Saturday 7 September 2013


This article contains stories that most ‘church people’ don’t want to address. So, if you are one of those living in denial and covering up crap going on in the church, this is where you should stop reading. Thanks for stopping by.
By Ese Walter: I want to talk about something I have kept bottled up inside for longer than necessary. I have also decided to use real names, as my defense for any accusation of slander is justification. I tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but. However, feel free to throw your doubt around but know that I am past the shaming game (where victims of abuse are shot down by blame) I am no longer a victim but a survivor who is sharing her experience to help others caught in same web of abuse, guilt and shame. We only get to live once right? So here, it goes.

I recently came to know this event too was abuse (recently here means about 6 months ago). It has literally been eating me up having to drive by another billboard advertising preachers, or hearing his name, or even trying to ask about the validity of the entire salvation story and whether or not there is a God that truly watches over his people. That being said, I’m just going to say it as it is. This is a recap of my affair with Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA (Common Wealth Of Zion Assembly) Abuja chapter. This affair I have come to know as a form of abuse as you would see the different elements of abuse very present.

I met Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo many years ago. I was getting bored of the church I was attending and someone suggested COZA. At the time, I had never heard about it. My friend said, go there, I’m sure you would enjoy the word. But he also gave me a strong warning. He said he would advice that I remain a member only and not join the workforce. I agreed. The first time I attended COZA, I felt it was my church and decided I was going to plant my ass there. About eleven months had gone by and I was still attending the services quietly and faithfully. I really did like the church. One day a worker in the church approached me that the senior pastor wanted to see me.

US Based Nigerian Journalist, Rilwan Omosun Dying "I Want To Return Home"

A former Sports Editor of defunct Daily Times has hit hard times in the USA and needs assistance. This is his story as posted by his friend Azuka Jebose Molokwu.

In 1990, at the age of 31, I abandoned my job as the sports editor of Nigeria’s first evening daily paper, Evening Times, a subsidiary of THE DAILY TIMES of Nigeria. I relocated to United States to further my education and seek professional excellence with available opportunities in the world’s free press. I arrived Houston Texas, naïve and timid, with no formal training, information or survival guide kit to a migrant’s settlement in America, seeking all things bright and beautiful that “Yankee” had to offer. It’s “God’s own country”. 

I settled into a shared apartment with a cousin willing to accommodate me until I integrated myself into a new lifestyle and culture. Everything functioned here. Everyday, I waited for the right opportunity to be indoctrinated into the American dream life by my cousin. While waiting for the appropriate time, I was privileged a social security number registered in my name. My cousin would come home, fill out some forms and asked me to sign them and import my social security…. I trusted everything he said and unknowingly empowered his criminal and fraudulent empire.

Phones Are Better Than People

You’ve likely already seen I Forgot My Phone, the short film by Charlene deGuzman that dramatizes our dependence on smartphones. It’s pulled in almost 20 million views and counting thanks to that magic social-media formula of saying something everyone pretty much agrees with: we're all hopelessly and pathetically addicted to our devices, which makes us tragically unaware of the fragile beauty of real-life moments passing us by on gossamer butterfly wings of authenticity.
The message at the heart of the film is yet another argument that technology erodes our genuine relationships and makes us stupider and less empathetic. You’ve likely heard a variation of this before—cell phones, or the internet, or computers, or television, are making things worse. As usual, it’s wrong.

Teens Making Bad Decisions/Engaging In Sex Acts At Eminem Concert, Pictures Go Viral [VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED]

Encounter: The teenager was pictured kissing the man in a green hat at the same festival
Explicit pictures from an Eminem concert at Slane Castle in Ireland over the weekend have kicked up a huge controversy online. In the photos two boys are shown to be engaging in separate, unrelated sex acts in the middle of the crowded field. As you might expect they quickly went viral. While the identities of the boys in question have not yet been revealed, the internet has been trying to track them down.

The photos are a distressing reminder of the state of contemporary malehood, one in which outward expressions of sexuality are encouraged and celebrated. One has to wonder where the parents of these boys are? It's disgusting that we live in a culture in which young men feel like they have to resort to such attention-seeking stunts in order to be valued by society. The hyper-sexualized music of artists like Eminem has no doubt had a distressing effect on the psychology of children too young to know that they have more to add to the world than just their penises.


