Thursday 9 October 2014

Linda Ikeji Bounces Back @

Linda Ikeji
In an interesting turn of events yesterday, visitors to Linda Ikeji's blog ( suddenly discovered that their beloved entertainment/gossip hotspot was offline. It turned out that Google had taken the complaints of plagiarism quite serious and had deleted Linda Ikeji's blog.However, the Diva blogger she is back Again! You can now access Linda Ikeji's content via 

Linda Ikejis Blog removed Reasons Why Linda Ikejis Blog was SHUT down #LindaIkeji
According to a twitter handle owned by @MrAyeDee, celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji was accused of copyright infringement of his works. He reported these infringing activities to Google and what resulted was a take down of his articles/works on her site and also a take down of articles/works of other persons who she also allegedly had been infringing on their works. He also claimed with the rate and way things looked, Linda Ikeji’s site could be shut down within a week.

Linda Ikeji has a blog hosted on Blogger and averages an estimated $900,000.00 in income each year.  I get the fact that this guy was concerned about Ikeji’s activities and got Google to do something about it. What I don’t get is his very strong response and continued massive tweets talking about the same issue in an almost vendetta like style towards her. This got me curious to know who he was and what could be a motive behind all of these.
I began by looking at his twitter page and narrowed in on his website www. The description of the services he offered through his media group raised my curiosity. He says his media group owns “hundreds of websites.” He also claimed some of the infringing content on Linda Ikeji came from his site. Well one of his hundreds of websites is because it has the media group stamped on it. I did a basic search on to see who owns it. The name ‘Emmanuel Efremov’ came up as the registered owner of isclear it is owned by media group, @MrAyeDee’s company.
For my article on Linda Ikeji, many have been saying they are surprised she does not own her own domain. Purely out of curiosity, I looked up and noted it is owned by someone else, a case of cybersquatting. I also look up Linda and see the same ‘Emmanuel Efremov’ come up. Now I am very curious. How is it that Emmanuel Efremov owner of, a subsidiary of, also owns Am I missing something?

Needless to say, I google the name ‘Emmanuel Efremov’ and lo and behold, there is a case by Volkswagen against an Emmanuel Efremov for cybersquatting. Looking at the description of, the registered domain owner of and and the case by Volkswagen against Emmanuel Efremov, I am left feeling that the credibility of @MrAyeDee is shot and very weak at best. It also makes me wonder about any prior existing relationship between him and Linda Ikeji as to the issue of domain ownership i.e. cybersquatting. It is not uncommon for cybersquatters to ask you the legitimate owner of a trademark to pay them to ownyour own website.

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