Saturday 24 June 2017

At OAU, Ile-Ife, Alaafin Blows Hot, As Ooni’s Drummers, Gong Beaters Stir Honest Nest.'’No Oba In Yoruba Land Is Superior To Me’’ - Alaafin

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 Bode Durojaiye .

Africans in general, and especially the traditional people of Yoruba land, propitiate and worship the talking drum, through the mysterious divinity they thought, has brought the art of beating the drum to the world.

Across the span of Nigeria’s South-West, where the Yoruba people are largely found, and in distant places where they hold sway, one of the most privileged aspects of the varied layers of their tradition is the unique platform upon which the talking drum sits.

While drums in other human settlements are employed for their rhythmic pleasures, the drum music of the Yoruba people is both tone-based and extends its functionalities to accommodate other uses.

‘How Top Igbo Businessmen Shared The Ransom Money With Me’ – Evans Reveals

 Image result for suspected kidnap kingpin, Chukwudumeje George Onwuamadike (AKA Evans) has finally admitted some prominent southeast businessmen provided information on victims and shared from the ransoms.
After several denials, suspected kidnap kingpin, Chukwudumeje George Onwuamadike (AKA Evans) has finally admitted some prominent southeast businessmen provided information on victims and shared from the ransoms.

The Nation gathered yesterday that the suspect had given a lot of names to the police, most of whom were currently being tracked.
It was gathered that the kingpin also disclosed that some of his accomplices were based in Europe, which explained his craze to collect ransoms in foreign currencies.
According to a source, Evans explained that he usually shared the loot with his informants on a 60%/40% basis.

Abba Kyari Blasts Kate Henshaw For Criticising Picture With Evans, The Kidnapper

Nigerian top detective, Abba Kyari, who masterminded billionaire kidnap kingpin, Evan's arrest, alongside other resolved crimes in Nigeria, has slammed Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw for criticizing the Nigerian Police.
Recall that before now, Kate Henshaw criticized Nigerian Police Officers for posing for photos with arrested Evans. Reacting to this, Kyari said Kate Henshaw must be out of her mind to criticize the Police.

Horse Gets Tailored Three-Piece Suit, Looks Absolutely Dashing

We’ve seen some well-dressed cats and dogs, but have you ever seen a horse in a tailored suit? Ahead of Cheltenham Festival, veteran race horse Morestead wore a three-piece tweed suit complete with shirt, tie and flat cap, designed by former Alexander McQueen apprentice and celebrity stylist Emma Sandham-King.


Men, are these points true? Share your experience. Women, do you exhibit any of these? Share your experience thoughts.

There are fifteen stupid things a Wife can do to mess up her marriage, I want you to check them
carefully and avoid them.

block the door way, and then dare him to beat you
and see what will happen. Lots of women have
done this in the past and they end up regretting it.
It is unwise to do this.

ANOTHER WOMAN: You will be making a major
mistake if you dare your husband to sleep with
another woman. You may live to regret it

IS MARRIED: “I am married, who is looking at me”
That was the defense of Mrs Layi when she was
confronted for the reason why she dressed so
shabbily. It is the mistake of most careless married
women and it’s a major mistake you can make

are a career woman; you feel sex in marriage is
secondary, you deny your husband your body
regularly, so he is sexually starved and intimacy
famished. His secretary, colleagues, and girls in
church are begging him to come but you padlock
your skirt. I can see danger signal.

CATER FOR: “My friend please be my eye as I
travelled for this one week, help cater for my
husband and my little kids” That was Mrs Rosa
when she made the journey she will later regret all
her life. By the time she came back her friend had
really helped her by sleeping with her husband. She
later eloped with the man, leaving her own husband
and two children.
It is very stupid to commit your husband into the
hands of your beautiful and very active but Godless

HOUSE MAID: Your maid is the one that cooks,
cleans the house, and cares for the children and
your husband. You suddenly become a lazy bone
since the arrival of the maid, all you do is to shout
and back orders, nobody will snatch your husband
you are the one graciously giving him to those that
need him.