The photo below was reportedly taken at the hospital. A US man accidentally bit off his girlfriend's clit*ris while aggressively giving her head.

Graphic picture

Nigeria - Malawi | CAF African Qualifiers 2014 | 07.09.2013

Ibadan School Principal’s Corpse Found In Gutter


THE principal of Ijokodo Junior Secondary School 1, Ibadan, Oyo State Mr Segun Dare, was on Wednesday, found dead along the street to his home at Citaga area, Sango-Eleyele road, several hours after he didn’t turn up at home as expected.
Mr Dare, who left home in the evening of the previous day, was discovered face down in a gutter, with his mobile handset in his pocket while a polythene bag containing soup ingredients like fish and pepper was also found beside him.

Police Seal Off New PDP Secretariat [Photos]

The Abubakar Baraje-led PDP has described the closure of its head office in Abuja by the police as the height of impunity.

A statement issued by the National Secretary of the Baraje-led group, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola said security forces were mobilised to seal off the office on Saturday based on a non-existent court injunction which the Tukur faction claimed to have obtained on Friday.


They are rogues. They are selfish opportunists. They stole and still stealing from us. All they did was promise and promise all the time. Yes you are right, call them thieves again.

Governor Okorocha, is a political opportunist. He does not have the interest of Ndigbo at heart. He has made a lot of false promises. So wha
t? He is working his way to the top to be the first Igbo executive president in Nigeria. If he is a qualified criminal with all the credentials of shrewdness as Nigeria wants, then let him ride on. This man has changed the face of Owerri urban. He is the first governor after Mbakwe to bring development to rural areas in Imo state even though he neglects Mbaise. I must give it to him, he has done tremendously well. If Evans Enwerem, Achike Udenwa, and Ohakim did just 1/10 of what Okorocha is doing in Imo state now, our state would have progressed more.

Governor Okorocha no doubt has his flaws but I am beginning to like his audacity. Yes dear governor continue to rule and ruin us. It does not matter any more if you sold Owerri to Muslims to achieve your presidential ambitions. I am with you. Just do not relent, do not mind your detractors. Just become the president and every sin will be forgiven. One only needs to take a ride and see the roads in Imo state, the rehabilitated Concord hotel, even the federal roads in owerri that used to be death traps have been renovated. The most outstanding is the Owerri Umuahia federal road. I wish the same is true in Abia state.

Waitress Accused Of Forcing A Man At Gunpoint To Have Sex With Her Friend After Offering Him A Ride Home

Nabbed: Cierra Ross, a 25-year-old mother of two, is accused of forcing a man to have sex with her friend at gunpoint and then robbing him

A fast food waitress from suburban Chicago has been charged with sexual assault on a man, who told police that the 25-year-old had forced him to have sex with her friend in the backseat of a car after offering him a ride.
Cierra Ross, a mother of two from Olympia Fields, was arrested Tuesday for her part in the alleged rape of a 33-year-old man July 26.
According to police, the victim was walking in the 400 block of North Kingsbury when Miss Ross pulled up next op him and offered him a lift home.
A short time later, the Denny's waitress allegedly pulled a revolver on him, ordering him to climb into the backseat and take off his clothes.
Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Amanda Pillsbury told The Chicago Sun-Times that Ross then forced the 33-year-old  at gunpoint to have sex with her friend.
In the course of the encounter, the man was allegedly instructed to fondle the woman’s breasts and buttocks.
The two female suspects also allegedly robbed their victim, getting away with $200 in cash, credit cards and an iPhone.  

The unnamed man reportedly begged his assailants to stop, but was eventually able to escape from the car, running down the street naked from the waist down.
The 33-year-old spotted a taxi nearby and asked for the driver's help. The Good Samaritan agreed to let him use his cell phone to snap a picture of Ross' license plate and email it to himself. 

