Sunday 16 August 2015

The Lesbian Couple Who Both Used To Be Men: Chelsea (born Jonathan) Was Shocked To Discover Her Boyfriend Craig Wanted A sex Change

The lesbian couple who BOTH used to be men: Chelsea (born Jonathan) shocked to find out
When Chelsea Jade - formerly known as Jonathan (bottom right) - met a man willing to accept that she had been born a boy, the 28-year-old thought she'd hit the jackpot. But just months into their relationship, her new boyfriend Craig (the couple, both British, are pictured together, top right) would be forced to make a startling admission - that he also wanted to become a woman. 

Chelsea met car salesman Craig last year and believed she had finally found the chance to have a 'normal life'. Despite knowing she was transgender, Craig was keen to begin a relationship and the pair quickly hit it off. But five months later Chelsea found a series of alluring photos that Craig had uploaded to a dating site, showing the 24-year-old in high heels and short skirts. Initially Craig played the pictures down - dismissing his cross-dressing as a sexual fetish. 

But a few week later he revealed a secret that he had kept to himself since the age of eight - that he wanted to live as 'Carla'. The unconventional couple (pictured together as Chelsea and Carla, left) are now planning their wedding and looking forward to a happy life together.

Chelsea told The Sun: 'I didn't want to see my partner in girl's clothes. It made me uncomfortable. I'm not sexually attracted to Craig when he's Carla.'
But having gone through the same experience, Chelsea was determined not to let the news ruin the bond that they had formed.
She added: 'I didn't want anyone I cared about to go through such a bad time like I did. What kind of person would I be if I didn't help her through this? 
'Of course we do have sex. But sexual attraction is not the main thing in a relationship. Love is the man thing. And I do love her.' 
Chelsea Jade began life as Jonathon Conroy, enduring a difficult childhood and adolescence in County Wicklow, Ireland, because of her sexuality.
She dressed in girl's clothes from a very young age and said she always felt different to other boys - preferring dolls and skipping ropes to BMX bikes and trucks.
When she was 13, Chelsea came out as gay and says she was mercilessly teased and bullied at school, citing one incident where a classmate jabbed the sharp end of a compass into her leg.

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