Tuesday 12 February 2019

The Moment Amosun's Wife Held His Agbada, Stopped Him From Attacking Aregbesola

Here is the moment Governor Amosun's wife, Olufunso Amosun, stopped him from confronting and attacking Aregbesola for shading him at Ogun APC Presidential campaign rally today.

Amosun's beautiful wife restrained him by pulling his Agbada as he was angrily walking towards Aregbesola.

Many have hailed Mrs Olufunso Amosun for her act of restraining her husband. 

Twitter user, Sheshema @Mr_sheshema while reacting to the video said:

"You need to see the roles played by the wife of Osinbajo and wife of Amosun.. in the war today at MKO Stadium Ogun State. while one was at the edge of her chair wishing her husband safety, the other was calming down hers ..

It's Buhari's lack of leadership on display. The same thing is going on in Zamfara, Rivers, Ondo, and Imo. If Buhari had leadership qualities, he would have stepped in as the #1 man in the party and as president and lay down the marker. This is exactly what happened when Saraki became the Senate president. That lack of leadership destroyed Buhari's administration from the onset. Saraki was PDP at heart and came in with PDP's agenda to share the money and eat everything on the table while leaving a common man in hunger.

Buhari is the problem that befell APC. APC was formed with good manifesto but Buhari came in and became Mr know it all. He listens to no one except his inner circle (cabal). His wife actually fulfilling her promise not to participate in the campaign if the cabal were still around during the election because monkey can't be doing the work while baboons dey chop.

APC meant well for the country but Buhari's leadership style has destroyed their good plan for the country. No progress to be made until Buhari leaves office.

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