LADY AS A MAID: She is fully grown, well-endowed
in the back and very tantalizing in the front, dresses
like an actress, cat walks like a model and that is
your own house maid? What a mistake!

BEAUTIFUL THAN HER: Employing a house girl
more beautiful than them is a major technical
mistake most women make. In the process many
of them used their money to employ a rival for
themselves. Don’t be foolish when getting a maid.

HUSBAND: Your husband is growing; you are sitting
down at home eating. He is dressing like a guy with
jeans and face cap; you are celebrating the fact that
you are a married woman. Your husband is on
twitter, facebook, whatshap, skype etc; the only
thing you know about phone is to receive and make
call. Your husband is talking about stock market;
you only talk about tomato market. He is talking
about Forex; you are talking about fruit and

HANDS OF GOD: A wife won’t do well if she fails to
commit her family into the hands of God regularly.
Don’t make this mistake, be prayerful, hand over
your family to God. May you never labor in vain!

11) FIGHING HER MOTHER-IN-LAW: You may fight
your Mother-in-law dirty and think you can win, you
will end up losing. Her son and herself have been
friends and lovers for years; may be before you
were born. She was the first ‘wife’ of your husband
and also the first ‘girlfriend’. Her son cannot divorce
her and she is more experienced than you in
matrimonial battles, in fact she is a veteran of many

when you tell your friend about your sex life she can
size you up and know whether your husband is hot
or not, whether he is sexually fulfilled or not. She
can even know your husband “turn on” and use it
against him and grab your husband. Most women
have carelessly lost their husband as they complain
to their friends “my husband is too demanding, he
does not know anything but sex, I’m not a horse, I
can’t kill myself” A friend will pick information like
this and cover things up where you’ve been failing.

looks beautiful to report your husband to his Mum,
but the end result will end up hurting you.
Most mothers will support their sons any day;
children are always right before their Mothers. Seek
counsel in the right quarters, never report your
husband to his Mum.

THEIR HUSBANDS: Many wives do abandon their
husbands, denying them of love, care and attention
as soon as babies begin to arrive. To sleep in bed,
they put the Baby between themselves and their
husband, making the man to feel lost in his own

15) USING SEX WRONGLY: sex is supposed to
bind you together, it supposed to create intimacy
and love but in many homes it is the bone of
Some women do turn sex to a tool of manipulation;
some use it for trade by barter. Some wives will
suddenly become commanders at home when their
husbands touch them for sex, ordering the man
around, “go and off the Fan” “go and lock the gate”
“go and check whether our children are sleeping”
this is very bad.
Some wives sleep like log of wood in bed while
some even wear jean knickers to bed.
If you continue like this you will hurt your marriage
deeply and you may destroy your marriage.

Please, you can add your points or argue any one you are not comfortable with.Thanks.

Handsome Pakistani med student, 26, who needs a room in New York City sends temperatures rising of potential housemates offering to put him up

Hot Pakistani doctor needs room in New York and gains fans
Potential housemates are losing their minds over a 26-year-old med school grad from Pakistan who also happens to be a male model. 
Rehan Munir told the Huffington Post that he hopes to do rotations in various hospitals across the United States to gain experience.
The model - who has been featured in a TV commercial for Hush Puppies Pakistan - is currently looking for housing in New York City, a search he's called 'quite a ride'.  

How Evans kidnapped, killed my 86-year-old father after collecting N15m – Ex-Super Eagles Player & Actress Stephanie Okereke's Ex Husband

When news broke that suspected notorious kidnap kingpin, Chukwudubem Onwuamadike (AKA Evans) had been arrested in Lagos by the police on June 10, many people celebrated the security agencies that made it happen.

But far less known was the celebration it produced in the compound of the Iloenyosi family of Abagana, Anambra State.

