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The Impact of Sexual Abuse in the Black Community

These are only some of the most common effects of sexual abuse on Black women. When sisters are abused at young ages, they usually develop some type of socially dysfunctional behavior. They mentally torture their own minds by blaming themselves for the abuse, even though they are in no way at fault. Sisters, it was not your fault! The depression and anxiety from their abuse make them feel cheap which often leads them into promiscuity, pornography, prostitution, and stripping. 
A female victim of pedophilia may sleep with hundreds of men and never relate their behavior as an adult to their abuse as a child. For many sisters, it takes a watershed event in their life to make them evaluate their own behavior. This self-evaluation (introspection) usually marks the beginning of their personal healing process.

Black women are forced to subconsciously contend with a full range of emotions associated with their sexual abuse. 
They usually associate the pain from their abuse with Black male aggression. As a consequence, when they think of Black men they are consumed with a multitude of negative feelings including: anger, rage, resentment, hostility, animosity, bitterness, treason, competitiveness, distrust, and hatred. 
This resentment towards Black men can lead them down any number of wrong roads. Some try abstinence to avoid the emotional anguish that comes from close emotional/sexual encounters with Black men. Some turn to “feminism” (the intellectual form of lesbianism) which they perceive as a response to male abuse/aggression. Others turn towards lesbianism as an alternative sexual lifestyle. These paths only succeed in widening the rift between the Black man and woman and causing greater pain in the lives of our women.

In an attempt to cope with the reality of their life experiences, some sisters develop multiple personalities. In essence they live in at least two worlds – one hellish world of sexual abuse and madness, and one world they create in their mind that provides them with promise, peace, and tranquility. They spend their youth lying to themselves about the quality of their life just to make it through the day. This develops into a life of habitual lying and deceit that men commonly mistake for general dishonesty. In reality, these sisters distrust the world around them so they lie to cover up the real anxiety they feel in a world gone mad.
This pattern of disdain, deceit, and distrust can cause many Black women to be self-destructive in relationships with good men. They lie, cheat, and constantly create emotional havoc for the men in their lives. They subconsciously blame and punish the good men in their lives for the wrong deeds of the men who abused them earlier in life. Because most Black men don’t understand the reasoning behind our womens’ actions, we assume they are insane. We say “Man, she’s crazy as hell.” In reality, she’s damaged from years of abuse.
In an effort to subdue and manage their pain, many Black women use the church as an outlet. The problem is that the church is made up of other sisters who are suffering the exact same pain and agony. And the preacher has neither the understanding nor the desire to assist in the healing process because it is this very pain that is the source of his constantly growing collection plate. Black women subconsciously believe that if they just pay God off, the pain will be resolved. The preacher understands this on some level and uses it to his advantage. If he actually tried to help in the healing process, his profits might decrease and he would also have to deal with sexual abuse issues quietly running rampant in his own immediate surroundings. The issue will not be touched in most Black churches!

Most of our women who are sexually abused are left to cope with this pain by themselves. As a result, they grow up mentally and spiritually disturbed and it reflects in their condition. Some of the major social issues facing Black women stem directly from child sexual abuse – obesity, depression, lack of stable relationships, etc. . . This pain also reflects in their relationships with Black men and the way they raise their children.
The following is a brief list of some results of sexual abuse on Black men:
1. Lack of self-esteem and self-assurance
2. Criminality and Violence
3. Sexual confusion (homosexuality)
4. Sexual abusiveness (rape and child molestation)
5. Severe, recurring depression
6. Hatred for women (misogyny)
7. Sexual promiscuity (including whoring, strip dancing, etc . . .)
8. Schizophrenia (multiple personalities)
9. Pathological Lying and Deceit
10. Religious Fanaticism
11. Hatred for the Black Race
12. Integrationism
13. Poor Parenting

