Tuesday 11 August 2015

Her Nephew Stops Breathing In Traffic. When She Pulls Over And Does THIS, Watch Who Steps In!

While Pamela Rauseo was on a Miami highway, she noticed something strange happening in her back seat. Her five-month-old nephew, Sebastian, had stopped crying. While the break in crying might seem like a relief to some, Pamela knew something was not right — and following her gut, she pulled over to check on him. As soon as she saw Sebastian, her fear was confirmed.

Sebastian was not responsive, and turning blue. She took him out of the car seat, and with trembling fingers tried to call 9-11, but she was so scared her hands wouldn’t function. She tried to flag down people for help, and thankfully, people did stop to help her — but unfortunately, they did not know CPR. Pamela asked them to call 9-11, and began attempting to perform CPR on Sebastian. By the time Sebastian regained consciousness, Fire Rescue had arrived.
Although situations like these may not always be preventable, it’s important to know CPR — you could save a life!
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