Sunday 10 August 2014

This Guy Put His Hospital Bill Online. Now The Whole World is Talking About It.

A 20 year old American citizen who came down with appendicitis last October has posted his hospital bill online, and it’s gone viral.
The US remains the only nation in the developed world that fails to provide universal healthcare for its citizens, and most international reddit users could simply not believe what this young man was being charged for treatment they would receive without any bill at all.

Here is the bill.
If he hadn’t been on his father’s insurance, the original cost was over $55,000. The bill 
was only lowered to $11,000 due to that fact.
Plus $16,000 for the operation. Seriously.
A001 - CopyCitizens from near and far took to reddit to share their own experience of healthcare, and their utter horror at his experience.
This sort of thing would be unacceptable in a third world country, but it is down-right dastardly in the richest nation on earth, which could well afford to ensure the healthcare needs of its citizens were met through a contributions based system.  While the American right lambasts Obamacare as putting the government between you and your doctor (never mind that the government is only there to pay said doctor), they are quite happy to put health insurance companies and extortionate costs between you and the doctor.  I know which I would rather have.

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