Friday 23 June 2017

Nigerian Man Caught Dressed As A Woman To Steal Cars

A notorious car thief met his Waterloo today after he was apprehended trying to steal a car in Edo state. The man who disguised as a woman to carry out his operation was caught by eagle-eyed residents trying to "acquire" his 6th car. He was rounded up before being taken away by security operatives.

Irish Teacher Is Killed In Horror Car Crash 'As He Was Having Sex On The Back Seat' When Driver loses control in Thailand

A woman is helped from the wreckage by a member of the Thai emergency services 

An Irishman killed in a horror car crash in Thailand was thought to have been having sex on the back seat when the driver lost control. Ex-pat English teacher John Malone, 39, had been travelling in the speeding black Suzuki when it lost control and hit a concrete post on Wednesday morning at 1am. Horrific CCTV shows the car spinning several times as sparks fly and glass smashes before it comes to a stop further down the road in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Mr Malone was pulled half-naked from the wreckage having been on the backseat with a naked Thai woman found in the car, rescuers believe.

Brexit: Theresa May Promises To Let 3 Million EU Citizens Stay In UK

Image result for More than three million EU nationals living in the UK will be given the right to stay permanently after Brexit and treated like British citizens, Theresa May told European leaders last night.

Theresa May has played her opening gambit of Brexit negotiations, telling European leaders she will offer some three million EU citizens a new ‘settled status’ allowing them to stay in Britain if they have lived here five years.

People gaining it would secure rights on healthcare, education and benefits broadly similar to those enjoyed by EU citizens in the UK now.

But in a move giving Ms May leverage as talks begin, she refused to reveal the exact date after which new arrivals are no longer guaranteed the status - leaving a group of people uncertain of their UK residency.

“No More This!” Youth Corper Declares, As He Shows Off His Mom Who Sold Pap To See Him Through School 

History Made As 5 Nigerians Are Drafted Into The NBA, Most Ever In One Draft Class

For the first time in history, 5 Nigerians were drafted to play in the new Basketball season by the National Basketball Association (NBA). They are: Bam Adebajo picked by Miami Heat, OG Anunoby picked by the Toronto Raptors. . . Others are: Wesley Iwundu picked by Orlando Magic,

Billionaire Kidnapper, Evans Obtained Ghanaian Passport With False Name (Check It Out)

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Billionaire Kidnapper, Evans Obtained Ghanaian Passport With False Name (Check It Out)
The notorious kidnapper, Chikwuduben Onwuamadike alias Evans obtained his Ghanaian passport with a fake name, the Nigerian Police intelligence has revealed.
According to a document from the Nigeria Police Force, Onwuamadike has issued a Ghanaian passport on January 10, 2013, with a Ghanaian name, Asare Nelson.
The Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris at the meeting of West African Police Chiefs in Accra on Tuesday, revealed that the notorious kidnapper has a Ghanaian passport and cautioned the Ghanaian authorities to tighten modalities for the issuance of passports.

INEC Notify Dino Melaye Of Recall Process July 3

The Independent National Electoral Commission says it has formally notified Senator Dino Melaye of the demand by the people of his constituency to recall him from the Senate.

It said that the decision to inform Melaye was taken at its meeting held in Abuja on Thursday, where the petition submitted by voters in Kogi West Senatorial District was considered.

Photo: 13-Year-Old Nigerian Boy Declared Missing In The UK

Police in Greenwich, UK are appealing for the public's help to find a missing 13-year-old boy from Thamesmead. Agbolade Amusa, was last seen at about 12:30hrs on Wednesday, 21 June at Aldi, in Thamesmead, SE28. 
He is a black boy, about 5ft 7ins tall and has a south London accent. He was last seen wearing a tracksuit and a 'puffa' style jacket.
Officers are increasingly concerned for Agbolade's wellbeing and urge anyone with information on his whereabouts to call police on 101 or Missing People on 116000.

