Wednesday, 11 September 2013

New Wife Kills Husband Of Eight Days After Argument'

A newlywed wife has been charged with murdering her husband by pushing him off a cliff eight days into their marriage because she was "having second thoughts."

Jordan Graham, 22, was charged with second-degree murder in a court in Missoula for the death of her husband Cody Johnson, 25.
Johnson was reported missing on July 8, a day after he is believed to have died.
According to court documents, Graham told officers her husband had texted her the evening of July 7 to say he was going for a drive with friends.
She said he left in a dark car and never returned, according to  reports.
Days later, she told emergency dispatchers at Glacier National Park that she had found her husband’s body below a hiking trail on the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road.
However, Graham later told authorities she had lied about Johnson’s death and that she had shoved him off a cliff during an argument while hiking, according to a court affidavit.
Graham said Johnson had grabbed her arm during the dispute.

“Graham stated she could have just walked away, but due to anger, she pushed Johnson with both hands in the back and as a result, he fell face first off the cliff,” according to a sworn statement by FBI Special Agent Steven Liss, who took her confession.
A post-mortem examination confirmed Johnson’s injuries were consistent with a fall from a cliff.
The two were married on June 29. Soon after the wedding, the woman told a friend that she was having second thoughts about marrying him, according to Special Agent Liss.
The evening of July 7, she texted the friend, “Oh well, I’m about to talk to him.”
In a subsequent text message she said, “But dead serious if u don’t hear from me at all again tonight, something happened.”
Family friend Tracey Maness told Western Montana newspaper Missoulian, “She’d been telling people she knew she never wanted to be married, she just wanted to have a wedding, and that’s apparently what they were arguing about.”
Graham made an appearance in court on Monday and is being detained, news reports say.

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