Why I Raped Six Year Old Girl –43 yr Old Grandpa •Why We Love To Defile Minors —Suspects

Sanmi Oyewole, a 43-year-old farmer and grandfather arrested by the Ogun State police command for defiling a six-year-old girl claimed that he defiled his victim because he was overwhelmed by his sexual urge. He denied that his action had any spiritual undertone, but that he did it just to “catch fun.”
The incident happened last Saturday at Ayedi Street, Isale-Ake, Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, in the Abeokuta South Local Government Area.
“I did not know that what I did with her was bad at the time, until I was done with her and she started crying. I realised my stupidity immediately and I felt bad about it,” he said.
The suspect said he lured the girl, one of his neighbour’s children, with a N50 note, took her into his room in the same compound, and forcefully had carnal knowledge of her when her mother was away.
Oyewole said the girl had no features that could attract him to her, but just happened to be the only available person he could have sex with when he could not control his sexual urge.

Obasanjo, IBB, Anenih Meet Tukur, Baraje Groups •Factions, Govs Table Grievances •Crisis ’ll Be Over Soon - Obasanjo

ELDERS panel of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), led by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, on Friday met the warring groups within the party, with each presenting its grievances before the panel.
The elders met the two factions within the Governors’ Forum as well as the Bamanga Tukur and Abubakar Baraje factions of the party. Each of the groups reportedly took turns to present its grievances.
Each of the groups had earlier held their separate caucus meetings before the presentation before the elders. It was learnt that the Tukur group had a marathon meeting at the State House, while the Baraje group were said to have also met first at Alhaji Atiku Abubakar’s residence and later in an undisclosed Governors’s Lodge in Asokoro.

Late political legend, MKO Abiola's daughter Folashade Abiola, a legal practitioner with US Treasury on August 31 and September 1, 2013 walked down the aisle with her husband, Serdan Banjac, a worker in US Senate. The wedding held in Houston, Texas.

We Want To Stop PDP From Collapsing - Obasanjo

Via - SaharaReporters, New York

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo and some elders of the Peoples Democratic Party met with factional leaders of the party and some aggrieved governors yesterday in Abuja.
They also met with the some pro-Jonathan governors at the meeting, the meeting held at a five star hotel in Abuja.
Those at the meeting include former president Olusegun Obasanjo, former military dictator, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida (retd.); former chairmen of the party, Ahmed Ali and Sen. Barnabas Gemade respectively and chairman Board of Trustees of the party, Chief Tony Anenih. State governors present include, Gov. Aliyu Wamakko(Sokoto), Gov. Sule Lamido (Jigawa), Rotimi Amaechi (Rivers) and others.

Whale Carcasses Wash Up On Ghana Beach

People check a dead whale on September 5, 2013 in Kokrobite, a coastal village just outside Accra. Five whales have washed ashore within the space of three days in Ghana.

Five whale carcasses have washed up on Ghana's coast in the last week, officials said Thursday, vowing to probe the reportedly unprecedented string of marine deaths in the area.
Speculation has circulated widely in local media that Ghana's offshore oil installations are to blame, but an environment group and Ghana's Fisheries Commission said there was no available evidence to support such theories.
According to the fisheries commission regional officer Emmanuel Ohene Marfo, they are "sending a team to investigate what is going on because it's not normal".

Friday 6 September 2013

Lagos Commissioner, Opeifa Disgraced By Activists As He Strayed Into Gani Fawehinmi Memorial Event (Video)

Lagos Commissioner for Public Transportation Mr. Kayode Opeifa, got more than he bargained for as he strayed into Gani Fawehinmi 'Night of Tributes' occasion organized to commemorate the late radical lawyer and advocate for the masses, Chief Gani Fawehinmi in Lagos. The 'Night of Tributes And Socials', attended by left-wing activists including Femi Aborishade, Lanre Legacy, Okei-Odumakin as well as members of Civil Society Organizations and the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) was the second event for the day after a morning lecture in which Prof. Omotoye Olorode lashed out on Minister of Economy Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala, the Goodluck Jonathan-led government and the entire PDP.

The Most Amazing Engineer: A Tribute To The Human Spirit And Human Ingenuity Of Not Accepting That Something Can't Be Done.

My hats off to Richie for taking on life with such a positive attitude and to the people around him for having confidence in him. Hendrick Motorsports needs a big congrats also for employing him to make his dream come true.
you are not en engineer because you have hands, you're an engineer because of your brains and creativity, his lifes challenge made means he has to be creative, thats what made him an engineer. tip my hat to this guy

Summeet Dowlut's photo.

