Tuesday 22 September 2015

British Prime Minister, David Cameron Allegedly Had Sex With a Dead Pig In His Student Days In Oxford During An Initiation Ceremony(See Social Media Reactions)

British Prime Minister, David Cameron is being heavily trolled on the social media across the world over allegations that he sexually abused a dead pig. 

British Prime Minister, David Cameron has made his way into the media headlines for despicable reason as he reportedly once put his penis into a dead pig’s mouth in a shocking act of sexual sodomy for initiation.
The allegations has sent Twitter into a frenzy of memes used to mock the report.

Quoting a “distinguished” contemporary, the Daily Mail reported that the then-future British Prime Minister, in his student days in Oxford, participated in an outrageous initiation ceremony that involved a dead pig’s corpse and Cameron’s “private” part.
There is no official response from Cameron on the obnoxious allegations.
See the social media reactions trailing awkward allegations:

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