A combination of self-hatred and unadulterated rage consume most Black male victims of sexual abuse. Regardless of the age of the occurrence, they invariably blame themselves for the abuse. They believe that as males, even as young as 5 years old, they should have been able to protect themselves. Of course this is not true and Black men are not at fault for being sexually violated at any age. But the Black male psyche is not conditioned to forgive itself for being violated in this way. As a result, our brothers often develop into angry young men who commit heinous acts of violence in our community. Their resentment for the world turns them into predatory monsters without feelings for their own people. These brothers often spend their youth emotionally spiraling out of control trying to cope with the pain of this abuse. Because they cannot intellectually reconcile why they were abused, they begin to ask themselves questions that point to them being at fault:
1.What did I do to cause this to happen to me?
2.Am I gay now that this happened to me?
3.Why wasn’t I strong enough to prevent this from happening to me?
4.Did I want this to happen to me?
5.Did I enjoy what happened to me?
6.How could I have enjoyed what happened to me?

Black men suffer acute and long-term psychological damage from sexual abuse. Brothers often turn to alcoholism, drug use, sexual deviance, and various other vices to try and drown out the mental anguish caused by their trauma. In some cases, boys or men experience physical signs of sexual gratification while being sexually violated. It has nothing to do with them enjoying the abuse. It is an involuntary bodily response no different than experiencing pain after being shot. However, Black men who experience some form of involuntary physical reaction to their abuse reason that they must have enjoyed the experience. This causes them to question their own sexuality and manhood. If they do not seek proper psychological help, they can end up going deep into the white-sex (homosexual) lifestyle. This includes becoming rapists, transvestites, male prostitutes, “homosexuals” and/or pedophiles.
amerikkkan society wants the weakest, most effeminized, anti-intellectual, non racially-committed, criminal-minded, unaggressive, degenerate Black males possible. Black manhood must be destroyed or surrendered in order to achieve this result. Sexual abuse is the perfect way to attain these results. So whites have created a criminal injustice system that “homosexualizes” young Black males. whites intentionally send our sons to youth reformatories where they are raped by guards, inmates, and staff. As a result of their experiences, many of these brothers lose interest in learning, earning, building, protecting, or doing anything worthwhile. Having lost their sense of manhood, our sons end up smoking weed, playing video games, and listening to degenerate music all day long. On the extreme end of the results, too many of our sons return home and enter into a routine of seeking weaker, helpless victims to sexually violate. They become their own worse nightmare – the sexual predator.
The resulting sexual abuse of young males in the family leads some of these victims into the same sexual or criminal lifestyle of the perpetrator; and the cycle continues. We must stop this cycle!

Racial Impact

Black Women:
The racial impact of this sexual insanity is deep and far reaching. Black women have learned to hate Black men. Lesbianism has become a strong staple of Black female culture that Black men support and even encourage. The average Black woman operates with a “feminist” attitude that makes it impossible for a strong Black man to get along with her. Because of her abuse, Black women subconsciously view Black male aggression as being equivalent to rape. As a result, they fight Black male aggression on every level. This includes raising their sons to be soft, weak, effeminate girls that no Black father wants to have a relationship with. Without knowing it, many sisters groom their sons into lives of “homosexuality.” More and more, Black women are unintentionally becoming the white race’s best assistant in the effeminization and “homosexualization” of the Black male. This unfortunate reality is a direct result of Black male sexual abuse of Black women.