This Is Why You Cant Use Your Phone On A Plane

Explanation: Never mind what the chatterbox in the seat next to you says about cell phones messing with plane navigation — those metallic birds are built airtight against foreign signals and operate on entirely different frequencies than cell phones.
So why all the fuss about phones? When you make a call at 10,000 feet, the signal bounces off multiple available cell towers, rather than one at a time. That means too many phone-happy jetsetters might clog up the networks on the ground, which is why the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) — not the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) — banned cell use on planes.

If you're just dying to bust out your BlackBerry mid-flight, go international. Some airlines in Europe, the Middle East and Asia now allow cell phone use in planes, but don't hold your breath for the FCC to follow suit.

VIDEO: Negative Effects of Technology on Human Life.

“I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” -Albert Einstein.

ALIKO MOHAMMED DANGOTE, World's Richest Black.

Some weeks ago, I was telling my friends that if you give Aliko Dangote, the most successful black businessman on earth about eight more years, he will become the richest man in the world. Then the argument started. Hmmm…you needed to be there! Fingers were pointing furiously and some eyeballs were almost plucked out of their sockets. Veins pulsated and muscles twitched like mad. We raised the tempo of the noise and almost brought down the roof. As we sweated it out, one of my friends was shouting vociferously (if you dey read this, you know sey I know kuku send una na…lol!) that it was impossible, that ‘do I know what it means to be the richest man on earth’ bla bla, with all the plenty grammar! Thank God sey our Landlord no dey house that day, e for purshoe (make I toosh am na) us comot for hin house, and maybe we for go carry our palis apply for Dangote company to be ‘superdrivers’ and use hin cement truck for bedrooms.


The president of Dangote Group, Alhaji Aliko Dangote has been in the news lately with his venture into the oil and gas sector. He’s set to commence the construction of the Dangote Refinery which will be the biggest petroleum oil refinery and petrochemical/fertilizer plant in Nigeria.  Yesterday, in Abuja, Dangote alongside other captains of industries paid a courtesy call to the President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. It was during this visit that Dangote’s daughter, Halima stepped out with his father.

Jay-Z & Beyonce's Long Time Bodyguard Dies After Police Taser Incident

Norman Oosterbroek, a bodyguard to various celebrities including Nelson Mandela, Lady Gaga and others, was killed by police officers in Miami, Florida, according to multiple reports.
On Monday (September 2), a 43-year-old man identified as Norman Oosterbroek, who has reportedly been a bodyguard for Nelson Mandela, Jay Z and Beyonce, among others, was tasered and killed by Miami police after allegedly intruding a home in Pinecrest, Florida, a suburban village in Miami-Dade County. 

Peter Okoye’s (P-Square) Proposal Spoof By Bovi – THE PROPOSAL [Video]

Peter Okoye’s (P-Square) Proposal Spoof By Bovi – THE PROPOSAL

Comedian Bovi is at it again in this new video, The Proposal, which is a spoof of Peter Okoye’s (P-Square) proposal to Lola Omotayo with a range rover and is supposed to be some sort of promo for his upcoming show.
This time around the joke is on him after he worked hard on his knees to earn a slap from his “long time girlfriend” Ijeoma who assumed Bovi was going to pop the question. The skit is a little bit funny, however it’s not funny enough to make you want to hit replay.

Corporal Shoots Superior Officer Dead During Argument Over Woman At Station

Via - Punch

When on April 6, 2013, Jane and Olusoji Elegbede got married in Lagos State, their joy knew no bounds.
Although Olusoji was a policeman serving in Yobe State, which is fraught with security challenges, Jane did not mind living there with him.
 Their plan was to settle down, have children and grow old together.
Unfortunately, this was not to be as Olusoji, an Assistant Superintendent of Police, was gunned down by a police corporal  in Gashua Bade Local Government, Yobe State, while on duty less than five months after their wedding.
Olusoji’s widow, who spoke while fighting back tears, told PUNCH Metro that she was still in shock over the incident.
Narrating what led to her 39-year-old husband’s killing, Jane said her husband, who was the Administration Officer at Gashua Police Division, was killed by a 53-year-old corporal, Andrew Bitus.

