Tuesday 25 September 2018

Young Man Nabbed After Disguising As A Lady To Deceive Unsuspecting ‘Victims’

A young man was nabbed after disguising as a lady in order to deceive unsuspecting ‘victims’.

In a video trending online, the guy was forced to pull off his clothes after he was suspected of being a man – as his fake breasts fell immediately during the public humiliation.

The exact location where this happened was not given in the footage.

Earlier this year, a young Nigerian man who disguised as a lady in order to flex in a nightclub – was caught in the process.

According to an online report, the man was caught in a nightclub after eating Sharwama, Suya and consuming enough beer.

He was humiliated and disgraced after his act was uncovered as his photos were taken to show his real ”manhood”.

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