Saturday 6 February 2016

Fracas As Ooni of Ife, Owa Obokun of Ijesha ‘Fights Dirty’ Over Leadership

ooni ogunwusi and owa obokun

It was like a war on Thursday at the monthly meeting of the Osun State Council of Traditional Rulers as prominent traditional rulers engaged in free for all.
The Owa Obokun of Ijesaland, Oba Adekunle Aromolaran reportedly fought the advance team of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi who brought his special chair to the front seat of the venue of the meeting as the presiding chairman.
Oba Aromolaran reportedly shouted down the Ooni’s advance team and was quoted to have protested that, Oba Ogunwusi’s chair should not come before his own in any way.
Despite the intervention of some Obas to calm Oba Aromolaran, he reportedly insisted that his chair must come forward.
Followers of the two respected monarchs were said to have engaged in duel fight, a situation that led to serious crisis.
However, the meeting was immediately cancelled as other monarchs described the act as ridiculous to the traditional circle.
It was gathered that most of Obas at the meeting condemned the insistence of Oba Aromolaran to sit in the front.
“Despite the Ooni’s ‘Emeses’ (messengers) insistence that they were sent by the monarch to put the chair at that place, Aromolarn resisted them by force and got one of them stripped,” a source said.
Governor of Osun state, Mr Rauf Aregbesola has however intervened in the crisis as sources said that the governor has summoned the monarchs to restore harmony.
Meanwhile, News Punch got hold of Osun State Chiefs (Wearing of Beaded Crowns) Order. CAP 25 Laws of Osun State 2001.
The Chiefs (Wearing of Beaded Crowns) Order. CAP 25 Laws of Osun State 2001.
1. The Ooni of Ife
2. The Owa Obokun of Ijeshaland
3.The Orangun of Ila
4. Owa-Oye of Imesi Ile
5. Akinla of Erin- Ijesha
6. Owa Omiran of Esa Oke
7. Olotan of Otan Ile
8.Alare of Ilare
9. Ado-Oko of Idoko
10. Ajaoregbe of Ijaregbe
11. Alada of Ada Owode
12. Olomo of Omo
13. Olufewara of Ifewara
14. Olowu of Owu-Epe
15. Oluse of Ise-Ijesha
16. Ataoja of Oshogbo
17. Olufon of Ifon-Osun
18. Elerin of Erin
19. Oloba Ile of Oba Ile
20. Alawo of Awo
21. Alara of Ara
22.Olojo of Ojo
23. Oba Ido of Ido Osun
24. Olukotun of Ikotun.
25. Olokuku of Okuku.
26. Akosin of Ekosin
27. Oloyan of Oyan
28. Onigbaye of Igbaye.
29. Aragbiji of Iragbiji
30. Owa of Igbajo
31. Olojaressi of Iressi
32. Elende of Eko- Ende
33. Olona of Ada
34. Olobagun of Obagun
35. Olororuwo of Ororuwo
36. Onirun of Oke- Irun
37. Olore of Ore
38. Eburu of Iba
39. Owa of Otan- Ayegbaju.
40. Orangun of Oke- Ila
41. Asaoni of Ora
42. Edigbon of Edemosi
43. Ogiyan of Ejigbo
44. Alashoko of Ishoko (Ejigbo)
45. Adimula of Ife Odan.
46. Olugbon of Igbon
47. Ologuro of Oguro
48. Olowu of Owu (Ejigbo)
49. Alato of Ato.
50. Alaye of Aye.
51. Oluka of Ika
52. Oluwo of Iwo
53. Akire of Ikire
54. Olowu of Orile-Owu
55. The Timi of Ede
56. The Akirun of Ikirun
57. The Ogboni of Obokun.
58. The Elegboro of Ijebu- Jesha
59. The Ajalaye of Ipetu- Ijesha
60. The Apetumodu of Ipetumodu
61. The Alapomu of Apomu.
62. The Aloko of Iloko
64. The Oloba- Oke of Oba-Oke
65. The Olu of Ile – Ile Ogbo
66. The Salu of Edunabon
67. The Olumoro of Moro
68. The Eleripa of Eripa.
69. The Olowu of Kuta
70. The Olura of Ira
71. The Olowu of Ilemowu
72. The Olupo of Oluponna
73. The Ogboni of Ipole
74. Oonifin of Ikonifin
75. The Akesin of Ora
76. The Alayegun of Ayegun

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