Thursday 5 September 2013

Stripped, bound, shot in the back of the head and dumped in a well: Horrific fate of Assad's troops executed on camera by Syrian rebels [Video]


WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Just before they are killed, the ring-leader - known as 'The Uncle' - recites a poem before he fires the first bullet. The horrific scene filmed in April was documented in a video smuggled out of Syria a few days ago by a former rebel who says he had become horrified by the brutality of the tactics his one-time comrades are using. It has emerged as G20 leaders meet in Russia to debate the dire situation in the war-torn country and will add fuel to the view that the rest of the world cannot actively support rebels who are carrying out atrocities equally as brutal as the troops deployed by President Assad.

EXCLUSIVE: B-Day girl Beyonce and Jay Z reveal beach bodies as they splash out for her 32nd birthday on champagne cruise

Trust: A laughing Beyonce almost appears as if she is persuading her rapper husband to take the leap into the waters with her

She is one of the coolest performers in the world, so it understandable that Beyonce Knowles would celebrate her birthday in a decadent style.
The Grown Woman singer turned 32 on Wednesday, and was surrounded by her loved ones - including husband Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy aboard a luxury yacht in Stombli, Italy, which appeared to turn into an impromptu champagne cruise. 
As well as spending time with her loved ones, including her adorable daughter Blue Ivy, Beyonce and Jay enjoyed posing with a Nebuchadnezzar size gold bottle of champagne

A 17 year old Russian girl has a doll-like face but physique of a body builder

A 17 year old Russian girl has a doll-like face but physique of a body builder. She is a powerlifter. Yulia Viktorovna Vins, or Julia Vins, as she is known in the online bodybuilding and powerlifting
communities, is a 17-year old Russian powerlifter who recently shot to Internet fame after a series of photos showing her doll-like face and impressive physique went viral.

The jaguar who turned into Jaws: Sneaky big cat swims across river and then pounces on reptile basking on a sandbank

Brutal: The 20-stone cat sunk its teeth into the eight-foot reptile before dragging it back across the water and into the jungle

This is the astonishing moment a jaguar emerged from the water to launch a ferocious attack on a caiman basking on a sand bank.
These stunning images show the 20-stone cat striking with lightning speed while the eight-foot reptile basks on a river island in Brazil.
In a flurry of action, the ferocious cat sinks its teeth and claws into the back of the leathery reptile before whisking it away in its jaws.

I’m Still Single And Searching; I like Lynxx but I’m Older… – Rita Dominic On ‘The Juice’ (VIDEO)

I’m still single and searching; I like Lynxx but I’m older… – Rita Dominic on ‘The Juice’ (VIDEO)

Rita Dominic is a top actress in Nollywood with a career that spans more than a decade with scores of high profile movies she has starred in.
On this episode of The Juice, Rita shares her earlier dreams as an actress, talks about her relationships and her future goals for her career with Toolz.

I didn’t Win The Offa Election APC Won, Says PDP Councillorship Candidate

Afolabi Jimoh Olawale: PDP councillorship candidate
Afolabi Jimoh Olawale: PDP councillorship candidate
In a rare move, a councillorship candidate of Nigeria’s Peoples Democratic Party, in the 31 August council poll in Offa, Kwara State, has denounced his declaration as the winner of the poll.
Mr. Afolabi Jimoh Olawole, one of the 12 Councillorship candidates declared winners by the Kwara State Independent Electoral Commission, KWASIEC, has declared that the PDP never won in Sawo South West Ward where he vied as the party’s candidate.
According to him, PDP lost in all the eight polling units of the ward while the All Progressives Congress, APC, won convincingly, wondering why he should be declared winner of an election he knew was won by his counterpart in the APC.
He said: “It is very clear that Offa people want APC. Offa people don’t want PDP. As a true Muslim with clear conscience, I stand for equity and justice because I know that whatever we do in this world we are going to give an account to our Creator and I fear my Creator.”

