Thursday, 24 August 2017

Olori Wuraola's Friends Finally Tells The Truth On The Separation Saga Between The Ooni And Olori

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Unhappy friends of Olori Wuraola Ogunwusi just can't stand the agony their friend is passing through and they have now come out to tell the truth on what really happened between the monarch and his queen.According to them, they are full of pity for Wuraola who just won't speak out.First they asked a question of why the oracle would send Wura packing having told the king to propose to and marry her in the first place?

Was the oracle lying 17 months ago or was the oracle saying Wura was no longer the wife?They faced the king accusing of marrying the beautiful Wura just because he needed financial support in becoming the Ooni of Ife and he was after just her money and her connects.He was even said to have threatened her with charms and that he had eaten a human's heart so he has the power to do whatever he likes.They said he had even stooped so low to beating her whenever they have a little argument as the Ooni was a tempestuous person.One thing that was said to occasionally cause fight was the queen advising the king on business deals.

Asked about the allegations of the queen's infidelity,they simply said it is a tradition that any man that sleeps with the queen will surely die,so how many man linked with her romantically has died? ,they asked.Asked about the inability for the queen to give birth knowing fully well that the king sent out his first wife,Adebisi Adebukola because she could not bear the king a child and he married Wuraola a year and five months ago,but she still have not conceived,they replied,it was far from been true.

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