Saturday, 30 December 2017

Niagara Falls FREEZES As Wind Chill Drops As Low As -67C

220m Americans prepare for a very chilly New Year's Eve
Parts of Niagara falls have frozen as bitter cold weather has swept over most of the northern United States, leaving many areas looking like Narnia. 

More than 220million people face below freezing temperatures on Friday, as temperatures are expected to drop further as the New Year's weekend continues.  

And atop Mount Washington, the Northeast's highest peak, the temperature has hit negative 34 degrees, with a negative 89-degree wind chill and videos showing boiling water being tossed into the air and turning into 'snow'.  

The bitter temperatures have already been blamed for a handful of deaths and cancelled in long list of weekend celebrations. Mountain weather-related headaches continue to pile up in already winter-weary parts of the Midwest and East Cost experiencing highway pileups, frozen pips and car thefts. 

And though the conditions may be treacherous, gorgeous photos of places such as Niagara Falls show glittering frozen icicles and bright white snow piles almost make the arctic chill worth it.  

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