Female Graduate Leads 7-Man Robbery Gang In Lagos (Photos)

A seven-man robbery gang led by a woman, Chioma Ezekwesiri, has been smashed by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, in Lagos, southwest Nigeria.
The robbery suspects were arrested while attempting to rob Bolatito Hotel, Kola Bus Stop, Ijaiye, Lagos.
In chat with P.M.NEWS, Chioma said she arranged for the guns with Raymond Chukwuka, a.k.a. Stubborn, they were to use for the operation, which she claimed was a land matter, whereas the police said that their mission was allegedly to rob a male customer of the hotel, who sells fertilizer, of about N8 million.
Other suspected members of the gang are: Amadi Igwe, 41, Raymond Chukwuka, 24, Ignatius Okeredi, 27, Michael Madu, 52, and Okechukwu Jerome, 28, and a yet-to-be identified member who is at large.
The alleged robbery operation, according to the police, was foiled by some staff of the hotel, who promptly made a distress call to SARS operatives.
The law enforcement agents were said to have surrounded the hotel, and later searched all its occupants. It was in the process that two locally made guns and 12 live ammunition were recovered from the robbery suspects.

Meet 30-Year Old German Model With World's Biggest Boobs

Beshine, also known as Mayra Hills, is a 30-year-old German adult model, with one of the largest breasts in the world, rumored at over 20 pounds each (her only competition is Chelsea Charms and Maxi Mounds). According to Boobpedia, she is a 59Z (or 59XXX). The are obviously fake, a fact that Behsine is proud of, as she proclaims herself as having “The World’s Biggest Boobs” (though that title is officially, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, held by Maxi). Whether they are the largest or not, you can still appreciate their gigantic size.

Proud Dad: Pictures Of I Go Dye's & Son

Extraordinary images that show just how similar we are to our closest living relative – the bonobo: Affectionate primates share 98.7% of human DNA right down to hair loss

Remarkable: Photographs of our closest living species show just how similar they are to us, sharing 98.7 per cent of DNA
Remarkable: Photographs of our closest living species show just how similar they are to us, sharing 98.7 per cent of DNA
These extraordinary images detail the remarkable similarities between humans and our closest living relatives, bonobos.
Sharing 98.7 per cent of human DNA, the fascinating creatures exhibit the same expressions, mannerisms and behaviour as man displays on a daily basis.
From turning taps on and off for a drink to cuddling their babies, the great apes are the closest thing to observing a human in a zoo - even suffering hair loss.

Intelligent: From turning taps on and off for a drink to cuddling their babies the great apes are the closest thing to observing a human in a zoo
Intelligent: From turning taps on and off for a drink to cuddling their babies the great apes are the closest thing to observing a human in a zoo

Think YOUR hair is high maintenance? Not compared to these gravity-defying styles from 1960s Nigeria

Ojeikere Hairstyles

Celebrities and entertainers who style their hair in attention-grabbing ways (think Lady Gaga's plaited cone or Nicki Minaj's towering bouffant) are often lauded for their originality. But intricate hairstyles are far from being a contemporary development - as J.D. Okhai Ojeikere's photographs show.
The photographer spent the Sixties and Seventies documenting the hairstyles of the women he encountered in his native Nigeria. He snapped over 1,000 photos of these complex coiffures, from subjects he found on the streets, in offices, and at wedding celebrations, as he revealed tMy Modern Met.

Burglars use chalk markings on walls of homes to help other criminals target the rich and vulnerable

Code: Would-be criminals scrawl the markings on properties to indicate whether the house is worth targeting
ode: Would-be criminals scrawl the markings on properties to indicate whether the house is worth targeting
Burglars are using coded chalk symbols to let other criminals know whether a property is worth targeting.
The marks, dubbed the Da Pinci Code, are made by would-be thieves to indicate if the house is vulnerable, revealing who is living in the house and whether there is anything worth stealing.
Chillingly one sign, in the shape of an open book, says a vulnerable female resident is the occupant and another symbol indicates a homeowner who is ‘nervous and afraid’.

The chalk markings were spotted on the side of a pensioner’s home in Walkden, Greater Manchester.
Police are now investigating the shapes after speaking to other residents in the area and have distributed leaflets in the area warning of the symbols.
The code has been previously been spotted in other parts of the country.

