Wednesday 15 March 2017

Daniella Okeke Reacts To Apostle Suleman's Sex Scandal

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Nollywood Actress, Daniella Okeke has finally broken her silence after she was rubbed into the Apostle Suleiman Sex Scandal.

Recall, Stephanie Otobo during her media conference claimed that Daniella is an ex-girlfriend of Apostle Suleiman and they once had party with an unknown lady (see here)… and then Sahara Reporters revealed that Daniella’s Car and Mansion was bought by the Apostle.

Now, Daniella in reactions to all these allegations has said her silence is golden, as she was instructed by lawyers not to mum a word.

Read Below what she said:

In adherence to my lawyers counsels, I have been mute since I read some funny fallacies.. My lawyers will do the talking.. But for sure a lot of people will go down for getting my name involved in something I had no business with. So be careful about what you say or write. My been mute is for legal reasons!! #MYCASEISDIFFERENT #GODOVEREVERYTHING

Nairalander writes....

Nice Strategy.

That is how to handle it. Especially when u dnt know what they will bring next as evidence. The shhit eating stuff is still there.

The car on instagram was a big blow. So my dear keep forming your lawyers are working on it. 

Not saying much will make people forget your name with time. No lawyer is doing anything.

Not the childish way Apostle handled it. Threatening everybody with hell fire


Stephanie, during the press briefing, said, “I refuse to have a three-some with him because I am not a lesbian and I don’t like women touching me.”

Quizzed about Apostle Suleman’s exes, Stephanie said “he told me about his ex-girlfriend, Daniella Okeke, some actress girl.”

This latest revelation by Stephanie, however, remains unconfirmed.

Concise News also gathered that more ladies who fell victim to Apostle Suleman’s randiness have approached Keyamo chambers with graphic evidences.

The clergy man has denied all allegations and is threatening to sue Festus Keyamo N1bn unless he apologizes and and retracts all allegations against him.

The clergyman, however, has the support of his wife Lizzy Suleman who released a video to that effect on Tuesday, March 7th.

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