Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Olajumoke Orisaguna To Speak At Play-Forum At Hilton Abuja

The Olajumoke (@olajumokeorisaguna) Story.. this Saturday at the Play Forum. #BeInspired .

Motivational Speaker: Olajumoke Orisaguna
Guest Speaker: Governor Olusegun Mimiko (Executive Governor of Ondo State)


sheystics This is good yh. But am i the only one that feels like people are trying to exploit Olajumoke's sudden fame? Hiding under the guise of caring about her story. #justspeakingmymind

carrotabuja@georgeokoro I wish it was @tybello that was the motivational speaker it would be nice to hear her explain how easy it is and encourage women to support each other I doubt there's much Jumoke has to say and to be honest I for one and everyone else on Instagram/the world knows her story she sells bread she photo bombed is now a model shikena!!!#truth
ceeojay@carrotabuja funny but true

destty24 i thought they said she cant speak she is going to be the motivational speaker
jennypher_oyesLove Jumoke and her story but I have to agree with @carrotabuja @tybello os not only a master in her field but is a woman let's forget the hype of Jumoke for a second. TY Bello saw a gift in Jumoke and decided to enhance it that is a woman using her network to support another woman and there needs to be more of that and not whose weave is longer than whose weave and whose shop is in Wuse and whose shop is in gwagalada. There needs to be of a united front where women are concerned and that is why men have dominated the business platform for so long because they have shown that ego aside they can work together to strategise and get money TOGETHER. There is a new trend and that is Female CEO's from Helen Brand the CEO of ACCA Global to Susan Wojcicki CEO of YouTube and Maria Mayer of Yahoo. Let's touch on the real issues something that people can really take away with them and implement.

norahbekee Yes I watched her newslines interview and it was yoruba all thru @destty24 she cant speak english I was wondering how de speaking was gonna happen too but na naija we dey so maybe we need attend dis event to know werrin go happen

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