Saturday 11 April 2015

45-year-old Man Who Enlarged His Penis With Silicone Injections Can No Longer Have Sex

One man has taken his urge for a large penis to the next level and beyond.
Micha Stunz, 45, has enlarged his penis with silicon injections and now owns a member weighing approximately 4.3kg.
If you are wondering its dimensions, it is currently 3.5 inches wide and 9 inches long.
Sex for the Berlin resident is no longer a straight forward affair and certain things are off the table at least not without ‘some foreplay’.

Man with 4.3kg enlarged penis can no longer have sex

The issues do not stop there as he can no longer get a normal erection as there is no visible growth in size due to the silicon implants.
(Picture: Vice)

Mr Stunz told Vice magazine: ‘I can’t say exactly how much it weighs, I just know that my kitchen scale, which shows up to 6.6lb, hasn’t been enough for a while.
‘After you reach a certain size, you can’t do certain things any more. At least not with everyone and not without some foreplay
‘But there are other things you can do with it. You just have to free yourself from established roles and ideas about sex and be ready to play.’
(Picture: Vice)Here he is covering his bulge on a train with his satchel(Picture: Vice)
Speaking about why he chose to enlarge his penis: ‘I had the feeling that I wasn’t trapped in the body I was born with, but that I had the possibility to shape it myself to change it.’
For anyone interested in follow in his steps towards penile enormity, thee are serious dangers including infection.
German urologist, Dr Aref el Seweife told Vice: ‘In worst cases, it can lead to an enlarged artery in the scrotum and the testicles die.’

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