Friday, 24 October 2014

The Magical Mozart Boob-Twerker Is Now Receiving Death Threats

After her mesmerizing, boob-shaking Mozart performance video received 26 million hits, model Sara X started receiving death threats.

Mills was always upfront about how she was able to reenact a symphony solely with her breasts: "While my boobs are very fake, the video is very real ... I am flexing my pectoral muscles and it's moving myimplants," she wrote on Jezebel after the video came out.
Shortly after, she "stopped reading the comments section of the video after reading some of the more horrible ones the first afternoon, but I know I've definitely been called a whore and a slut and an attention whore far more times than I ever was when I was actually in an adult industry."
"Mostly the people who have negative things to say about my character ... operate under the assumption that I just wanted to show the world my boobs," she continues. There's really no need to justify youractions, Sara. These people are just jealous of how talented and #blessed you are with your breasts.

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