Wednesday 23 December 2015

Nigerian Oil Tycoon Micheal Prest Set To Marry Kunle Tejuoso’s Wife, Bunmi…

It is often said that “a maiden marries to please her parents, a widow to please herself.” Bunmi, the wife of late Prince Kunle Tejuoso is set to remarry Prest, perhaps to please herself. Bunmi contradicts the African widow stereotype in more ways than could be imagined. She is not a symbol of neglect nor is she caught in a perpetual vortex of misery and lack.

When Kunle died in a mysterious circumstance in Abuja five years ago, many knew his demise would leave his wife, Bunmi desolate for a very long time. And the reason was hardly far-fetched; such thought was predicated on the widely known fact that Bunmi’s love for her husband was inestimable, defying reason and every cliché on affection even till date.
So strong was the bond between them that Bunmi was grief-stricken for so long that she seemed totally lost in a trance. Today, all that has been confined to history as the mother of three children is getting her groove back. She has found love once again. Trust Prest, he is spoiling her silly with all the good things of life.
However, you couldn’t have forgotten so soon the celebrated divorce case of Micheal Prest, the millionaire businessman and the younger brother of Helen Prest-Ajayi, the former beauty queen, and his former wife, Yasmin.
The landmark case, which centred on the £17.5 million divorce of Michael and Yasmin pitched the family division and the commercial division of the High Court against each other. Michael Prest and his wife, who met over twenty years ago in London, enjoyed the fruits of the fortune he amassed, sending their son and three daughters to public school, and alternating their time between a multi-million pound house in London and homes in the Caribbean and Nigeria.
After their separation in 2008 Mr Prest, who lives in Monaco, refused to pay the multi-million pound settlement to his 50-year-old ex-wife – a British-born IT consultant who has dual Nigerian nationality like her husband. The case has been settled.
The good news is Prest is in love as you read. “Now I know what Love is,” said Virgil, a Roman poet in the Throes of Love. These days, Prest is feeling just the same. He is living his dream and having the time of his life with his new lover, Bunmi. Please, stay tuned for the date and venue of the ceremony.

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