Saturday 19 November 2016

Nigerians React To The Execution Of Chijioke Obioha In Singapore After Being Found Guilty Of Trafficking 2Kg Of Cannabis In 2007

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A Nigerian death row convict, Chijoke Stephen Obioha was executed in Singapore early hour of Friday, November 18, 2016 after the Court of Appeal dismissed an Urgent Criminal Motion filed by his lawyer, Mr Joseph Chen, Thursday. 

The Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign member, Mr Ravi, who is assisting Mr Joseph with the research for the case, took to his Facebook page an hour ago to announce the news “This morning, at 6am, the execution of Chijioke Stephen Obioha took place. I am not even sure if his family from Nigeria were able to attend. Soon it will be all forgotten together with Chijioke’s name, but for the many of us who fight and campaign to eradicate this barbaric practice of death by hanging, and for those of us who challenge the mandatory death penalty for drug trafficking in Singapore, our work will go on. And it must”, Ravi posted. Chijoke was first arrested in 2007 and sentenced to the Mandatory Death Penalty in 2008 after being found guilty of trafficking more than 2kg of Cannabis.

Mixed reactions trails the execution of Chijioke Obiora by the Singaporean government for drug trafficking offences.

Chijioke was executed in the early hours of Friday., with the federal government describing the event as gut-wrenching.

Here's what Nigerians are saying about the execution. 

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