Friday 21 December 2012

Nollywood Yoruba Actress Iya Rainbow (IDOWU PHILIPS) Amazingly Youthful At Age 70 plus. Here At Amazing, We Consider It Amazing.

In my usual search on youthful living, I came across this amazing woman who looks smazingly unlike her age. At 70plus years of age, I must admit she doesn't look anything like her age, so youthful in her appearance and lifestyle. She is no other than the popular screen goddess called 'Iya Rainbow'. I got so intrigued, I had to do a bit more of a search.

She has featured in so many movies that she earns instant respect and commands the following of a true veteran. Lest I forget, a scandal-free amazing woman, wife and mother. 

Having clocked the golden age of 70, in an interesting interview I came across, she bares her mind including the fact that she has not had intercourse with any man in the last 30 years (wow! some women will die as a result if their below is not fed from time to time! ). But coming from a highly-respected woman like Iya Rainbow, well, I have no reasons to doubt. 

I learnt She had a bash in October and also celebrated her over 50 years in the movie industry.

If you wonder how she came about the name 'Iya Rainbow', it stems from the name of the theatre group of her late husband, called Osumare (means rainbow in Yoruba language). She became a widow in 1984 less than 15 years into her marriage and we learnt her son, Femi is a movie director. 

No guess the loss of her partner is one thing that aches her heart each time she remembers as she bares her mind. She states that the memories of her husband (she recalls him as being very supportive and caring) are still as fresh as the morning dew and is still yet to get over the shock so much so that she has focused ever since on her career and offspring. Let's hear her: 

And she attributes her success to her late husband:should continue with his legacy. I thank God because toda

'' I was following him to act stage plays and would still go to my nursing work. It was one thing I believed I could do and I was able to do it. You see, whatever you make up your mind to do, you will do it because strength will come from your inner self due to the determination. It was my responsibility to assist my husband, so, I did, unknowingly that it would end up working in my favour. ''

And she advises wives: 

It is simple. They should see themselves as part of whatever their husbands are doing. They must not operate in isolation. They must be submissive to their husbands and examine the opinions of people around them. They must not look down on anybody because you will not know who will be left on your side when the journey gets tough. If you have underrated then at one time or the other, when you may need their help, they may also decide not be available.

And for the husbands: 

It is only an ignorant husband that will not involve his wife in whatever beneficial business he is into. Only a selfish and one with no foresight will see himself as the only Lord of the House. The truth is the woman you involve will continue whichever legacy you leave behind whenever you are not around. Men who are secretive have their dreams and visions die with them. I was able to raise the flag of the Osumare Theatre Group founded by my husband because he had involved me, if not, his memory via this group would have gone with him.

Ayo Ajayi
(Amazing Stories)

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