Friday 9 November 2018

After Receiving Babies From Devil People Give Testimony In Church - Televangelist Mike Bamiloye

Evangelist Mike Bamiloye has revealed that some people give testimony in Church after receiving babies from the devil. According to him, the desperation to have children led many of them to seek for such help thereby abandoning God

He also stated that some of them enter into covenant with Satan just to achieve their aim.

Mike Bamiloye wrote:

I have seen men of God and children of God, who have married secretly somewhere else to have children they can call their own. 
I have seen the devil pushing many ministers away from their calling and ministries because they are desperately in searching of children. 
I HAVE SEEN MEN OF GOD, DRAMA AND MUSIC MINISTERS AND CHILDREN OF GOD WHO ARE ON THEIR WAY TO ETERNAL HELL FIRE BECAUSE THEY DEPARTED FROM THE LORD TO LOOK FOR CHILDREN FROM ANOTHER “GOD”. I have heard of people coming to give testimonies of the faithfulness of God for giving them babies which they had received from the devil. 
I have seen children of God eating on the dinning table of the Devil and entering into eternal covenant with Satan just to have a baby of their own.”

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