Wednesday 24 May 2017

CNN: ‘The Saudis Loved Melania Trump Because She is Submissive to Her Husband’

Melania Trump

CNN shared an opinion piece by Bangladeshi pundit Anushay Hossain, who writes: “The ugly truth behind Saudi Arabia’s love for Melania Trump” is that her husband, President Donald Trump, makes her behave the way “the Saudi government likes women to behave.”

In other words, Melania Trump is submissive to her husband and stays in her lane.

President Trump Melania Trump

President Trump Melania Trump

Hossain writes that the Saudi press loved Melania, not only for her elegant poise, but also because she “walks behind her husband, is quiet and reserved, does not make obvious demands (at least not ones we can hear), and most importantly, she looks beautiful and polished.”

She said Melania appeals to the Saudi citizens of the notoriously anti-woman kingdom because they can relate to her, especially visually.

The CNN op-ed was intended to be a hit piece on Melania, but it turned out to be a complimentary to her husband, President Trump, for having a wife who not only looks pretty in pictures, but who behaves the way he wants women to behave.

Any man will tell you being married to a submissive woman is a match made in Heaven.


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