Wednesday 5 June 2013

150 ex-footballers are in prison after their lives fell apart following the end of their careers

Prison: Nearly 150 former footballers are currently serving jail sentences after the end of their careers
ABOVE: PFA Chairman Clarke Carlisle
When the money fizzles out, you do anything to keep it going.
Goalkeeper Michael Kin
NEARLY 150 formerprofessional footballers are serving time in prisons, shocking figures have revealed.

Most are stars whose lives fell apart after they were let go by their clubs.

The Professional Footballers’ Association says lower league clubs are constantly dumping players on to the scrapheap.

Many then turn to crime or get addicted to booze and gambling. Depression and financial ruin are common.

The news comes as it emerged 700 professionals have now found themselves out of a job since the season finished last month.

Former Crystal Palace player Gavin Heeroo, 28, needed help for a betting addiction after blowing £30,000 in just a weekend at Euro 2008.

And ex-Chelsea hero Alan Hudson, 61, admitted: “I must have lost £200,000 and ended up living off £30-a-week dole money.”

Drugs were the downfall of the majority in jails.

Goalkeeper Michael Kinsella, 36, who was on the books at Liverpool, ended up serving a six-year sentence for drug smuggling when he was dropped by Tranmere Rovers.

He said: “When the money fizzles out, you do anything to keep it going.”

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