it was taking place later that very day. Carly had been in England for six months retracing the steps of her late grandmother. When she returned she thought they were having an engagement party, but really it was their wedding day. While Carly had been away Adam had arranged everything including picking a wedding dress, booking a hair stylist and makeup artist and inviting all their friends and family.

22-Year-Old Rapist Fatally Injures Pastor After Hacking Wife To Death (PHOTO).

He was said to have torn the dress of his victim and had successfully removed her pants down to her knee but the deceased with her last breathe did not cave in. This reportedly infuriated the suspect and must have decided that if he would not have his way, the woman would not live to tell the story.

Sunday Vanguard learnt that the husband was only some distance away reading his Bible. Earlier, Jerry, said to be known to the couple, asked the pastor the whereabouts of the wife when he arrived their house.

Man And Woman Caught Red Handed And Disgraced In Public. [Video]

He was caught in the act with another man's wife and both were forced to make out in the full glare of the public as punishment.

(WARNING: Uncensored video, viewer discretion advised)

Watch video at link below:

AY Again? This Time With Juliet Ibrahim & Chris Attoh [Video]

Juliet & Chris are in need of a child; trust prophet AY to come to their rescue! You wont believe what happened next folks.

Sunday 9 March 2014

PHOTOS: Gov Raji Fashola, Aregbeshola Others Attends (K1) King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal's Birthday+ Daughter's Engagement & Nikkah Today (Final Day)

Pop singer Rihanna, Victoria’s Secret Model Cara Delevingne Have Fun

Rihanna, Cara Delevingne and Joan Smalls have fun after the Chanel show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear

Tempting Pictures From Cossy Orjiakor

The Tempting Pictures From Cossy Orjiakor Birthday Party (+18 Only)
A male fan once asked if Cossy has ni’pples or not because she virtually reveals the whole of her Viju Milk factory but you wont see any ni’ps.
Do you think her ni’pples are under her b0’0bs? Hahahahaha The Nollywood bo’0b star, Cossy Orjiakor releases more of her birthday pictures.
The most “Brea’stedly Blessed”

PROUD DAD: (K1) Wasiu Ayinde Gives Out Three Daughters Hand In Marriage Within A Week (Day 5 Photos)

Sekinat Olatanwa & Father (K1) Ayinde Wasiu

This is how First Lady Michelle Obama Rolls

First Lady Michelle Obama and her entourage arrive to hotel in Miami

It was like a scene out of Eddie Murphy’s movie Coming To America when First Lady Michelle Obama and her entourage arrived at the swanky St. Regis Hotel in Miami today.
The streets surrounding the hotel were blocked off by motorcycle cops until the First Lady and her massive entourage entered the hotel. Mrs. Obama was escorted by at least 50 motorcade police officers, her usual Secret Service detail and additional Miami PD patrol units. Cops would not allow anyone to walk or ride their bikes on Collins Avenue until the first lady had arrived into the hotel. Cars that were forced to wait for her majesty’s arrival beeped their horns in disgust and expressed their displeasure in very vocal terms at cops.

Celebrity Style: MIU MIU Dress Worn by Lupita Nyong’o Sold Out

'12 Years a Slave' Los Angeles special screening red carpet arrivals
Lupita Nyongo

Lupita MIU MIU dress sold out
Add Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o's name to the exclusive list of Trendsetters and style icons who influence style fads by just breathing. The MIU MIU “Parrot dress” worn by Lupita at the 12 Years a Slave LA premiere has sold out everywhere. The MIU MIU Printed cady dress retails for $3,500 — if you can find it.
Lupita won the coveted Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her gut-wrenching portrayal of a slavemaster’s favored concubine in 12 Years a Slave.

Video: Father Shot 3 Times, Dies Protecting Son Who Also Died (WARNING: Extreme Violence)


This is the saddest video you will see all day. A father and his son died from multiple gunshot wounds while resisting a robbery attempt on a transit bus in Ecuador.
Amaguaña Changoluisa Joseph Sanchez, a hard working baker, withdrew $20,000 from a bank to repay a loan. The money was stashed in a briefcase guarded by his son, Franklin Fernando Changoluisa Chilig.

Photo Of The Week: Pastor Adeboye like you’ve NEVER seen him before

How many of you have seen Pastor Adeboye dressed like this? Once in a while right
The 72-year-old general overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God certainly looked good as he donned a traditional attire from the south-south region of Nigeria.
Quite different from the suits we are used to seeing him in. 


A woman, Sitabai Chouhan was rushed to a hospital in India after she had attempted suicide by swallowing rat poison.
It was when the nurses at the hospital  helped clean the poison from her system that a shocking discovery was made.
The woman’s genitals had been secured with a padlock.

Breaking World News Today reports:
Her husband, 38-year-old Sohanlal Chouhan, was questioned by police. Police learned that Chouhan put the padlock on his wife’s genitals nearly four years ago because he feared that she would be unfaithful to him. He allegedly cut holes into his wife’s genitals and locked it with a padlock.