Monday 14 July 2014

Only In Ghana: Police Arrest Movie Producer Who Sleeps With Young Girls In Exchange For Roles

In as much that the producer deserves to be punished, the girls too need some kind of punishment. What kind of home training did a 17 year old girl have to be exchanging sex for roles – how many people will she sleep with to be successful? A 17 year old girl, should just be finishing high school or be in college or just started higher education now. I fear for this generation o.

A movie producer from Ghana has been arrested by the police after he deceived a 17-year-old girl to sleep with him, promising to feature her in a movie. According to a report by Ladun Liadi, the movie producer, whose name was not given, had told the girl he would put her name on the final list of those who would act in the movie, under the condition that she goes to bed with him.
The naive teenager (I don’t agree, she was naive, she was not raped) succumbed to his proposition but, unfortunately, he didn’t keep his own part of the deal, and she was not featured in any movie. (It became a crime because she was not featured?) The father of the girl was said to have found out about the incident and then went with the police to the producer’s house to arrest him. However, on getting there, they caught the man in bed with another young girl.
This movie producer is reportedly in the habit of sleeping around with teenage girls under the guise of featuring them in movies.
This mess is everywhere but it seems to be more rampant in the movie industry due to the high number of ladies who want to appear in movies at all cost. (Girls need to be trained to use their head and not their veejay to get employment/favour).

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