Olayode ‘Toyo Baby’ Juliana Finally Opens Up About Her Departure From Jenifa Diaries

Image result for Toyo baby' Juliana finally opens up about her departure from Jenifa Diaries

In April 2017,it was exclusively confirmed LIB that Olayode Juliana, popularly known as 'Toyo Baby' in Funke Akindele-Bello's popular Television comic series, Jenifa's Diaries, has been cut from production. This was initially denied by Juliana during her reaction to our post on social media, but she has now come clean about their misunderstanding.

In a post on her website minutes ago, she opene up about their relationship, claiming that she was Funke's unofficial; Personal Assistant, Makeup artist, Caterer, Costumier, Driver, Cleaner, Washer woman, Masseur, Prayer partner and Script adviser. Read what she wrote after the cut...

Thursday 22 June 2017

Tiwa Savage And Teebillz Go Clubbing Together (Photos)

Though, they have both kept their reunion off social media it has already become public knowledge that Tiwa and Tunji Balogun are back together again as man and wife. The duo were both snapped clubbing at 2Face Idibia' lounge in Lagos alongside Davido's former manager, Kamal.

9-Years After She Gave Birth To Octuplets(Eight Babies) In 2009? Check Out Her And Kids Now!

Image result for mom who gave birth to octuplets in 2009
We probably all remember how Nadia Suleman, also known as ‘Octomom,’ became an overnight sensation after giving birth to octuplets back in 2009. After becoming a celebrity, her life took a turn for the worse, as she struggled to provide for her childre.
…Since then, she has left ‘Octomom’ far behind her, in the dust, and has straightened out her life; and now, she wants to reveal to the whole world who she really is: a devoted and hardworking mother of her children—all 14 of them.

Nomoreloss’ Wife Phoenix Battles Chronic illness One Year After Husband’s Death

One year after she buried her husband, wife of late Nigerian singer Nomoreloss, Adeola Phoenix Osinuga, is battling a chronic disease called fibromyalgia.
A chronic disease that has kept her in constant daily pain and kept her away from her radio job with Rhythm FM.
Sharing photos on social media, Adeola Phoenix Osinuga wrote of her battle:

Three Ifa Priests Charged To Court For Impersonating Alaafin In Dollars For Titles Drama

Remember the furore when the Oba Ifa of the whole of South America was crowned in Oyo? All of the Aborisa community had something to say about  his wearing a beaded crown, about his skin colour, about how he could not have observed all the necessary rites etc etc.

The fellow protested that he had rightfully  paid and had done nothing wrong. And really no-one could dispute that…

Abike Tolulope Ghaba Popularly Known As 'JAGABAN' Filled A Petition Over Her Deportation From?

Everyone knows about the much talked about 'Abike Jagaban' and her ongoing issues with the Dublin based woman(Blogger) Since last year, these two refused to lower their guards for each other. At a point in time many assumed that it was a supremacy battle amongst the two. But later it was alleged that the woman in Ireland was just a bully who wanted Jagaban out of the cyber space because of her sudden rise in popularity. 

A London based magazine publisher became the center of ridicule in the fight when his deeds to disgrace his erstwhile friends backfired on him. This light skinned man who owns a shop in Peckham was recently humiliated when the voice recordings of all the people that he gossiped about leaked to the woman in Dublin, and then she decided to shame him on her Facebook show and YouTube. ‎

My Mother Was Too Angry When I Got Pregnant At 17 - Actress Ireti Doyle

Image result for My Mother Was Too Angry When I Got Pregnant At 17 - Actress Ireti Doyle
Nollywood actress, Iretiola Doyle who revealed that she first got pregnant at the age of 17 has opened up more on what she had to face for taking in at a very tender age.

The actress while opening up on her past life, especially her childhood revealed that her family memers, including her mother were not too excited for her.

She added that her mother was harsh on her for the pregnancy.

