Wednesday 13 April 2016

After Desperate Attempt to Conceive Father Cradled Newborn Quadruplets in His Arms - Just Hours After His Wife Died Giving Birth to Them

Tragic: Morales from Phoenix, Arizona, held the babies - three girls and one boy - after his wife Erica, 36, passed away on January 16. Their mother would never get to meet them

This is the heartbreaking moment a father cradled his newborn quadruplets in his arms - just hours after his wife died giving birth to them. 
Carlos Morales from Phoenix, Arizona, held the babies - three girls and one boy - after his wife Erica, 36, passed away last year.

The pair had gone through IVF fertility treatment in a desperate attempt to conceive to complete their family.
But the last time Mr Morales saw his wife was when she kissed her on the head and said he loved her before going into labor at Banner Good Samaritan Hospital.

Bond: The pair got married in 2007 and tried for a baby straight away. After a miscarriage they opted for IVF. Mr Morales saidĀ 'We were so excited to start our family. And then it all came crashing down.'

The children arrived one month before her due date. Carlos Jr, Paisley, Tracy, and Erica were delivered safely but the mother went into hypovolemic shock, an emergency condition where one experiences a severe amount of blood loss.
Just an hour later she died, and never got to hold them in her arms.
Since then Mr Morales has been caring for the youngsters and has described the ordeal he has been through.
'We were so excited to start our family,' he told People magazine, 'And then it all came crashing down.'
In the heartbreaking interview, he also described the moment the pair first met.  
'I didn't speak any English and she didn't speak any Spanish,', laughing. 'But I asked her to dance and she said yes.' 
He then gave her his phone number, only to discover she had thrown the piece of paper out.

Heartbreaking: Mr Morales and his wife (pictured during pregnancy) started discussing names before she went into labor. She then told they would decide after they were bornĀ 

However they met each other through friends again and sparked a relationship. 
After marrying in Las Vegas in 2007, Mr Morales said they started trying for a baby right away.
They went through a miscarriage, but were ecstatic when they found out the had a baby (before they realized it was mutiple) on the way. 
He told the magazine: 'Her doctor told her she had to just relax. So that's exactly what she did.' 
In a bid to prevent her from any undue stress, Mr Morales cooked, cleaned and made sure his wife stayed off her feet. 
She had been healthy throughout the pregnancy, but was admitted into hospital on January 12 because her blood pressure was high.
Three days later, she texted her husband at his construction job and said doctors wanted to deliver right away. 
Looking to the future: After her death, Mr Morales found a note on his wife's iPad describing how she wanted her children to go to college, speak English and Spanish, and get good jobs

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