Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Linda Ikeji Goes Head To Head With Pastor Chris

Linda Ikeji Goes Head To Head With Pastor Chris
Written by Ese Grage
Popular Lagos blogger, Linda Ikeji who describes herself as a “self-made millionaire” has been allegedly accused by Pastor Chris Kwakpovwe, author of Our Daily Manna devotional and senior pastor of Our Daily Manna Mountain Prayer Ministry, of blackmail.
Ardent followers of his daily devotional will recall that on Page 56 of the 22nd-July edition of his devotional, the pastor wrote that one Linda, a blogger and Facebook activist has been sending him several text messages, asking for an undisclosed amount of money else she would work with journalists all over the world to destroy his ministry.
Well, at first, it was easy to believe that the man of God may not have been referring to Linda Ikeji; after all, he did not actually print her full name. But with the current rebuttal on her blog just a day after her name was mentioned in the devotional, it now appears there may be some truth in the matter.
At the footnote of the page of the devotional in question, which usually contains prayer points, Pastor Chris wrote “… I received lots of text messages from one Linda a blogger/Facebook specialist, asking me to drop a certain amount of money otherwise they [sic] will work with different journalists around the world against this vision.”
The prayer point then goes thus: “scatter any plan to publish any lie against this ministry! Three people have dropped dead because of this in their camp.”

In Linda’s blog post she titled Dear LIB readers; A letter from me, Linda, to you, she took out time to explain how she practically went from having nothing to becoming a millionaire all on her own accord, and then goes on to clarify some of the “rumours” peddled against her in recent times.
“Now to the point of my letter. Just to clarify some things you probably have read about me: I'm not a blackmailer, never blackmailed anyone in my life, never will! I don't have the liver to do such, plus I was raised better than that. Don't know how anyone can stoop that low.”
Why did Linda feel the need to address this issue, considering that this is not the first time someone has made accusations against her? Could it be fear, respect for the man of God, or just a way of garnering more following on her blog — that post has received over 1,300 comments — more comments than she has received in a while.
With a prayer point like that, however, who can blame Linda for coming out to publicly declare her innocence even if no full name was mentioned. Through her blog, she has sent a message to Pastor Chris and many other people who may have been thinking that the Linda in Our Daily Manna is Linda Ikeji, owner of

 (Written by Ese Grage)

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