Monday, 21 May 2018

Millionaire Blogger Linda Ikeji Is Pregnant - Nigerians React

A photo of Nigeria's foremost blogger, Linda Ikeji has emerged and it shows she is pregnant. The celebrity blogger reportedly got engaged to her boyfriend few months ago, and we are all happy for her over this great news. 

Read Nairalanders Reaction

That's good for her

Btw who is that faceless husband of hers abi na fiancee? Let him come out and tell us what happened between them that got her in this condition

The era of the bastards has really taken over this world.

The family unit is dead.

Apparently, the boyfriend only proposed after he got trapped.


She’s engaged
She’s got money, her husband to be is rich
She’s stable
And her child is set for life. Born into generational wealth. What do you have to your name? Nothing. Internet miserable trolls everywhere.

So happy for this woman, she deserves every blessing her way. Wish her a safe delivery.

Waiting for the miserable internet trolls who will have something to say by fire by force. 

"Go ye into the world, conquer. Multiply."

It is today that i finally roll a red carpet for you Linda.

I was wondering if you were carried away with chasing wealth that you forgot the only thing that makes you relevant in the eyes of God..."procreation"

Now as you have added to his vine yard, watch as God in heaven will add to yours.

Before you were drinking money.. Now you will swim in it.. You can say Amen to that.

You are rare.. No you are a raven.. No you are the rave of the moment..

Linda, you are priceless, an inspiration to not only the girl child, but to the boy child.

Click like if Linda is an inspiration to you..

Woe would betide me if I glorify this fvckery 

Where did it all go wrong? Why does moral decadence thrive and everyone pump their fist up in the air in validation of it.

On a second thought, I think the problem isn't just low moral standards but sickening hypocrisy; Nigerians are the most hypocritical people in the world. 
These people shouting congratulations!!, would be the same people breathing fire and brimstone if it were their daughter or maybe sister who got pregnant out of wedlock. 

Weldone Linda for losing the little respect I had for you. 

Congratulations!! for officially becoming a slut

Were you also born a bastard to an engaged couple?

Generational wealth you say?

Do you know the meaning of generation as regards time?

If grandfather Ikeji was wealthy and not dependent on his rich daughter, do you think he will accept the bastard phenomenon him and his wife never bequeathed as a status on their own children?

Was Linda or her sisters born as bastards?

I repeat, the age of the bastards is upon us. The family unit is dead.

Pregnant out of wedlock and she is posing for the camera, dancing and shining teeth while cat walking? Whatever happened to the true African morales our parents bequeathed to us... The devil is playing ludo with the destinies of the next generation already...Lawd have mercy.

What we need to do now is to broadcast this thing even in WhatsApp groups same way she broadcasts people's news and private life.
We will give this pregnancy different captions such as:
- Linda was raped.
- Linda is cheap.
- Linda got pregnant out of wedlock due to body scratching.
- Linda doesn't go to church, see proof.
- Linda gives birth in a month's time.

- Linda quarrelled with her baby dady, etc

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