Wednesday 29 April 2015

President-Elect Gn. Buhari at the Induction of New Members of the 8th National Assembly

President-Elect Gen Buhari was at the induction of new members of the National assembly organised by the National Institute for Legislative Studies in Abuja today April 29th today. At the induction, Buhari promised to work closely with the National Assembly members, stating that for any democratic leader to work successful, he needs the cooperation of the national assembly members...

"The legislature by nature is inherently democratic in the sense that all members are equal and are elected representatives of the Nigerian people. As President-elect, I recognize this fact and believe that legislators carry this heavy burden of representation with all the seriousness it deserves. For a president to be successful in addressing community development and general welfare of the various people of the country, he or she would benefit from working closely and in harmony with the legislative arm of government. “I therefore commit myself to working with the legislature as development partners motivated by the desire to deliver good governance.” he said

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