Friday 22 March 2019

Teen Girl Who Raped Her Friend's 4-Year-Old Brother Reveals Why She Did It

Teen girl who raped her friend

A 17-year-old girl who raped her friend's 4-year-old brother has revealed why she did it.
Cynthia Mubanga, 17, from Kalulushi, Zambia, told police that she raped the young boy because she had no boyfriend to sleep with. Cynthia said she has been feeling horny ever since she became friends with Kathrine - the elder sister of the boy she raped - because Kathrine has been telling her stories of how it feels to have sex with a man.
She told the police in front of her parents and parents of the boy: "I was feeling too sexy because of the stories which my friend Kathrine used to tell me at school. And due to lack of a man to sleep with, I decided to sleep with her young brother…I am really sorry."

Medical examinations conducted yesterday proved that Cynthia is still a virgin as the 4-year-old boy couldn't penetrate her enough to break her hymen.

The young boy identified as Ken was taken to the hospital for tests and treatment as his private part had a few sores. He has been found to be negative of all sexually transmitted diseases.
The girl is still in police custody but the police are urging the parents of the boy to withdraw the case since their son is medically okay.

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