Friday 8 August 2014

C.E.O Of Keith Heart Foundation's NUDE Photos LEAK! -- (NSFW)

C.E.O Of Keith Heart Foundation\'s NUDE Photos LEAK! -- (NSFW)

Monica Ssewamala known by her alias "Monic Unique" is the CEO of a charity organization called Keith Heart Foundation that takes care of people with heart problems...
Monic must have thousands of sextapes but we landed on these photos thanks to Red Pepper. She claims socialite "Zari Hassan" is the one that leaked the photos and that scares the  sh*t  out of me...
Am a little bit worried about Zari being a lesbian, how could she have nude photos of someone of the same sex.. and has she been cheating on the dozens of men she has slept with? ...Well, that's a story for another day. Let's for now just feed our hungry eyes with this beautiful monsters nudity.

Sorry, We can't show the Photos here because they contain adult Content but if you insist, CLICK On the Image and it will reveal it's whole self

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