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"My Occultist Billionaire Hubby Who Gave Cars As Souvenirs On Our Wedding Killed Mother For Money Ritual, Tried Killing My Child'

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Lagos hotelier Ehi Ogbebor had a flamboyant societal wedding in Benin City on November 18,2017 with her estranged husband and Warri Billionaire Ken Bramor.

In less than a year into the marriage, the couple seemed not to be the perfect match for each other as the Ehi once called out Ken, with the allegation that he is occultic and had plans to kill their daughter.

She although apologised some days after the public accusation, but in a new interview with Stella Dimokokurkus, the Lagos hotelier has revealed that her marriage to her estranged husband was a curse and she regretted being a part of his family.

Read excerpts:
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''Ken was busy going around telling people that he and I were over and I was the last person to know that the Marriage was over...I did nothing to this man, God knows I did nothing...Ken has to recycle his women, it is something he has signed with his Occult people.

Does it even make sense that he is married...I am even still Married to him cos he has not returned my bride price. we got engaged last year and married same time last year but now he is engaged to someone else...


The lady he is presently engaged to be named Shirley and, I heard he was dating her while he was dating me...He has a list like a queue, once one is out another one comes in..He is a madman.


He tried to kill my child, I don't know how I am going to say this to you but I have enough proof...Immediately I prayed back to send, Ken found himself in hospital on Oxygen.........I have a video of my daughter in ICU in America. She was ill for one week and Ken did not call me all through because he knew what he had done and he will die before his time...


I said it if I did anything to Ken to deserve what he did to me, then he will live a good life but if I didn't do anything, Ken will die a miserable death. A slow painful one for everything he did to Ibuere...He deprived my daughter of a naming ceremony and dedication.

He's a lunatic...Ibuere is his 10th child and out of his 10 children from six different women, Ken does not see over 6 of them. There is a child that is 3 years old and Ken has not seen that child.

I used to ask him these things and he will lie to me that the women tried to harm him or juju him and every woman he has been with Tomba, Ese, Vivian that had children for him are so frustrated now and cannot afford to pay their kids school fees. He has abandoned them


God removed me from that man because he tried to use my star, Ken is a devil and does not sleep at night. He cannot even sleep with his light off because when he is sleeping, something is pressing his neck, he shouts in his sleep because they have asked him for blood.

He is just going to marry this new lady I pity because they need someone and it couldn't be me. Ken cannot even look me in the face, he is running because he tried to use my daughter.....Even before I had my child, my pastors called me and told me ''do not let your husband know when you go into labour but I didn't understand what they meant, I was like, what do you mean, he is my husband but I didn't know. Seven days after I had my baby she almost died and since then he has been running away from her.

After I saw Ken recently in Benin, God is my ultimate witness, this is Morning and I have not brushed. After I saw Ken recently, my daughter was crying and fighting things in her sleep, she lost so much weight and became like a different child, this is ten days after she set her eyes on the evil bastard called Ken Bramor.


I am not the person that these people have portrayed me to be...I was angry and in a very sad place. you know how it is having a child for a man that begged for the child, married you and then abandoned you and the child. It was a very sad and frustrating place for me but trust me, I am so fine now and all I feel for him is a pity. He will not last, he cannot last, he is a serial husband and has over depressed so many women but you will not know until you become his victim.

He has even married peoples wives..he married his very good friends wife whom he snatched. Her name is Tombra Smooth, she was married to his best friend of 30 years and had three children for his best friend but Ken snatched her, married her, she had two kids and he abandoned her.

When Ken heard that my daughter came out of ICU and didn't die, you could tell he went into shock. What kind of man would hear or see his child is in ICU and still stay away? A child he supposedly named after the mother he killed for money? Cos it was after his mum died at the age of 43 that he started making money.


The reason he staged the makeup which I posted was that I was going to expose him to the World and he knows it is true that he is an Occultic bastard. There are 12 of them in the cult.
Someone tried to expose me to what was going on then but I didn't know, now I do...

My child was suffocating and bringing out her tongue but nothing was physically pressing her neck..this was a seven-day-old child. I can send you an invoice of 36 thousand dollars that I paid in Hospital.

I paid that money cos they did over 25 test but nobody could find anything wrong with her, it was spiritual and since then he has been running and the only time he saw her my child went into crisis again acted like someone sleepwalking, fighting with people in her sleep. He will not even see her again until maybe she is ready to get married, that is if he is still alive to see it...Bloody devilish Occultist.
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KEN Maltreats his family

I can give you his sisters number, his blood sisters, I can give you his father's number, his father does not talk to him and his sisters live in pathetic conditions.his three younger sisters Edith, Alade and Blessing all live poor and I sent them money just last week to start Okrika business.
the occultic beast that can't help his family but can help outsiders, he doesn't sleep at night, very restless
Soon the world will know Kenneth dog Bramor for he goat that he is

If he loves Timi his first wife so much how come he just got engaged on the 2nd of Nov to another 40 years old Auntie
This he-goat abandoned his child n has seen her once in 6 months so has he done to other kids before her

I have moved on in peace am so so grateful to God for my new found peace of mind...Being married to Ken was a curse!!!

Ken is an occult beast like I said before. He knows I know him so well that's why he is running. He will never find peace till he confesses.

He just engaged one Shirley girl. This is less than a year we got married. So u can see the whole marriage was a cheating spree.

I honestly feel pity for her cause ken is a destiny killer and destroyer. He has done what he did to me 2 more than 5 women.But I guess God will use me to expose the evil in him. I have a lot to say and trust me am not bitter. I was rescued by God. This man wanted to use I n my baby for rituals and soon I will tell the world what really transpired.

I laugh when they say I married him for money. What money. Ken doesn't give his women money. Stella U are a blogger. Do your findings right. The other women can barely pay his kids school fees. His family and I mean same father same mum siblings still use Keke Marwa round Warri

he is a narcissist. A devilish one. Soon I would grant a press briefing n expose the scum of a man that ken Bramor truly is. But I know in God's time I will be vindicated.
I really need the world to know am not his wife anymore

The man is a nut head. Right from the onset, he told me that he and his first wife Timi were separated. I even spoke to her and she confirmed it

I never wanted to marry ken. He begged me. to marry him n I thought I had no choice cause I was pregnant. God is my witness and some Friends of mine and his....''

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