Thursday, 10 July 2014

60 Geese Slaughtered After Attacking Office Workers

60 geese slaughtered after attacking office workers
A water firm has slaughtered 60 geese because they were attacking staff and terrorising the head office.
Bosses at United Utilities in Warrington, Manchester, said the birds have bitten several staff and one woman even had to visit her GP.
The company, which supplies water to Bolton, carried out an overnight cull during the breeding season.

Picture shows the pond were the geese live and the United Utilities building where staff are being attacked by geese. United Utilities have been forced to kill 60 unruly geese because they were attacking staff and terrorising the firm's head office. See Ross Parry Copy RPYGEESE : Bosses said the birds have bitten several staff and one woman even had to visit her GP after she was attacked at the office in Warrington, Greater Manc. The company, which supplies nearby Bolton's water, carried out the overnight cull - during the breeding season - on June 26 under what a spokesman described as "strict compliance with a licence". Thomas Temple/
The attacks took place around the pond outside United Utilities (Picture: SWNS)
A spokesman for United Utilities explained that the mass killing took place under ‘strict compliance with a licence’.
He said: ‘It was a difficult decision to reduce the numbers of Canada geese at Lingley Mere, and we appreciate it wasn’t something everyone would agree with, but it was important we took action to encourage other wildlife to thrive on site and stop people being injured.
‘Several staff have been hurt after being bitten by the birds, which was very worrying as we have a children’s nursery on our land.’

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  1. This is utter nonsense. This is just corporate claptrap. I broke the story to the media and the reality is oh so different. These geese have been there for years. One lady bizzarly went to the doctors we are told with a goose "bite" in 20 years! Geese dont "terrorise", they just want to be left alone, but will react when humans go near their young as you would expect.

    This company slaughtered males, females and even young goslings in a covert overnight slaughter out of the public gaze. They only admitted it when questions re the poor geese' fate was been asked.

    This is an absurd overreaction to a problem that counld have been avoided with a good piece of forward planning. What they have done is upset many of the the staff onsite and many members of the public. They have NOT tried all the techniques used to keep numbers under control, they have chosen the lazy easy option of mass slaughter - SHAME ON THEM.