Sunday 22 July 2018

Child Abuse: How Nigerians Treat Their House Maids Like Slaves

Even if you can't treat them the same way you treat your children, please treat them as human not animal. 
Do you know that over 80% of our children who serve as house maids in Nigeria live a more degrading and miserable life than prisoners in Europe.

Prisoners in civilized countries enjoy better food, clothing, shelter, care, education, and emotional support than the people we call housemaids in Nigeria.
I have decided to lead a campaign both on our streets and social media against maltreatment of housemaids. 
You can be part of it If you share the same passion with me. We don't need your money, just share our post on Facebook and other  social media platform.
Pls tell your friends, uncle, niece, parents  that HOUSE MAIDS ARE HUMAN TOO...

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