Friday, 5 December 2014

Only In Russia! Male contestant on Russian game show slams woman to the ground and punches her in face on live TV [Photos+Video]

Warning: Disturbing content. A group of contestants are standing around a car when the woman, wearing a red bikini, teases her fellow contestant - and then the man erupts

Woman punched in the face on Russian game show
This is the sickening moment a woman is slammed to the ground - and punched in face while she lies prone - during a live Russian TV gameshow.
A group of contestants are stood around a car in a 'Touch the Truck'-style game, trying to be the last one standing.
The female, who wears a red bikini, taunts and teases her fellow contestants and that's when the man beside her snaps - slamming her to the floor, before punching her in the face.

When the gameshow host appears to help the woman she is lying on the floor in tears, with blood pouring from a wound on the bridge of her nose.
The video - which has some 123,000 views on social media - has sparked a debate about domestic violence, with the great majority expressing disbelief that a man could so suddenly dish out such a horrific beating.
However, some viewers who claim to have seen the entire programme, said the man had asked his victim on a number of occasions to stop her outrageous behaviour - hitting, spitting, swearing and punching - in effect, condoning his sickening outburst.

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