Wednesday 27 May 2015

Photos From Ghastly Motor Accident at Lekki 6th Roundabout Lagos this Morning

A ghastly car accident was reported by an eyewitness who captured the it on his mobile phone about two hours ago at Lekki 6th Roundabout. A white Toyota Camry was alleged to have skidded off the road into the roundabout where a large concrete stopped the car just before the billboard. Eyewitnesses say the car was speeding, and narrowly hit another car.
Below are more picture after the cut....

The driver is the one in a green shirt and white inner shirt  with blue jeans. He is motionless, while the light skinned guy sat at the front of the car and the other guy sat behind with the girl in yellow (pictured above). All the guys are badly injured but the girl is okay. She narrated how they had met at the club with no inclination of any details about them. 

From the above eyewitness account, its obvious this is a case of drink-driving

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