Friday, 24 October 2014

Ebola Is A Serious Epidemic...But You Wouldn't Know That After Reading These 15 Tweets

If you're worried about Ebola, you should be worried about humanity instead!

1. Chris Brown may have the answer, you guys!

2. If someone farted on me, that last thing I'd be worried about is Ebola.

3. Sometimes people blow me away.

4. Racist, much?

5. Has she been smoking too much?

6. I think this person is confusing Ebola with a Twitter hashtag.

7. Eat local, everyone!

8. So you're scared of online bowling?

9. *sigh*

10. My personal favorite tweet about Ebola.

11. I think you're thinking of E. coli?

12. This person doesn't realize quarantining an entire continent would be a logistical nightmare!

13. This girl is just hitting the tip of the iceberg.

14. Better to stay in your house, honey.

15. Okay, technically yes. But just don't have sex with someone who has Ebola, alright?

H/T Elite Daily

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