Black women have learned to hate Black manhood; so they kill it. Sisters punish strong Black men by refusing them time with their sons. While mentally brutalizing good Black fathers, she simultaneously robs her sons of the opportunity to grow into strong, decent Black men. In essence, she destroys the lives of two Black males with one bad decision. In this way, the Black woman’s treatment of her Black male counterpart has become analogous to the Black widow spider. After the Black widow spider gets impregnated by the male, she proceeds to eat him alive. The Black woman gives birth to our race. After she marries the strong Black man or births the young Black baby boy, she immediately begins the process of arresting and killing their strength, courage, and aggression. Essentially, she eats us alive. For this reason, we classify “Black feminist” and anti-Black male sentiment as “Black Widowism.”
We understand why Black women feel the way they do about Black men. They have every right to be disappointed in the Black man of today. In fact, Black women have the right to insist that Black men begin to act like men. But, she cannot allow her disappointment and pain to turn into active resentment and retaliation against strong Black manhood. This is disastrous because the problem of sexual abuse in the Black community can only be eliminated by strong Black manhood. By killing positive Black male aggression, the Black woman is destroying the only opportunity she has to fix the problem and resist the onslaught of racism white supremacy. Sisters, don’t become a Black Widow.
When the pain of sexual abuse isn’t leading our women into the hands of other women, it’s leading them into the hands of the slave-master himself – the white male. The original sexual abuser, the caucus mountain, two-legged, raw meat eating white male has become her second option. As if she is trying to wave the absolute flag of surrender, the Black woman is saying to the Black Race, “I quit!” She hasn’t been able to defeat racism white supremacy by herself; and her men aren’t fighting the battle for her. We can barely protect ourselves. And to add insult to injury, we spend far more time and energy verbally and physically abusing our women than protecting them from white aggression. In short, Black men aren’t acting like men. So the Black woman has decided that if she cannot beat the slave-master, then she will join him. Black women across the world are sprinting into the awaiting arms of the two-legged white dog who enslaved her race and kidnapped her babies to begin with. (All of us are witnessing this every single day. More and more Black women are marrying white males. This is not going to do anything to help our situation.)

