Saturday 22 July 2017

Ayo Fayose's Son Graduates From Covenant University, Says; "Children Of Public Office Holders Should Attend Schools In Nigeria"

Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose's fourth son, Rogba, graduated from Covenant University in Ogun state yesterday July 21st. Fayose in company of his wife, Feyisetan and other sons, attended the convocation ceremony which held in the school's premises. While speaking to newsmen, Fayose called on Nigerians to invest in the country's education sector expressing belief that a Nigerian university can one day emerge best in the world with proper funding. According to him, Children of public office holders should attend schools in Nigeria.

"I won't condemn people for sending their wards to study abroad but I have always believed the best could be gotten here in Nigeria. During my first tenure as governor, I withdrew my sons from a private school(Olashore International School) to SPEB public primary school in Ekiti, an initiative of my then administration. My Sons graduated from Nigerian Universities, I want others to emulate me, we have the best here, we can choose to invest here. We talk and do. Whatever we say is what we practice. Apart from the fact that none of children attended schools abroad, I have never travelled out of the country for Medicare. Even though views of people like us might not be popular among the powers that be because we say the truth and act the truth, we won’t stop telling them what they do not like to hear and one of such is that the only way to improve the standard of education in the country is for children of holders of public office to experience what children of ordinary Nigerians are experiencing in schools in the country"he said.

Speaking further, Fayose said "As a parent, we are fulfilled. Graduating from here is a value added to his life, as the fourth son of the family and the third to graduate from this University, it gladdens our hearts and we are happy to identify with him, we thank God for his life and we thank the University for helping us to train him. When you have certificate issued to you, it comes with character, I urge modern day Nigerian graduates to make a sense out of the certificate and the character and take advantage of the opportunities they were exposed to so as to have a better tomorrow for themselves and the future generations. I wish these graduands the best and pray that the parents reap the fruits of their labour over them".

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