Saturday 7 October 2017

Police Commissioner Gives N1m To Man Who Helped Rearrest Uniport Ritualist Ifeanyi Dike

The Commissioner of police has fulfilled his pledge of giving any one with information that would lead to the rearrest of suspected ritualist Ifeanyi Dike, as the man who gave information that led to the rearrest received the N1m..
Recall, Ifeanyi Dike had allegedly raped, killed and removed vital organs of an eight-year-old girl, Victory Chikamso, before escaping from police custody.
Ifeanyi Dike, was then able to escape because one of the policemen on duty on Saturday night identified as Johnbosco, had unlocked the handcuffs for Dike to write his statement.

JohnBosco was later dismissed and another Divisional Police Officer in Rivers State (name withheld) arrested on the orders of the State Police Command for his alleged involvement in the escape.
Now, the man who aided the police in the rearrest has received his reward..
A Facebook user, Ayo Hidayat Odungweru, who shared the photos, wrote;
‘Commissioner of Police redeemed one million naira pledged for any one with useful information to the re arrrest of ritualist Ifeanyi Dike’
State Commissioner of Police, CP Ahmed Zaki while redeeming the one million naira pledge said the beneficiary put his life on the line when he raised the alarm about the wanted suspected killer.
CP Zaki thanked all Nigerians for standing by the Police during the search for Ifeanyi Dike.
CP Zaki said;
“Behind the re-arrest of Ifeanyi Dike is Thomas Gwom was attacked and almost murdered by the escaped suspected riualist, safe for God’s intervention.
The beneficiary, Thomas Gwom who hails from Barikin Ladi Local government area of Plateau state said Ifeanyi Dike would have been lynched to death but for the prompt intervention of the Police.
“I noticed a strange smell in my window so I decided to check what it was. Then I saw Ifeanyi Dike loitering around my kitchen. I confronted him to know who he is and what he was doing in my house before I knew it he brought out a small knife and attacked me.
“While that was on something struck me that this guy is a wanted man. We fought and he stabbed me beside my head so I immediately raised an alarm.
“As my neighbors came to my rescue I dashed to the Police station. Before I returned with the Police my neighbors were almost lynching him.
“That was when they took him away to acertain who he really is.
“Sincerely, I did not know that there was a bounty on him until after I was informed by someone,” he said.
See photos of the Commissioner of police redeeming the force’s pledge below;

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