Police Arrest Single Mother Of 4 Allegedly For Defrauding France Based Facebook Lover Of N5 million In Lagos

The police in Lagos have arrested 33 year old single mother of four, Aishat Akintunde pictured above, for allegedly defrauding her Facebook lover of money and properties valued at about N5 million. According to PM news, Aishat, a native of Abeokuta, Ogun State, met her France-based victim, Ayobami Adeniyi online in 2016 and promised to marry him.
Trouble started for the suspect when the DCP in charge of Federal SARS, Lagos, Ibrahim Kaoje dispatched a team led by DSP Olaniyi Festus to Sango Ota area of Ogun State to arrest a suspected female smuggler that allegedly sold an unregistered Renault bus with properties inside value at about N2.5 million for just N1 million.

Video: 47-Year-Old Pastor Rapes And Impregnates 13-Year-Old Girl In Rivers State

Add caption
The Rivers State Police Command have arrested a 47-year-old pastor who raped and impregnated a 13-year-old girl in Rumuorlumeni, Port Harcourt. The yet-to-be named pastor was arrested by SP Kingsley Chukwueggu, the DPO of Rumuorlumeni Division. The suspect was paraded at the state command by the Commissioner Of Police Rivers State, CP Zaki Ahmed. Listen to the victim narrate her ordeal in the video below...

TONTO DIKEH: Actress Accuses Mother-In-Law Of Witch Says 'I Watched Churchill Touch His Mother Inappropriately' (Leaked Chat)


In a leaked chat between Tonto Dikeh and her mother-in-law, the actress who revealed she paid for her own bride price said she has watched Churchill touch his mother inapropriately.

In the chat an obviously angry Tonto Dikeh says, "I have watched you bring in dirty charms and fetish item into my home. I have watched your son touch you inapropraitely. I have witnessed darkness with you all and I just wonder what kind of woman you are.

Leave me alone Mama Kunle, leave me alone I beg of you. Am done with your family, all I need is my safety and that of my child."

Wednesday 21 June 2017

Vera Sidika Reacts After Her Nigerian Ex-Boyfriend Leaked Her Nude Pictures, Says She’s Scared For Her Life

Vera Sidika reacts after her Nigerian ex-boyfriend leaked her nude pictures, says she’s scared for her life

Vera Sidika reacts after her Nigerian ex-boyfriend leaked her nude pictures, says she’s scared for her life
Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika and her Dubai-based Nigerian boyfriend, Yommy who now has a new girlfriend are washing their dirty linen on social media! First, he leaked her nudes for allegedly dumping him for wealthy Nigerian Man.

Vera has now reacted by posting screenshots of conversations they had on Whatsapp. According to her, he is and has been threatening her, and if she gets killed, the world should know her killer. Read her post below…

Banker Accuses Father-in-law Of Abducting, Renaming Son

A Lagos - based banker, Princewill Njoku , has accused his father - in- law, Chief Godwin Osochukwu, of abducting his son , Kayomikun , adding that the 69- year - old community leader renamed his child.

Princewill noted that petitions sent to the Lagos State Governor , Akinwunmi Ambode , the Lagos State Police Command, the National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons and other related matters, and the National Human Rights Commission, had not received attention.

Photos: Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, Meets With Northern Leaders In Abuja

In continuation of his consultations with Northern and South East leaders regarding ethnic agitations from groups from both regions, acting president Yemi Osinbajo Tuesday had a meeting with traditional rulers from the North at the presidential villa in Abuja.

Buhari Allegedly Suffers Speech Impairment During Treatment In London

Related image

According to a new report by Sahara Reporters, President Buhari who left for medical checkup in the UK on May 7th, is now suffering speech impairment and is not communicating with anyone. Read the SR report below..
President Buhari, who left Nigeria 45 days ago to resume treatment for an undisclosed medical condition believed to be cancer, has developed speech difficulties, presidency sources said today.

Photos Of Obanikoro With Tinubu's Wife & Other APC Members In Lagos - Denies Joining APC

Pictured: Senator Obanikoro with Senator Oluremi Tinubu and others at 22nd edition of Lagos Central Senatorial District Town hall meeting.