Wednesday 4 September 2013

Gov Fashola Visits Young Shall Grow Boss Chief Obianodo In Hospital

Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola has paid a visit to multimillionaire transport boss, Chief Vincent Obianodo, who was attacked by suspected assassins on Tuesday night August 27th in Festac. The Young Shall Grow boss survived the assassination attempt but his police escort and driver were not so lucky. They were killed while Chief Obianodo was hit on the left shoulder

Chief Obianodo said he owed his survival to the bravery of an inspector of Police who fought gallantly to repel the assassins. Simon Ogbueshi, attached to B.OPs, Patrol and Guard at the Lagos State Police command, Ikeja, opened fire on chief Obianodo's attackers, killing two of the suspected assassins.

VIDEO: Awesome & Amazing Engineering | A Must Watch !

Video: Market Stall Sells Human Body Parts! ‘Viewer(s) Discretion Is Strongly Advised’

This pop-up meat stall selling HUMAN FLESH has become a crowd-pleaser at a one of Britain’s most famous meat markets. Wesker & Son, who claim to have been providing“Fine meats since 1966″, set up a stall at London’s Smithfields market selling ‘human’ body parts, including hands, legs, buttocks and arms.
To promote new zombie computer game Resident Evil 6, fans were invited to purchase the ‘delicacies’ made from various cuts of pork. ‘Peppered Human & Lemon Sausages’ and ‘J’avo Caught Human Thigh Steaks’ were available for purchase for those with strong stomachs, and all proceeds were donated to the Limbless Association.

Watch Video: Woman Gives Birth And Delivers Baby By Herself While Standing (Warning: Explicit Content)

This is amazing, No doctor, no nurse, no midwife and this woman gives birth not even on her back, but standing. They say women are strong but this woman is bold, brave and strong. Watch the video below (Warning: Explicit Content)

Beautiful Model, Nana Suffering From Anorexia Nervosa Eating Disorder [Video+Photos]

Nana Karagianni is one of the most famous and loved journalist in Greece. She used to be a model and now work as a TV presenter. Nana Karagianni, who has been suffering from anorexia nervosa, seems to have spread great concern not only in the Greek media, but the Turkish as well.

Reporters and journalists of the newspaper Milliyet have made a special tribute with an extensive story on Nana and her eating disorder.

Scroll down to watch video...

Tyler Perry's Lays Hands On Pastor T.D. Jakes During Church Anointing Service: I Can't explain What Happened - T.D Jakes (Video+Photo)

Tyler Perry TD Jakes

TD Jakes
On Sunday, Tyler Perry was in Dallas, TX attending Bishop Jakes’ Mega-fest and during the service, the holy spirit ministered to Tyler Perry.
Adhering to the instruction of the holy spirit, Tyler Perry walked to the altar, took the mic and delivered the message to the congregation.

Richard Thomas, Rapist, Upset He Might Have Gotten HIV From Victim

Richard Thomas rapist
A convicted rapist collapsed after police told him he may have contracted HIV from the woman he assaulted.
The BBC reports that Richard Thomas, 27, was sentenced last week to five years and four months for raping a woman while she slept. He pleaded guilty to the crime in Liverpool Crown Court on July 20.
Thomas will find out from test results later this week whether he's contracted the disease.
Thomas "let himself into her home uninvited in the middle of the night and she awoke to find him raping her from behind," the Telegraph reports.

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Homeless Man Curtis Jackson Donates Money To Help Out-Of-Work Mother

Photo: Meet Curtis Jackson, a homeless man who donated $9,000 to a single mother in Chicago who lost her job. She had no idea a homeless man she used to help would offer her a lifeline. The pair had crossed paths frequently in the past. Jackson recalled the generosity and kindness with which the young mother treated him. In December 2010 he started paying her hotel bills nightly; Jackson keeps little for himself, just enough for his bus fare and for something to eat. He admitted that 'he is homeless but not hopeless'. <3

Full Story:

When a single mother in Chicago lost her job, she had no idea a homeless man she used to help would offer her a lifeline.
My Fox Chicago reports that when the woman, who would like to remain anonymous, lost her home, she and her son began living in their car.
After being warned by police that her son would be taken from her if she couldn't find a safer environment for him, she relocated the family into a hotel room. She wondered how she would pay the bill.
That's where Curtis Jackson, local homeless man, came in. The pair had crossed paths frequently in the past. Jackson recalled the generosity and kindness with which the young mother treated him.
Now, Jackson is helping the mother and son by donating the change he makes from panhandling to pay their hotel bill.