Wednesday, 5 November 2014

LONDON BUS EXPLOSION: Bus 'Explodes' On A London Street Moments After Bursting Into Flames

Remains of the bus following the fire in Wallington
 A bus caught fire on a London street on Monday, November 4, leading to an explosion which sent debris across a busy junction, according to Sutton Police. A police officer noticed smoke billowing from the 157 bus at the junction of Stafford Road with Sandy Lane.
Sutton Police said the driver pulled over to the side of the road and evacuated passengers as "smoke emitted from the rear of the bus".
There are no reports of anyone being injured. Initial reports indicate that the fire is not suspicious.

Dozens of passengers were led to safety in South London after a double decker bus burst into flames.
police officer alerted the driver yesterday afternoon after seeing smoke coming from the rear wheel of the 157 service from Morden to Crystal Palace.

Remains of the bus following the fire in Wallington
Remains of the buss following the fire in Wallington Credit: Twitter/@LAS_TacAdvisor

Witnesses describe hearing a loud explosion with debris sent flying across the street. Speaking to the Evening Standard, one eyewitness said:
It's amazing no one was hurt. A crowd had formed, some of them must have been the passengers, and police were telling everyone to stay back. The fire was getting bigger and suddenly there was a huge explosion. It sounded like a giant gun shot. People startedscreaming and stepped back, panicking. The flames must have shot 10m across the street. I‘m sure it was the tyre exploding. Bits of the bus flew out at the same time. It’s really lucky no one was hurt.
The fire is not thought to be suspicious and the cause is currently under investigation.

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