Friday 5 July 2013

Man With 100 Pound Scrotum Gets Surgery – Ends Up with 1 Inch Penis

Wesley Warren Jr relaxes with his 100 pound ball sack at a bus stop
A man with 140 lbs. testicles is unhappy after their removal - as the operation left him with a tiny penis.
Wesley Warren Jr had a 13-hour procedure to remove his swollen sac after it grew so huge he had to wear a hoodie top as trousers to support the load.
The 49-year-old couldn’t have sex and suffered from crippling pain from carrying around the testicles - which weighed more than a baby hippo.
But now the American fears he will never be able to have a relationship with a woman after the surgery left his manhood measuring just an inch long.

Picture of a Man suffering from a similar condition to Wesley Warren Jr.  the man pictured with the 100 pound scrotum has scrotal lymphedema.
Speaking exclusively to the Sun, Wesley said: “I know the majority of people are probably expecting me to express extreme happiness and glee that my life has been transformed since the sac has been removed - but it’s not as simple as that.

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