Contrary to media reports that he has dumped the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro has said he had only attended Senator Oluremi Tinubu’s town hall meeting, adding that he would be open with whatever political decisions he chooses to make.
The for minister and PDP chieftain, took to his verified Twitter handle, and debunked the media reports, he said the event he attended had been “insinuated wrongly in the media.”
According to him, “As a Constituent of Lagos Central Senatorial District, I today attended Sen. Remi Tinubu’s Townhall Meeting to support her good work.
“My attendance has been insinuated wrongly in the media but all such speculations remain firmly in the realm of rumours and imaginations.
“I commend Sen. Remi Tinubu once again as I continue to consult with my political associates and friends in Lagos, and also across Nigeria.
“Whatever the future holds politically for us, it will be openly done by us and seen by all but right now, please disregard those rumours.”

Fan Tells Biodun Okeowo To Delete Photo Of Hers In Tight Outfit

Actress Biodun Okeowo known as Omobutty has come under fire from fans for posting this photo which visibly shows her camel toe.

Read the reactions from people below...

Proud Nigerian Or High On Codeine And Trams: Dj Spinal Brags About His Nigerian Passport

It's quite rare to see a Nigerian proudly showing off his passport but ace disc jockey, DJ Spinal got offended by a statement and decided to brag about Nigeria by flaunting his passport and quoting it with the words; "the best country in the world"... Tho many will beg to differ on this note...

See his snapshots below..

Tuesday 20 June 2017

Female Armed Robber Arrested In Imo, Police Kill Her Gang Member.

An armed robber identified simply as wee wee was shot dead after being nabbed during operation. According to reports, the Police arrested the only female robber among the six man gang as four other gang members fled.

The female criminal was identified by the Imo State commissioner of police, Chris Ezike, as Comfort Okon, 28 years from Akwa Ibom state.

Fresh Terror in Brussels: Suspected Suicide Bomber Threatening Train Passengers 'Shouts Allahu Akbar And Triggers An Explosion' At City's Central Station

The centre of Brussels was evacuated tonight after a suspected suicide bomber blew himself up in the Belgium capital’s Central Station. Pictured the explosion in the station 
A suspected suicide bomber who allegedly shouted 'Allahu Akbar' and triggered an explosive vest at Brussels Central Station has been gunned down and killed by soldiers. 
Shots rang out soon after 9pm as police and soldiers moved in 'to neutralise a suspect who was threatening civilians,' said an investigating source. 
Initial reports suggested the suspect, described as being 'tanned and well-built', was wearing a rucksack packed with explosives - while witnesses later claimed he tried to blow up a trolley or a suitcase. 

Britain's Brightest Students Go Wild To Celebrate The End Of Their Exams At Cambridge's Raucous All-Night May Ball - Some Were Even Brave Enough To Strip Off And Take A Dip In The River Cam

The decadent bash came to a raucous end as male and female partygoers alike stripped off to go for a swim
Cambridge University students proved they know how to throw a party as they kicked off the summer break in spectacularly drunken style at the annual May Balls.
Well-heeled revellers donned their finery as they stumbled through the historic city in sparkling gowns, towering heels and formal tuxedos before stumbling home from the black tie event in the early hours.
Even as the sun came up this morning, it was clear the students had no intention of calling it a night as they clattered home from the all-night bash, with some even stripping off to take a dip in the River Cam.

Man Caught With Neighbour’s Wife In Delta Hotel Disgraced And Stripped Naked (Photos+Video)

After storming a hotel in Delta State his married neighbour and his wife lodged in with backups, a heartbroken husband decided to disgrace his neighbour on camera.
A viral footage on social media, reveals that the aggrieved husband stripped the man naked, as they forced him to pose for filming.

A Robber Was Caught Stealing In A Church In Warri & He Was Prayed For (Photos)

According to reports,the armed robber pictured below was caught stealing at Baptist church in Warri.Unlike the jungle justices we hear when robbers are caught by people who take laws in their hands,he was prayed for.Possibly he will repent from there

Late Isiaka Adeleke's Brother & PDP Candidate, Ademola Adeleke Prostrates For Oba Akanbi (Photos)

Dr. Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke paid a visit to the Emperor of Iwo Empire, Oba Abdul-Rasheed Akanbi Telu 1 in his palace in Iwo.He said...

