Friday 7 February 2014

Two Alleged Gay Nigerian Men Beaten to Death As Policemen Watch (Photos+Video)

nigerian gay men beaten to death
Commenter Mariam E. shared this video of two alleged gay Nigerian men beaten to death with chunks of wood as policemen and passersby watched.
The video, which has been in circulation since December 2013, shows two males stripped of their trousers, laying on the mud amidst tires, and struck repeatedly with wooden planks on their head and torso. When the men were done with the last of their blows, both males on the ground had stopped writhing in protest, and were no longer rubbing hands together – pleading with them to stop. 
The alleged homosexual men laid still on the ground bleeding, while people in the video are heard saying “O ti ku” – in Yoruba, meaning “he is dead”.
After the spectacle was over, people – policemen and pedestrians alike – are shown walking away from the scene. The video also shows an ambulance present.

On January 7 2014, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan signed the ‘Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act‘ – a law banning same sex marriage in Nigeria, making gay marriages registered outside of Nigeria void, allowing imprisonment of club members, individuals or organisations that “support the registration, operation of gay clubs, societies and organizations, processions or meetings in Nigeria”, at a sentence of up to 14 years in jail. The bill was signed unanimously by all Nigerian senators and lawmakers on December 17th 2013 – a few days after the video began circulating.
Update: There are claims that this could also be two robbers. However, as in the case of ALUU 4, ‘jungle justice’ i.e. people taking the law into their own hands without trial or proper investigation – could lead to the death of innocent people at worst, or excessive punishment  - in this case, death, for what could be considered lesser crimes.

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