The sexual abuse of Black girls and women is ripping our race apart. This abuse has made many Black women unfit for parenting as evidenced by the behavior of our children. One glance at the misbehavior of Black youth today is a clear indication of the impact sexual abuse has on the parenting ability of Black women.
Black Men:
Black men disrespect, prostitute, rape, and dishonor Black women. This type of behavior clearly emulates historical white male social interaction with white females which has always been “homosexual” and abusive in nature. “Homosexual” misbehavior and culture permeate Black male life. We wear earrings, tattoo and pierce our bodies, wear our pants hanging down(exposing our behinds to other men), wear bright-colored – tight and straight legged jeans, accept sexual favors from other males, support female-to-female sexual exchanges, participate in misogyny (ex: calling Black women bit*hes, hos, etc. . .), allow our behinds to be invaded in a multitude of different ways, among many other effeminate acts.
Black men sometimes turn to white females and/or other males as a result of sexual insecurity stemming from sexual abuse. Other brothers turn to drugs and criminality. No matter which of these directions we turn, it leads us into racial treason. In our confusion, dismay, resentment, depression, doubt, insecurity, and insanity, we turn inward on our own people and indulge in every behavior that keeps our community enslaved and regressive. We are a depressed group of males who exercise abuse of our own women in place of bringing relentless warfare to the true tormentors and abusers of our people – the white race. We beat up on our defenseless people because they are weak and there is no one to come to their rescue. The need to release our rage and anger from racism white supremacy in general, and sexual abuse in specific, leads us to destroying everything around us. We become female-hating, effeminate, criminal madmen (chocolate covered “crackers”) who ravage our communities in every way imaginable, including sexually.
Black men who have been sexually abused have a hard enough time trying to remain sane, much less raise children properly. Though some of these brothers put their abuse behind them and work to be strong committed fathers in our community, more end up allowing their dysfunction to adversely affect their child’s upbringing. This means they are alcoholics, drug addicts, jobless, homeless, clinically depressed men, whose psychological condition prevents them from being the quality fathers they might otherwise be. In some instances, these men actually sexually abuse their own children. The cycle continues!
Fortunately there are some solutions to dealing with the pain of sexual abuse and ending the cycle in our families. The following is a brief list of coping mechanisms for Afrikan people:
Coping with the Pain:
1. Seek psychological therapy from Black, heterosexual professionals who are not “homosexually friendly.” Brothers and sisters who are trained in helping our people deal with the pain of sexual abuse can be our greatest allies in fighting this problem. (Be careful. “Homosexually friendly” therapists often lead our people deeper into lives of sexual perversion by convincing us that the source of our problems is us resisting our innate “homosexuality.” This has the reverse effect of what we are seeking.)
2. Share your experiences with your mate. Most Black people who love and care about their mate will want to help them work through the pain of sexual abuse. It is a lifetime journey that no one should have to travel alone. There is no better therapy than a listening ear of a loved one. We must be careful not to let this issue consume our relationships. However, we must all become more aware of the problem and play our role in trying to heal the wounds of our people. One of the best ways to contribute is to be a sounding board for our loved ones.
3. Exercise. One of the most productive ways to release the pain from sexual abuse is to exercise on a regular basis. Being able to run, lift, and otherwise exert energy in a productive and healthy manner is liberating. It allows sisters to feel physically healthy and appreciate the condition of their body, which builds self-respect, pride, and a sense of self worth. It allows brothers to become physically fit enough that they know they will never let sexual abuse happen to them or anyone else they care about. This self-assurance helps to rebuild the character, confidence, and sense of value for Black men.
4. Get involved in the fight against sexual abuse in the Black community. This can be accomplished in many ways. Some people become therapists and social workers. Some start youth programs and/or work in schools. Some become speakers and writers who discuss the issue in community forums.
5. Maintain strong, healthy, stable, interpersonal relationships with Black people.This includes mates, children, family, and friends. These strong interpersonal bonds help diminish the “trust issues” developed early in life as a result of one’s sexual violation. They also help provide a positive outlook on life and the future.
Ending the Cycle:
1. Organize the strong, heterosexual men in the family to serve as a family police force. Everyone in the family should know exactly who to call in case of family emergencies such as sexual abuse. Sexual predators do not do well in environments with strong, organized, committed Black men.
2. Use family reunions and other major get-togethers as forums to address sexual abuse in the family. A few key, trusted adults should use each year’s family reunion to gather the children together for an important talk on the subject. They should be strongly encouraged to share anything they need to with the trusted adults who will then follow up on the matter and ensure that the abuse stops. They should be given phone numbers for the trusted adults in the family whom they can contact any time – day or night. This is imperative. Children need to have this information at their fingertips so that in a moment of strength or desperation, they can call a responsible adult who they trust to help them. It will be best if the children are taught to commit the numbers to memory.
3. Remove the pedophiles from the family. Many of our families allow the presence of known pedophiles. This is devastating to the victims and to the health of the family in general. Black men need to ensure that these “thieves of childhood” are permanently expelled from our families. This can include incarceration, ostracizing, and/or death. This is a serious problem and we must be willing to consider the dire necessity to nip this issue in the bud. In some cases, Black men will decide to make examples out of these monsters in our families. After substantiating that sexual abuse has occurred at the hands of a Black male, responsible Black men have the right to take his life without the threat of being reported to white authorities (police). When this occurs, we must all be mature and sophisticated enough to understand why this is necessary. In order to rid our community of this debris, Black women will have to be willing to lose some of their fathers, sons, uncles, brothers, nephews, and grandsons. If Black women are not on board with our efforts to eliminate this ill from our community, it won’t be done.
4. Call the police and report the culprits to the “authorities.” In the absence of strong Black male authority that can bring permanent relief to this situation, we must utilize the resources we have at hand. The pedophiles need to be reported, arrested, convicted, and removed from our streets. Once reported to the police, the criminal injustice system has to document each accusation and arrest, which creates a sexual abuse record of the offender. If convicted, they are forced to register as sex offenders in a national database. Websites like:
provide free email notification to you every time a registered sexual predator moves in your vicinity. Calling the police may not be the final solution, but it certainly helps. Report sexual abusers to the police!
5. Properly educate our people to the problem of child sexual abuse in the Black world. It is critical that Black people become adequately educated about this cancer in our community. Our children must be taught how to identify improper sexual contact and/or dialog. They must be trained to resist sexual abuse and report it to trusted adults who will intervene and ensure that the abuse stops. We desperately need workable solutions to this crisis which will only come from Black men and women who understand the problems we face and can provide us with appropriate direction. Some of the sources designed to educate our people on these deep emotional wounds are:
The website is a free source of information designed to help Black people become more aware of the issues of “homosexuality” and pedophilia in Black communities all over the world. It is also the official website for the book “War on the Horizon – Black Resistance to the white-sex Assault.” Please encourage Black people to utilize this free source of information. It can be the first stop on their sexual, emotional, psychological, and intellectual road to recovery.

Credit: Waronthehorizon

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