'Our Royal fathers are the custodians of our culture and tradition. I subscribe to the school of thought that gives absolute respect to the traditional institution, so I pay homage at every opportunity I get.

United Arab Emirates Renames Its Top Mosque As ‘Mary, Mother of Jesus’

A mosque in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been renamed as ‘Mariam, Umm Eisa’ — Arabic for ‘Mary, the mother of Jesus.’
“Using the name of ‘Mother Mary’ on this mosque is a gesture of love and peace that we hope will be followed around the world,” The Rev. Ibrahim Farouk, patron of the Pope Tawadros Christian Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt in Abu Dhabi said, according to the Christian Post.

Lagos Today! Evacuation Of Abandoned Vehicles On Lagos Roads To Commence July 1

Add caption
In furtherance of its spirited effort to make Lagos State cleaner, healthier and more liveable, the Lagos State Government has established a special taskforce for the removal of abandoned and disused vehicles and tricycles littering the State.

Similarly, the State Government has appointed vehicular scrap collection agent in line with Section 56 sub-section (1) of the Lagos State Harmonised Environmental Law, 2017 whose activity will commence from Saturday, July 1st 2017.

Consequently, Lagosians are hereby notified of the operational procedure of the Taskforce as follows:

Nathaniel Bassey Is Causing An Instagram Revival With The #Hallelujahchallenge - Yoruba phrase, Olowo Gbogboro Is The Most Popular Of The Several Hash Tags

Image result for Yoruba phrase, Olowo Gbogboro,

People who would naturally wake up to view pornography are staying awake to pray; testimonies are being shared, people are getting healed, spiritual destinies are being restored, those owing monies will pay; debts will be cancelled and God will make a way for debtors to pay what they owe”, 

Amidst criticism that has trailed The Hallelujah Challenge championed by Pastor Nathaniel Bassey, a couple of Nigerian artistes have aligned themselves with the 30-day worship session. The challenge, which began June 1, holds midnight for one hour and involves worship sessions streamed live via Bassey’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Worker Kills Chinese Boss, Disguises As A Mad Man As He Tries To Escape With Her Money

The photo of the worker at Green World, a drug producing firm at Tayo Laose Close, Akinola Cole Estate, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos State, who allegedly killed his Chinese boss, Alice Xu has been revealed.
Punch reported that the incident happened around 8pm on Friday at the firm, which the 26-year-old Chinese woman also used as a residence.
The report revealed that the suspect identified as 28-year-old Okechukwu Amos, a casual worker, sneaked into Xu’s apartment while she was asleep and covered her nose with a cloth until she suffocated.

Monday 19 June 2017

Revealed: How Pharmacist Reenacted Judas Iscariot, Allegedly Kidnapped His Boss

Image result for kidnapped man escape from his abductors in nigeria

The story of Pharm. Emeka Egbulugha, the Superintendent Pharmacist, of Maydon Pharmaceuticals aptly played out the famous biblical account of how Judas Iscariot, a disciple of Jesus Christ betrayed his master to the enemies for thirty pieces of silver.

When the news of the kidnap of Mr. Donatus Dunu, managing director of Maydon Pharmaceuticals broke on February 14, 2017, no one initially had clues to his whereabouts, not even his family members, until the abductors contacted them, and demanded a ransom of one million Euro (N500 million) for his release

Sexy Maternity Photo Shoot?

Tonto Dikeh: Oladunni Churchill’s First Wife Releases Wedding Pictures; Begs Him To Sign Their Divorce Papers

This morning we woke up to the news of a certain lady Ms Bimbo Coker who has called out Tonto Dikeh’s estranged husband Oladunni Churchill to free her from the prisons of marriage since he has gone ahead to wed another in the person of Tonto Dikeh.

