Thursday, 7 March 2019

Warri Man Blasts Guy Who Read Out His Cheating Girlfriend's Text Messag

A Nigerian Warri man has reacted to this video of a cheating girlfriend and her boyfriend after he caught her.

In the viral video that trended a while back, a man read his cheating girlfriend's text message where the guy she cheated with talked about the good time they had while while his guy in the back was dying of emotional happiness, the emotions and expressions were priceless.

After the boyfriend caught her and read the sex message, she said she was about to cheat, that she was actually about having sex with the side nigga but she didn’t cheat because the guys dick didn’t fit into her vagina.

"I didn't Bleep him, I was about to but it didn't fit in" - she said. 

That means the guy's dick was much bigger than the boyfriend's own. So the Nigerian guy reacting to the video slammed the boyfriend of the girl. He said the guy should have quietly stopped the argument and confrontation immediately the girlfriend mentioned the other guy has a bigger joystick but instead of stopping, the guy went on, that the guy should be ashamed of himself.

Watch how the cheating girlfriend was caught and also how the Nigerian Warri boy reacted.

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