Saturday 24 November 2012

Curious student asked Charlyboy at Kingsville College how many piercings he has on his private part!

It was an eye opener for the teachers of Kingsville Academy in Abuja yesterday, when Charlyboy, one of the most celebrated Nigerian entertainer visited the school to speak to the students on career choice. The Areafada as he is fondly called by most Nigerians had one of the most fruitful interactive sessions with the students who reacted to his question on career choice in the most amazing way.In a unanimous voice, the students had given varied reasons why........continue after the cut

it was imperative they make the ultimate decision of a career choice against the wish of their parents whom they believed would end up making the wrong choice for them. The students who appeared to be driven by their passion clearly avowed that career choice must be closely matched with what the child is passionate about.They also spoke on the need for their parents to understand and read the emotions of their children.
Reacting to the children’s answers, the Areafada had emphasized on the importance of education in whatever career a child prefers, stating that education was key to the development of one’s career. He emphasized that every child must weigh their career choice to understand the parent’s own point of view. While agreeing with the children, the Charlyboy Ministry of Youth Affair’s Founder said children were in a better position to tell exactly what they can excel in, urging the parents to always watch their children closely and to know their dreams and aspirations.Charlyboy had reacted to different questions directed to him from the students as they tried to investigatecertain controversial issues that surround the enigmatic brand. The children had asked questions ranging from his membership of Illuminati as purportedly held in some quarters, and the issue of gay. They had extended their questions to why Charlyboy has a skull image in front of his Punk Palace residence in Gwarinpa-Abuja.

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