The lady did not just write the post, she accompanied it with a photo of herself and Churchill at their wedding years ago. According to Bimbo, she had quietly watched Churchill lie to the world about everything including his marital  status before marrying Tonto… She narrates that he left her without properly divorcing her and married the Nollywood star.

"How I Escaped From Evans Cell After They Concluded To Kill Me" - Pharmacist


Chief Donatus (as he preferred to be identified in this heart-rending story for security reasons), is an ardent Christian who believes that God’s will must manifest, no matter the situation. A wealthy owner of one of the most flourishing pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria with outlets in major cities of the world, he was forced to pass through the eye of a needle after being abducted near his office on the celebrated lover’s day of February 14, 2017. At the end of the 90-day gruelling and shocking experience in the hands of his kidnappers led by the arrested notorious kidnap kingpin, Chukwudubem Omwuamadike a.k.a Evans, he miraculously escaped from their hideout. In this exclusive interview, the first since his freedom, with Emma Nnadozie and Joseph Unduu, he gave a vivid account of the hair-raising ugly encounter.

Notorious Kidnap Kingpin, Evans Takes Detectives To Houses Where He Kept Victims (Photos+Video)

Notorious Kidnap Kingpin, Evans Takes Detectives To Houses Where He Kept Victims (Photos)

Notorious kidnap kingpin, Chukwudubem Onwuamadike, a.k.a Evans, who was arrested, recently, by the police for coordinating several high profile kidnappings and armed robberies within Lagos, Anambra and Enugu States, yesterday, led police operatives to two houses in Ejigbo and Igando areas of Lagos state, where he kept some of his victims for months.

This was as he admitted during a chat with newsmen yesterday that he has not seen his father for a long time but that he took good care of him by buying him two vehicles, which are currently in his village compound and also gave him the sum of N3 million, which he said, his father used to start fish farming and his pig rearing business. Evans revealed during the visit to his Igando hideout, located at Green Street, that he kept five persons including Chief James Uduji and Francis Umeh at the Igando den. He stated that he vacated the den when people started suspecting his activities in the area.

kidnap kingpin Evans: 'I Gave My Father N3m, SUV And A Hilux Van; As He Takes Detectives To Dens His Gang Used For The Detention Of Victims.

Suspected kidnap kingpin Chukwudumeje George Onwuamadike alias Evans, yesterday claimed he gave his father N3million cash, a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) and a Hilux Van before he stopped visiting his hometown, Umudim, Nnewi in Anambra State.

Evans made the allegation when detectives took him to one of the dens his gang used for the detention of victims.

The bungalow situated at Green Street, Jakande Estate, Isolo, was rented by the kingpin, through his gang members in 2010 and he paid the rent yearly.

Sunday 18 June 2017

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Check Out The Mansion Kidnapper Evans' Mother Built (Photo)

•The magnificent property
Inset: Mrs. Chinwe Onwuamadike

A return visit to Akamili, Umudim in Nnewi, the home town of the dreaded kidnap kingpin, Mr. Chidumeme Onwuamadike, a.k.a Evans, has revealed that a magnificent property in the maiden home compound of his mother, Mrs. Chinwe Onwuamadike, was built by the mother.

And following the large number of people trouping into a directive has been given by leaders of the community to their people not to answer further questions from visitors concerning Evans and his family.

The village had become a Mecca of sort since the arrest of Evans at his Magodo residence in Lagos, as visitors have been going to the area for one inquiry or the other.

Two days after the arrest of Evans, people in the area, who were asked for the direction of the home of the Onwuamadikes freely provided the needed information and some even volunteered to take the visitors to the compound.

Buccaneers, Vikings, Cult Groups In Ikorodu Gather For Peace Meeting [Photos]

In a bid to end violence, members from different cult groups including Buccaneers, Aiye, Eiye, Vikings Confraternities - gathered for a peace meeting recently in Ikorodu Division of Lagos state. The cult members agreed that Peace for Ikorodu is a collective responsibility as they promised to 'shelve their swords' and promote peace in the presence of traditional rulers and security operatives. Here are photos from the event.