Tuesday 10 June 2014

65 Year Old Man Rapes And Impregnates Own Teenage Daughter

It’s so sad, when one find trouble where one should naturally find succour. When some fathers will kill their daughter’s rapist, this idiot is busy raping his own daughter. Can you imagine the idiot saying he didn’t want to be sleeping around – so you rape your teenage daughter.
Like hail, curses have been raining on Samuel Uba, a 65-year-old man in Kalabari Beach, Oguta Local Government Area, Imo State, who is alleged to have committed an abominable act by repeatedly raping his 17-year-old daughter, Hannah Uba and impregnating her in the process. The poor teenager is now saddled with a five-month-old pregnancy. It was the timely intervention of the police that prevented irate youths in the community from lynching him when they got wind of the abominable act after the violated and traumatized teenager finally summoned the courage to report the matter to a neighbour, who in turn informed the leader of the youths.

Recounting the horrific experience she passed through, Hannah, a JSS 3 student of St. Michael Secondary School Obodo Oguta said: “I have been living in bondage. My father started having sex with me after his two wives died. He would always beat me before having sex with me. I told him to remarry but he refused. Every night he would come and rape me. Any day I refused to have sex with my father, he would beat me and then rape me. He always came when the other children were asleep. It was the fear of my father’s beating that made me not to tell anybody. But one day, I decided to confess to my neighbour. It was the neighbour who discovered that I was five months pregnant. Immediately the news spread, youths in the community gathered to kill my father, but policemen rescued him.”
Hannah’s trouble started in 2012 after her father’s second wife died. As the old man, who hails from Ibiasoegbe in Oru West Local Government Area of Imo State, told Sunday Sun in an interview, he used to have sex with his second wife even when she was sick and on admission at the hospital. He said: “I had two wives. My first wife died in 2011 while the second died in 2012. I have nine children, two girls and seven boys. When my second wife was on admission in the hospital, I used to have sex with her right in the hospital. But when she died I started sleeping with my daughter when the other children were asleep. I began having sex with my daughter because I didn’t want to be sleeping around with other women.”
Ever since the story broke, Imo State Commissioner of Police, Mr Abdulmajid Ali disclosed that the Command has made tireless efforts to conduct proper investigation into the case, which he described as an abomination. He further disclosed that youths in the area were so incensed that they wanted to lynch the alleged culprit, but noted that the quick intervention of the Divisional Police Officer in-charge of Oguta Police Division, Supol Ikembuchukwu Abugu, a Deputy Superintendent of Police and his men saved the day and rescued the suspect from the hands of the youths. Samuel was immediately taken into custody on April 30, 2014, pending the conclusion of investigations.
Although Samuel has appealed to his community for forgiveness, blaming the devil for the abominable act, the Imo State Police Commissioner, however, assured that he would be charged to court to answer appropriate charges for rape and impregnating a legal minor.

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